How Sujit Choudhry Embraces Constitutional Matters with Vigilance

You may have heard about the Center for Constitutional Transactions and the major roles it has played. Although many people have termed the Center for Constitutional Transactions an excellent organization, it’s good to know Sujit Choudhry has been the force behind the great name it has achieved. He has been the Director of this organization, and he has done a lot to make it popular and trustworthy, go to ( At California University, Sujit has served as a Dean. He previously worked at Toronto University as a Scholl Chair and New York University as a Law Professor. When talking about politics and legal law, Sujit is a recognized authority.

In any process on constitution building, it is not always easy to merge comprehensive legal experience with an extensive research agenda. However, Sujit finds it an easy task since he has been in the legal field for many years. Some of the countries that have invited him to offer legal expertise on political and constitutional affairs include Tunisia, Ukraine, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Jordan, Nepal, and South Africa. He has spent over 20 years in the legal field offering constitutional advice. He understands the major causes of political violence and ceasefires, and how to resolve them.

He has for many years facilitated dialogue sessions publicly with constitution stakeholders and civil society groups. Sujit has also been vocal in drafting legal memoranda and technical reports, engaging parliamentarians and party leaders, and training the bureaucrats and civil servants. He understands how political unrest and comparative constitutional law problems hurt the economy of any country, see more here on For this reason, he always devises an effective constitutional tool to resolve political conflicts, and pave the way for politics that embrace peaceful democracy. Sujit Choudhry has helped many countries resolve their constitutional issues on secession, federalism, semi-presidency, decentralization, and ethnically divided societies.

According to Sujit, any country that embraces democratic rule and does away with authoritarian governance enjoys a tremendous economic growth. The Canadian constitutional law is among the detailed writings he has published. ( is set to release a book called the Constitutional Democracies in Crisis. His main aim is to provide lasting solutions to countries experiencing any democratic crisis.

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