ClassDojo Improving Education

Education has become more and more of a focus in today’s world. We are constantly trying to find ways to improve the education system that is in the United States so that all kids get the education they deserve. With it has come many different benefits, especially since technology has come into play. Things like computer teaching programs and worldwide teaching services have expanded education to new heights. A great example of this is the new app used by teachers called ClassDojo.


The trip from school to home seems to jumble up information between teachers and parents. Sometimes students forgot or lose items teachers want their parents to see. Along with this, some parents don’t have the time to talk to their kids about school or even make parent-teacher conferences. ClassDojo is the solution to many of these issues through its unique communication service. The app allows teachers and parents to communicate with each other through the app, giving them an instant way for them to talk to each other. This allows parents to get quick notifications about how their kids are doing and allows them to ask questions about their child’s progress even when they don’t have much time.


ClassDojo gives students the option to ask teachers questions when not in class and at home doing work. Teachers can also use the app to write down recommendations to students about how to improve their work and give them accolades for doing well in school. For example, they can award them currency that they can then turn in for different kinds of prizes the teacher sees fit. Some school give kids things from food, extra break time, or an extra recess pass. These incentives give students just one more reason to want to complete their work and learn at school. So far parents, students, and teachers all love the app and the improvements it has made within the education circle. The Class Dojo app is just the first of many great things to come from the company and their mission to help improve the education system.