Dr. Sam Jejurikar: Dallas Texas Very On Super Star Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Sameer(Sam)Jejurikar is one of the most well known plastic surgeons in the Dallas, Texas area. He has been practicing plastic surgery for over 21 years with a heart and a passion to make plastic surgery safer and more effective. Because of his love for the business he continues to provide this service to citizens in Dallas and to others who may come from across the country. Dr. Sam Jejurikar has even been quoted saying that his passion for this profession is what drives him. Dr. Jejurikar feels a personal commitment to his patients and because of that he has become highly recommended amongst those in the world of plastic surgery.

Dr.Jejurikar got his start from working at several hospitals in the Dallas area. His work there is what catapulted him into his own personal private practice of cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. He has received nothing but raved reviews from his patients and fellow coworkers. Coupled with his success, Dr. Sam Jejurikar has remained humbled down through the years. He has mentioned previously that he continues to feel humbled and blessed to work with this patients. He has also stated that he does not take his success for granted. He believes in helping other people achieve their dreams or goals of a being a better version of themselves.

He has spent a lot of his time researching the latest innovated technology that can help address his patients needs. The advancement in technology has given Dr. Jejurikar a means to offer more services that are less evasive for his patients. These less evasive procedures also allows the patient to heal faster and he has made it a point to pass on his knowledge to other younger, skilled doctors that are going to be the future of the profession.