Sunday Riley: The Making of A Cult-Favorite in Cosmetics

Cosmetics generate billions of dollars on an annual basis as this is one of society’s most popular industries. On top of that, cosmetics that treat the skin are very sought-after, especially when being compared to standard makeup products. Sunday Riley, a Houston-based cosmetics company, is changing the game via its science-based green technology. The power of this green technology is that it’s non-irritating to the skin. The beauty of this innovation is that the green technology is actually a combination of science-based ingredients and organic botanicals. Let’s dive a bit deeper below.

Sunday Riley is also the name of the brand’s founder. Yes, this is 100 percent true, and this woman has a strong passion for her craft. Riley has personally tried every product that has been released to the public. If something feels a bit off, then she has been known to pull the product out of production before it ever hits the market. Though the company has only been around for a few years, it has garnered plenty of attention from people of all races and religion. This brand is more than just a fan-favorite. There are hundreds of thousands of loyal fans worldwide. This cult-following consists of at least 224,000 Instagram followers. Consumers can choose from a number of anti-aging products. These products are designed to provide clearing and firming benefits. Good Genes is the brand’s flagship product, and this lactic acid treatment provides amazing results. The exfoliating action of this advanced treatment reduces fine lines and wrinkles while clearing the skin of blemishes.

Luna, a nighttime formula, calms irritated skin while leaving the skin with a smooth finish. This bright-blue formula smells a bit like beef jerky, but its retinoids are the key to its success. Sunday Riley has a total of 13 science-based products, but who knows what the brand has in store for the years to come.