Papa Johns CEO Vows to Improve Company Culture

Papa Johns has been going through a recent scandal recently. The company founder John Schnatter blamed the National Football League’s lax approach on player protests for declining sales. Later in 2018, he made a couple of racially insensitive remarks as well. This resulted in him losing his position as a board member of the company. Since Schnatter has been dismissed as a board member of the company, Papa Johns has looked to improve its image and reputation among its customers. The current chief executive officer Steve Ritchie is now in the process of making efforts to make Papa Johns more favorable among customers.

One of the first things that Steve Ritchie plans to do is to bring in experts who will audit the cultural and diversity inclusion practices of the company. He is looking to get expert feedback on how the company works with minorities and how it can improve its policies to make it a more diverse workplace. The experts are requested to examine the culture of the company and make sure that it is a safe and comfortable place for people from all walks of life.

Another thing that Steve Ritchie will do is to visit the franchises all over the nation. He will meet with both franchise owners and employees in major cities. During this phase, he will look to get important feedback from them and see what customers want from the company. Ritchie will also look into getting feedback on how the company can make the franchises have a more favorable standing in the local community.

When writing a letter, Steve Ritchie made it very clear that he wants customers to hold him and Papa Johns accountable for the actions of John Schnatter. He also wants them to evaluate the company and its operations on a regular basis. This will ensure that the company earns a more favorable reputation among them in the near future.

A number of business experts believe that Steve Ritchie drafted a very good letter that was necessary. It is believed that Ritchie’s response was important so that Papa Johns can prove to consumers and the public that it is not a racially insensitive organization. This letter will likely set the tone for Papa Johns’ efforts to restore its image in the restaurant business.


Steve Lesnard Reveals The Art of Product Marketing in the Digital World

A number of both digital and social mediums have been able to create a platform that has changed marketing. Today, many products are marketed through a number of digital sources such as social media. As a result, digital marketing offers a number of benefits to those who use it to market various products and services. Steve Lesnard has termed digital marketing as one of the most productive ways of promotion. With this strategy, a number of businesses are using digital marketing to win the confidence and trust of their customers. Digital marketing has also been able to market products by highlighting the benefits and the value of the to various customers as well.

One of the factors that has been a great concern for marketers has been providing a product description with a storyline according to Steve Lesnard. By offering a storyline, customers will be in better position to see how it will benefit them. It will also be important to provide customers with updates on a particular product as well. When marketing products digitally, it is very important to always be innovative so that customers can learn about the latest features of a given product. Businesses that are looking to benefit from digital marketing will want to adopt a communication strategy that is both emotional and straightforward to achieve the best results.

There have been a number of companies that have used digital marketing to more effectively promote its products. Apple has emphasized safety to users of its products. The company has looked to upgrade their products in order to benefit its customers. It also focuses on technology in order to market to consumers as well. Therefore, Apple is a good example of how companies can use effective digital marketing to promote their products according to Steve Lesnard.

When it comes to marketing, a company that uses the storyline approach should emphasize details of the body, the effectiveness of the product and how to apply the ad. Steve Lesnard has said that all of these elements will help companies make digital marketing a more energized way to promote products and services. It is also important to know the type of customers that a company wants ot market to before they begin any advertising campaign.

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Guilherme Paulus – A Well-known Name in Brazil’s Tourism Industry

Guilherme Paulus is one of the most popular business tycoons in Brazil today and is worth over $1.1 billion. He has achieved a lot of success in the tourism and hospitality industry and is one of the founders of CVC Brasil. It is the company that he started along with his partner Carlos in the year 1972. The company achieved massive success in the next few years, because of the innovative marketing and business strategies that Guilherme Paulus implemented. Carlos left the company a few years after it started selling his stake to Guilherme, and it added more responsibility on the shoulder of Guilherme.

Guilherme Paulus helped in selling a portion of the company to the Carlyle Group. The estimated worth of CVC Brasil is over five billion dollars currently, and it continues to grow rapidly with time. The decision to sell a stake to Carlyle Group was to help the company get access to more resources and expand its wings across the globe. Guilherme Paulus is also the President of the board at GJP Hotels and Resorts, which has a chain of hotels across Brazil, especially near airports and railway station. With the help of the experience that Guilherme has gained in the tour and travel industry, he has been able to gain useful insight into the hospitality industry as well. It is this experience and insight that he has used t push GJP Hotels and Resorts to become one of the leading chains of hotels in Brazil today. To know more about him click here.

Guilherme Paulus also stands for accountability and believes in giving back to society. His company is associated with many charities, and he too works closely with many of them. He also believes that local companies should generate more job opportunities for young people so that they stay in the country and work for its betterment. His company alone employees more than 1.9 thousands Brazilians in the country and add more every year.

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JHSF and Jauriemo Auriemo Neto

One of the leaders in the luxury real estate market in Brazil is a company called JHSF. They are involved in commercial and residential developments including an airport, shopping centers and luxury hotels. The company has been in operation since 1972 and has a reputation for capitalizing on opportunities in the areas that it invests in. JHSF is a forward thinking company that can produce long term solutions when it concerns their development projects. JHSF has a business presence in many cities such as Manaus, Salvador, Sao Paulo and Punta del Este in Uraguay and New York in the U.S.A. The company is split into different sections or business units. They are the Fasano Hotel and Restaurant Unit, the Incorporation Unit, Shopping Center Unit and Airport Unit. The company went public in 2007 on the Sao Paulo Bovespa Stock exchange.

JHSF believes in helping the environment. One example is the development project called the Cidade Jardim Corporate Center. It is considered to be one of the greenest environmentally friendly projects in Brazil. It has received the AQUA certificate from Fundacao Vanzolini. This means that the development was designed for high environmental quality impact.

Jauriemo Auriemo Neto is a business executive from Brazil. He is chairman of JHSF. He manages the companies business interests including public developments, hotels and office buildings. He took his company into the retail market sphere in 2009. In 2012 Valantino and Red Valantino Stores were open in Brazil. The companies profits are continuing to grow. Jauriemo Auriemo Neto started working for JHSF in 1993. In 1997 he founded the services unit of the company. He created a parking service company called ParkBem. The companies first shopping destination was make possible by his efforts. It is called the Shopping Santa Cruz.

Jauriemo Auriemo Neto graduated Fundacao Armando Alares Penteado University located in Sao Paulo. JHSF was started by his father and after a certain time he began to run it. Other shopping complex destinations he has developed are the Cidade Jardim Shopping Complex in Salvador and the Ponta Negro complex in Manaus. The company has made great progress with him.

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The legendary philanthropic works of Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a renowned investor, a phenomenal entrepreneur, and a legendary philanthropist. He was born and resides in Arizona. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Finance and from the prestigious Arizona University and an MBA from the Carey School of Business. Soon after graduation, he gained international recognition due to his exemplary success in the world of business. His unmatched expertise in business saw him become a highly regarded mentor for business students and other entrepreneurs as well. He is currently one of the most sought after business adviser and strategist. While undertaking his day to day activities in mentorship and business, Jason developed a great sense of giving back to society.

Currently, Jason Hope spends his time supervising business processes and projects. One of his most remarkable philanthropic efforts is a $500 000 donation to the SENS Foundation. This is a biotechnology company that focuses on the production of anti-aging products. His generous donation helped the company to establish a new research center at Cambridge and launched a new research program to develop innovative solutions to fight the harmful effects of aging. According to Jason Hope, his donation to SENS Foundation was based on his mission to help people live a longer quality life. It was also on his thrill for wanting an eternally youthful life.

In all his moves, Jason Hope has portrayed a futuristic trait. His involvement in the biotechnology promises a brighter future. He trusts the SENS foundation to develop a rejuvenation mechanism that helps to fight diseases related to the heart, lungs, and brain. This will mostly delay the aging as these are the primary causal agents for premature aging of the human body. Researchers have already made some groundbreaking breakthrough in aging diseases and are now focusing on the fight against the use of products that inhibit metabolism and hence promoting aging in the human body. This advanced glycation end products considerably degrades the human skin within a short period. Luckily, the researchers have discovered the elements accelerating aging and the big task remaining is how they can extract these substances from the human skin and inhibit the aging process.

Paul Mampilly Suggests Big Data will Change the 2019 Market

Julia Emerich recently wrote an article for the Gazette Day website titled, “Paul Mampilly’s 10 Predictions for Business in 2019.” Paul Mampilly is an experienced investor who spent the past two decades learning the ins and outs of Wall Street. Now, he wants to share his hard-earned knowledge with mainstream Americans and eager investors. He worked in a variety of positions at different companies in Wall Street such as a Senior Portfolio Manager, Senior Research Analyst, Money Manager and more. The different positions allowed him to gain valuable insights into successful management strategies.

Mampilly shared his predictions for businesses in 2019 in the article. He believes that it is important for investors to make informed decisions and he hopes his information will be valuable. The first prediction is that Big Data will become more accessible to smaller companies. Paul Mampilly indicates that Big Data has previously only been available to large companies with huge marketing budgets to put the information to use. It has changed the way tech companies and other businesses interact with their consumers. Indeed, data has become the chief product for a variety of tech companies and they previously sold the information at a steep price. Now, Big Data will be available to more businesses. They will be able to create more effective marketing strategies while also changing the way businesses interact with their consumers.

Paul Mampilly also suggests the real estate appreciation rates will gradually slow to a mere drip. Over the past decade, the real estate market has dominated in the United States. Real Estate prices have continually appreciated at rates of 5-7%, making it a secure nest egg for families. However, Paul Mampilly suggests it will slow to a mere 1.5% over the next year. It will cause the market to lose steam and will eventually slow the economy because there is less overall spending.

Mampilly believes that the availability of Big Data will change the way businesses function. He believes they will begin to adapt to the modern consumers by using incredibly personalized marketing strategies. Big companies will adapt to startup successes by creating a more personalized relationship with their consumers. They will focus on providing better and enhanced consumer experiences.

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Stream Energy and The Services Offered

Stream Energy is an alternative to traditional electricity. The company offers more than energy services to its customers. They also provide home services, protective services, and wireless services. Each of these will be explained below.

Energy Services

Stream Energy offers its customers three forms of alternative energy. Customers can choose between solar, wind, and hydro energy sources. These alternative energy sources provide customers an opportunity to use electricity and reduce their carbon footprint on the environment.

Home Services

These services are relatively new to Stream Energy. The company offers its customers a way to be connected to their smart home consistently. Through the use of their smartphone, customers can stay connected to their home even while at work.

Protective Services

With the protective services, customers of Stream Energy can stay healthy. The protective services plan offers customers the opportunity to speak to a doctor via video chat 24/7. Customers can then express their symptoms and concerns to the doctor.

Wireless Services

Through Stream’s wireless services customers receive 4G LTE service. They get unlimited talk, text, and data. The wireless service allows customer’s WiFi calling, as well.

Stream Energy also has s program where you can sign up as an independent contractor for the company. An independent contractor is charged with attracting new business for the company. The new business can be a customer of any of the four services provided by Stream. Independent contractors selling the services of Stream do not need to be Sn employee of Stream, they can be customers. To take advantage of the Stream opportunity all you need to do is sign up to become an independent associate of the company. Once signed up, independent associates will receive all the tools and help needed to recruit new business for the company.

Stream Energy opened its doors in 2005. They are headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Stream services customers in Texas, New York, Ohio, New Jersey, and Washington DC. The company has s philanthropy chapter call Stream Cares. The charity organization was founded in 2016. Some causes supported by Stream Cares are the Cell Phones for Soldiers and Habitat for Humanity.

Jojo Hedaya Brings Solution to Unversal Problem

For Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald, an increasing problem for many people in these days of the internet and social media is an inability reach another by email caused by cluttered and unwanted junkmail, advertisements and overstuffed with emails that clog the person’s ability organize it all. The person on the other end of the line starts to wander why it is so difficult to get in touch with a business partner, spouse, daughter or son.

Finding a Solution that Works

No one wants to blame people for doing their job, but there comes a time, when just having all the things one needs daily to carry out one’s work is all that matters. The x-tras can wait till later.

Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald believed there was a better way to opt out of emails, subscriptions or unsolicited emails was possible. This was the moment they started to search for a name for their new adventure. After spending several days and researching thousands of possible names they decided and agreed on “Unroll.”

Finding Marketing Agents

First, Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald looked for spreading the news to others of the solution they had engineered. Though they had started small they soon reached enough marketing agents that made Unroll attract thousands of excited and interested subscribers. Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald had designed a program that would organize email between the necessary and unnecessary. Their algorithm would give users the option to quickly and easily unsubscribe from those unwanted and retaining the clutter for a more stringent selection.

Jojo Hedaya

Jojo Hedaya is the co-founder of, an opt-out app that organizes incoming and outgoing electronic communications to your email folder. was founded in 2011, while Jojo Hedaya was still in college. Jojo Hedaya is a native of New York, where he lives with his wife and son. was acquired by Retuken Intelligence in 2014. Jojo Hedaya enjoys spending time with his family and is an avid fan of the New York Knicks. Jojo Hedaya attended New York City College between 2010-2012, where he acquired degrees in Philosophy and Business. Presently he is the Chief Product and Consumer Officer at

Who is Matthew Fleeger

Matt Fleeger went to Southern Methodist Unviersity and got a bachelor’s degree in business. His goal was to gain as much knowledge and information on marketing and finance because he wanted to be just like his father, a very successful business man who owned his own gas and oil company. He learned a lot though his father, college and in the future his new experiences will become very handy.

After he graduated from college, Matthew went to work for the gas and oil industry, he took the executive positions since he has experience in fiancé and marketing. He also gained years of experience and had jobs with several companies in Texas as well as the organization his father created, the Gulf coast Western. Matthew’s experience with the industry gave him the foundation of knowledge needed to create his own company called MedSolutions in 1993. MedSolutions Is a waste control management company that transports, disposals and treats medical waste that is created by healthcare facilities. The company eventually grew and turned into one of the top companies that takes care of medical waste. In the years 1993 and 2007 Matthew worked in a variety of jobs within the company such as director, chairman, president and CEO. He also played a major role in helping the company grow and it caught the eye of another waste management company called Stericycle. Matthew sold MedSolutions to them for filthy nine million dollars.

Currently, Matthew Fleeger is a well known influential person in the gas, oil and waste management industry. He worked hard to gain these skills and they allowed him to rank up and have more work opportunities. Do you think Matthew Fleeger did the right thing by selling his company? If you had a company that was worth millions, would you sell it? Tell us in the comment section below!

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Gareth Henry Offers His Opinion on Why the Private Credit Industry has Been on Fire in Recent Years

Gareth Henry has been a global investor relations expert for many years. Some of the companies he has applied his skills at are Fortress Investment Group and Angelo, Gordon & Co. Among the areas he has the most experience is the private equity industry but he is also skilled in other forms of alternative investing. He says that his educational background involving actuarial science has been very helpful when it comes to understanding the difficult mathematics behind these sorts of investments.

He says that the private credit industry has been growing rather well in the past few years. Gareth Henry points to three main factors for why this is the case. First, after the financial crisis, there were changes made in regard to regulatory guidance in the banking industry. Banks are not lending as much money to private companies as they once did, especially mid-sized firms. The government is forcing the banks to lend money with more caution, he says.

There is also increased regulation for all public companies. This is due to a number of accounting scandals and other crimes that have occurred. It now costs more to operate a public company. Gareth Henry also says that public companies have quarterly reporting requirements which can be reacted to very negatively by investors if they don’t look good. This has created a situation where management focuses more on the short term than doing much long term planning.

Gareth Henry grew up with a strong interest in mathematics. He attended Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland. He graduated in 2001 with a degree in actuarial mathematics and statistics. He was a great student and graduated with 1st class honors. After gaining experience at a few financial firms he was employed at Schroders as their director in September 2005. He left after two years and joined the London office of the American financial firm Fortress Investment Group. He was with this company for over eight years, the last two serving as the global head of investor relations. In January 2016 he joined Angelo, Gordon & Co. in the same type of position.