McDonalds Hamburgers Courtesy of the OSI Group

McDonald’s hamburgers are well known all across the world. They sell approximately 75 hamburgers per second according to their operation’s manual. Business Insider did a walkthrough of a McDonalds factory in Germany which is owned by OSI Group. OSI Group owns all the McDonalds franchises all over the world and implements strict policies for the safety of the workers and the public.

Procedures of the Gunzburg Factory

Special precautions are taken throughout the making of the hamburgers to ensure safety is first. For instance, if someone is sick they cannot show up to work until they are fully examined by a doctor for release. All jewelry and personal items must all be removed, and everything from protective clothing to everything in the building is sanitized. All hands must be washed constantly, and hygiene is the number one priority next to safety.

Making the Burgers Start to Finish

The meat is sent from the slaughterhouse to the factory where everything is examined, so there are no bones in the meat. Once the meat is checked, it is stored inside containers where it takes about 500 containers to make the burgers. Each container holds about five to six cows worth of meat. All the meat is passed through the grinder which removes the small bones that may remain. From there, the meat patties are formed while passing through another machine. Approximately five million hamburgers are made each day. There are 45 to 60 workers operating the machines at all times with 200 employees total inside the Gunzburg Factory. Per week, the OSI Group and McDonald’s factory can put out 30 million hamburgers. Once the burgers are completed a few are tested for the fat content. They require a 20% fat content. When the burgers are approved they are packaged frozen at -18 degrees Celsius. To know more about the company click here.

Packaged and Shipped

The frozen burgers are placed in plastic and then packaged into boxes where they are stored for distribution. Trucks are sent out to the surrounding McDonalds where the public enjoys a good hamburger courtesy of the OSI Group.

Learn more: and Partner Brands Succeed Thanks to Data Analytics

In today’s business climate, finding the right partners with the right expertise is more important than ever. Many brands are benefiting from’s consumer to-manufacturer strategy and the company’s dominance in the Chinese e-commerce market. Thanks to the company’s investments in big data, was able to boost sales of two major brands, Huggies diapers and Head-and-Shoulders shampoo.

The company just held a Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) conference, where over 900 major brands were represented. At the meeting, and its partners discussed the recent successes and new strategies for the company’s brand portfolio, in an effort to replicate them in other market segments. is currently China’s top retailer, serving over 300 million consumers, both within and outside of China. It is this huge customer base which has allowed the company to amass a detailed customer information system. utilized its state-of-the-art analytics technology to determine why certain diaper brands were gaining ground in the Chinese market. The answer was an increase in diapers made of composite materials, which led to Huggies unveiling a composite-based product.

In fact,’s analytics also helped to shape Head and Shoulder’s marketing strategy in China. The retail giant’s research revealed that Chinese consumers were becoming increasingly environmentally conscious. It was these insights that helped the brand launch a new natural line of shampoos for the Chinese market, which became an immediate success for the two companies.

FMCG is not the only market segment in which has used its research to boost sales and profits. C2M analytics have also been important to the company’s consumer electronics strategy. A key example of this was launch of the OMEN Gaming PC, the design of which was based on an analysis of feedback from over a million customers. hopes that embracing this new technology will help the firm meet the needs of growing market in Asia and beyond.

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Organo Gold Company New Investments

Organo Gold has been active since 2008; it was founded by Bernardo Chua who is devoted to ensuring that the company logistics increase each day. The headquarters of the company is based in the Western region of the United States with more than 1000 employees to serve clients with the best coffee and other beverages. The company specializes in advertising, manufacturing, improving and selling various coffee flavors as well as food and other beverages. Bernado Chua and the management team of Organo Gold have joined hands to establish subsidiaries in other 45 countries across the globe.

The key ingredient which makes Organo products to be used by many people include the use of Ganoderma Luciduim an ancient Chinese mushroom full of essential purposes. Ganoderma Lucidium reduces cholesterol in the body, increases strength, boosts the immune among other benefits. Organo Company has taken the initiative to improve the manufacturing, processing and distribution process of its products to attract more customers. Organic Products are distributed in various supermarkets to give people the opportunity to purchase goods in both retail and wholesale.

Organo Gold deals with a variety of products including various flavors of tea, coffee, beverages and organic products which are essential for body management as well as personal care. These natural products include grape seed oil, spore powder, nutritional shakes, Mycelium among others. Organo company has diversified its products to meet the needs of all customers. They use natural active ingredients from organic farming; hence people do not experience any side effects.

Organo Gold experts have identified that Ganoderma Luciduim can also be used to manufacture toothpaste and soap for personal care. This diversity in introducing new products have given customers whiter teeth and fresher breath as compared to before. All Organo Gold products are tested before being delivered to the market hence are always efficient.

Lincolnshire Management Contributions to Alternative Investment

For the last four decades, different companies have been on a journey to improve efficiency investment world. Lincolnshire Management is one of the companies that have redefined the management of alternative investments, thanks to its brilliant approach to management. For the last 32 years, the company has not only helped their clients to get the best deals in this niche, but it has also put back some companies back to the profits path. Due to this impressive growth, Lincolnshire Management has received a lot of recognition from various entities, and some pundits have termed the company as the future of private equity

As a 21-century company, Lincolnshire Management has continuously restructured its management to meet the growing market. Currently, the company has five major areas where it has active operations and professionals in charge. First, Lincolnshire Management is the first company to design a department for management buyouts. The management believes that this department will continue helping companies regardless of their size or the structure.

Second, Lincolnshire Management is also one of the companies that have continued to invest many resources in the growth of acquisitions of private companies. The company in the last five years has been instrumental in the success of some of the best and high profile acquisitions. In October last year, WSJ published an article about one of the acquisitions facilitated by the private equity firm. According to WSJ, the acquisition was a game changer in this niche of investment.

For the last two decades, Lincolnshire Management has been active in recapitalization processes of companies in the USA. The recapitalization was arguably the most neglected services in the world of corporates but thanks to Lincolnshire it is one of the essential services in its journey to restore sanity in the world of funding and debt repayments. In addition to this, the investment company has also invested funds in making the world of Corporate Divestitures a hub to efficiency and success.

In addition to these services, Lincolnshire Management has retained its title of being the best company in relations to its customers’ satisfaction. This fact has enabled the company to attract more clients over the years and in return, grow their capital value. There is a link of the leadership that makes this possible


Stream Energy and The Services Offered

Stream Energy is an alternative to traditional electricity. The company offers more than energy services to its customers. They also provide home services, protective services, and wireless services. Each of these will be explained below.

Energy Services

Stream Energy offers its customers three forms of alternative energy. Customers can choose between solar, wind, and hydro energy sources. These alternative energy sources provide customers an opportunity to use electricity and reduce their carbon footprint on the environment.

Home Services

These services are relatively new to Stream Energy. The company offers its customers a way to be connected to their smart home consistently. Through the use of their smartphone, customers can stay connected to their home even while at work.

Protective Services

With the protective services, customers of Stream Energy can stay healthy. The protective services plan offers customers the opportunity to speak to a doctor via video chat 24/7. Customers can then express their symptoms and concerns to the doctor.

Wireless Services

Through Stream’s wireless services customers receive 4G LTE service. They get unlimited talk, text, and data. The wireless service allows customer’s WiFi calling, as well.

Stream Energy also has s program where you can sign up as an independent contractor for the company. An independent contractor is charged with attracting new business for the company. The new business can be a customer of any of the four services provided by Stream. Independent contractors selling the services of Stream do not need to be Sn employee of Stream, they can be customers. To take advantage of the Stream opportunity all you need to do is sign up to become an independent associate of the company. Once signed up, independent associates will receive all the tools and help needed to recruit new business for the company.

Stream Energy opened its doors in 2005. They are headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Stream services customers in Texas, New York, Ohio, New Jersey, and Washington DC. The company has s philanthropy chapter call Stream Cares. The charity organization was founded in 2016. Some causes supported by Stream Cares are the Cell Phones for Soldiers and Habitat for Humanity.

The Formidable Mindset of Ashley Lightspeed

Ashley Lightspeed is among the esteemed members at Lightspeed Venture Partners. She is a partner at the company. Her career success has been rocketing. Ashley has earned herself an impressive reputation with the numerous achievements she has scored for the past few years. One of her huge wins is being affiliated with the outstanding growth of some top companies. Her vital contributions to such companies were an ingredient to their success and development. Ashley’s inspiration comes from her father’s architectural job. She loved joining her father while he was working. Ashley is currently in the business world but with an architectural mindset. Read more on

Ashley Lightspeed is a vital member of the Lightspeed investing group. She has a remarkable gift for recognizing and creating trends. She is passionate about designing and developing new products on a daily basis. Ashley has helped bring different styles by diversifying the operations at Lightspeed. Lightspeed is a company that helps to build other companies. The company offers networking services such as marketing, recruiting services as well as tactical communications support. Ashley helped the company understand better the consumer retail market that is run by women. In the United States, the economy is significantly driven by this type of market.

Ashley Lightspeed has worked for other companies. Over the past years, she has been gaining more skills and strategies in the industry. She joined Bain & Company immediately after school. Later, she joined Thumbtack. Thumbtack was still young and developing when Ashley started working at the company. Its primary service was to link local clients with experts. Ashley’s expertise helped in building Thumbtack to become among the top online businesses. Ashley transforms companies with her incredible insight, vast knowledge, and experience, strategy, dedication as well as innovative mindset. She loves working with startup companies because building up such companies is challenging. Ashley loves the challenge; it makes her think and focus better.

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Robert Deignan and Technology Today

Robert Deignan’s says apart from completely believing about what it really is that We have always been doing, I believe the main effective habit that I’ve can be analyzing the quantities. I usually make an effort to provide ideas, check situations, and so on, adequate time for you to establish a solid sample size to create determinations on whether it seems sensible or not. The period may be the best resource that people have therefore if we are likely to spend the period upon something we have to fully have confidence in it and we have to increase the income chance of that point frame. Obviously, we need to have obtained some ideas plus some assumptions to have the ball moving, however, the quantities don’t are situated. We have to take notice of the figures to either make modifications, draw the put on a thing that is no longer working or place the throttles down on a thing that is operating. You can a new lot from searching on the amounts and in the event that you learn how to read him correctly, you may make sound decisions.

Taking control óf the romantic relationship with technology has generated untold amounts of opportunities pertaining to téch business owners such as for example Robert Deignan. luxury touring provides made just how pertaining to life- conserving medical discoveries. It has managed to get possible fór us to contact a cab with all the contact of the key. And we’re more linked to the Ioved types than ever before because of technology. Actually, there’s nó shortage of improvéments that technology provides made to our daily lives. Yet once again, everything in moderation.

The common smartphone consumer chécks their particular phone forty-seven times each day according to 1 study. eighty-five percent of users examine their telephone while they’ré having a discussion with family and friends. We need tó maintain control over just how all of us use technology to seriously obtain the greatest reap the benefits of it. And thát just happens whenever we become conscious óf just how tech shoes into the organic inclinations to motivate addiction and alter just how we all think.

Jojo Hedaya Brings Solution to Unversal Problem

For Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald, an increasing problem for many people in these days of the internet and social media is an inability reach another by email caused by cluttered and unwanted junkmail, advertisements and overstuffed with emails that clog the person’s ability organize it all. The person on the other end of the line starts to wander why it is so difficult to get in touch with a business partner, spouse, daughter or son.

Finding a Solution that Works

No one wants to blame people for doing their job, but there comes a time, when just having all the things one needs daily to carry out one’s work is all that matters. The x-tras can wait till later.

Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald believed there was a better way to opt out of emails, subscriptions or unsolicited emails was possible. This was the moment they started to search for a name for their new adventure. After spending several days and researching thousands of possible names they decided and agreed on “Unroll.”

Finding Marketing Agents

First, Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald looked for spreading the news to others of the solution they had engineered. Though they had started small they soon reached enough marketing agents that made Unroll attract thousands of excited and interested subscribers. Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald had designed a program that would organize email between the necessary and unnecessary. Their algorithm would give users the option to quickly and easily unsubscribe from those unwanted and retaining the clutter for a more stringent selection.

Jojo Hedaya

Jojo Hedaya is the co-founder of, an opt-out app that organizes incoming and outgoing electronic communications to your email folder. was founded in 2011, while Jojo Hedaya was still in college. Jojo Hedaya is a native of New York, where he lives with his wife and son. was acquired by Retuken Intelligence in 2014. Jojo Hedaya enjoys spending time with his family and is an avid fan of the New York Knicks. Jojo Hedaya attended New York City College between 2010-2012, where he acquired degrees in Philosophy and Business. Presently he is the Chief Product and Consumer Officer at Helping China’s Traditional Bookstores is the largest online retailer in China and the biggest retailer at large in the country. It is as well the biggest internet company by revenue. The company was founded in July 1998 by Mr. Liu Qiagdong. The Company’s name JD is an acronym of fusion of two names Jing Dong, but initially, it was known as 360buy.JD is the leading company in the world in high tech and which possesses the largest drone system. Worldwide brick and mortar bookstores are facing challenges. The biggest challenges include declining traffic and fierce competition of sales. In China this problem is also affecting the country’s has come in to help these bookstores revive through its e-commerce and internet services.

The company is providing solutions for logistics, procurement of books and technology to forty-nine offline stores of books across the country. employs the Raas strategy which means Retail as a Service ‘to help these bookstores. Under this strategy, the company has provided a wide range of technology and services to companies ranging from consumer goods, manufacturers to restaurants and other retailers. Using its technology development for e-commerce businesses, has helped in the modernization of supply chains and turn increasing sales for the offline bookstores.

Most the bookstores in China has now partnered with JD for their efficiencies. An example is the Tangning Books in Guangzhou. Since its partnership with JD, Tangning’s turnover has reduced to 220 days from one year and above. With the help of JD’s capabilities of data analysis, the bookstore now has an insight on customers’ purchasing behaviors, and it is in a position to choose book assortments as per the customer’s base. Tangning Store now does not have to stock every book that customers may ask. It now lets clients scan QR codes of the books they don’t find in the store, and within 24 hours the books are delivered. This is a brilliant inventory from JD. JD’s technological inventories are not only helpful to the bookstores in China but also to a number of companies.

OSI Group : Making it to the Top 100 Companies in America

OSI Group Mcdonalds has just been announced as one of the top 100 food companies in America. The company is said to be the leaders of food manufacturing and processing for countless restaurants and fast food chains, most notably Mcdonalds. OSI Group which is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, has built over 65 facilities all over the world including staffing an astonishing 200,000 employees. Their power throughout the world allows them to provide some of the best ingredients for restaurants here in America, a benefit not found within other companies. Their constant push for innovation and sets of standards are was has not only propelled OSI Group Mcdonalds to the top but also kept them there for years.

As stated before, OSI Group Mcdonalds sets a high level of standards for its vendors, especially those they conduct business around the world. All 17 countries that OSI receives any food from is subjected to extensive quality check before they are even sent to their manufacturing buildings. In addition, OSI Group Mcdonalds houses some of the most advanced meat cutting machines in the world, many which are not found within any other food manufacturing company. Investments and other risks are all steps that OSI group takes to bring the best to their present and future clients. Anything the client wants, they get to work on it, this includes if the client wants frozen or non-frozen meats, maybe they want it cut in a particular manner, no matter the request, OSI group is ready to deliver on their progress of high-quality service and food. The incredible customer service doesn’t stop there, it goes all the way into the packaging of their products. OSi is capable of delivering to clients in any manner they like, from single to bulk OSI Group makes it happen for their clients.