The History of Betsy DeVos’ Interest in Educational Reform

Since Betsy DeVos was appointed to the position of United States Secretary of Education in 2017, much of her stance on education has come under scrutiny. Many Democrats have portrayed DeVos as a meek conservative willing to go along with whatever agenda was placed in front of her. But this portrayal of DeVos does not take into consideration her entire history at the forefront of the reform movement.


Michigan Beginnings

DeVos hails from Holland, Michigan, a city in the western part of the state. Her father, Edgar Prince, was the founder of a billion-dollar auto parts company. He also believed in championing conservative causes. In 1979, at the age of 21, Betsy married fellow wealthy Michigan conservative and Amway heir, Dick DeVos. The couple would go on to have three children. It was while these three children were in school that Betsy would begin her lifelong championing of educational reform.


Potter’s House Christian School

While the DeVos children were attending Potter’s House Christian School, DeVos began to recognize that not all the families were able to afford the private education as easily as the DeVos family. DeVos would state in 2013 that she witnessed families having difficulty paying their bills but still doing everything possible to send their children to the safe and enhanced learning environment of the private Christian school. Witnessing these parents made DeVos began to support the tuition of several of the children from low-income families.


Scholarships to Low Income Children

After her husband was elected to the State Board of Education in Michigan in 1990, Betsy DeVos began a foundation that aimed to give scholarships to low-income families. The goal of these scholarships was to help parents have the freedom to send their children where they wanted to go to school.


Educational Choice Movement

As the 1990s progressed, DeVos became involved in two charities associated with the educational choice movement: Children First America and American Education Reform Council. Both of these organizations sought to increase the school choices available to parents through the use of tax credits or vouchers.


Reaching Out to Teachers’ Unions

Since coming to Washington, DeVos has faced a lot of criticism from those who fear she does not like public schools and would have them fail so that charter schools could succeed. But one of DeVos’ first actions upon becoming secretary was to reach out to both the American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association. For a woman who has spent most of her adult life campaigning for educational reform, the action was a way to demonstrate to a wary public how much educational reform mattered to her.


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Hedge fund expert Sandy Chin leads a children’s summer reading program

Sandy Chin is an innovative professional who decided to assist children through a summer reading program. Upon realizing that children needed books to read Sandy Chin together with PS11 set up to devise solutions to help them. Over the years, children have been found to experience difficulties throughout the year after the summer holidays.

This is so because most of the time their reading schedules are disrupted by other activities during the holidays. For children from low-income families, having access to books is difficult, unlike Sandy Chin’s son who goes to PS11.

About the PS11 project

In order to keep children reading, most public libraries always put up programs to help them. Unfortunately, a majority of parents lack a chance to help their children adhere to these programs. For this reason, Sandy Chin and her colleagues hold book drives at PS11 to ensure that children get all the academic support they need.

In this program, volunteers collect used books and issue them to children so that each child has their own book to read. Since the program was initiated, Sandy and his colleagues have acquired more books not only for kindergarten children but for students in other grades too. In the course of one week, they received over 3,000 books.

According to dailyforexreport, a majority of the people who donated books did not know how to sort the reading levels and ended up issuing books they had acquired in college. This made the sorting process essential in order to get each child the book they needed before summer.

A majority of children who had the chance to get free books demonstrated their excitement in being able to pick what they want to read. One child was seen carrying a dozen books with a huge smile on her face.

Aside from being a philanthropist, Sandy Chin is a mother of two children Nolan and Taggart. This professional has always had so much love books that she named her children after fictional characters in some of her favorite books. Aside from being a book lover, she runs Tidal Bore Capital, a hedge company in the United States. She works in collaboration with Bill Leach, a professional who mentored her.


The Rocketship Public Schools Standard

Created on a foundation of understanding and guidance, Rocketship Public Schools is a remarkable establishment in the education sector. Comprised of heartfelt teachers and passionate educators, Rocketship Public Schools boasts a world-class staff. Krystina Hermes, a relatively new addition to Rocketship Public Schools, is a shining example of the compassion and leadership that the school’s infused into their culture. During her summer training in 2016, Hermes came across a delightful young boy named Devin. Devin, timid and apathetic, surprisingly took a shine to Hermes. When Devin entered first grade, he was elated to find that Mrs. Hermes was his teacher.

Devin’s mother had misgivings about Devin’s aptitude for learning and confided in Hermes for the sake of her son. Hermes quickly noticed that Devin was unable to engage in conversations, write his name, and stay focused for an extended period. Soon thereafter, Devin’s mom took him to the pediatrician to evaluate his shortcomings. Both the pediatrician and Rocketship Public Schools concluded that Devin fell on the autism spectrum. Given her inexperience with teaching, Hermes was grappling with how to best support Devin and his added needs. Fortunately, she harnessed her resolve and created the perfect rubric for her special student. Learn more about Rocketship Public Schools personalized learning.

Before too long, Devin was excelling in reading, writing, and arithmetic. By setting rules on expected behaviors, Hermes found that Devin was surprisingly compliant and willing to engage in class. Though she didn’t hold him to the same standard as the other children, Hermes afforded Devin little leeway. Devin’s mom attributes her son’s success to the earnest care Hermes displayed. Rocketship Public Schools is proud to employ teachers like Hermes, and they hope to serve as an example to other schools that are struggling with special education programs. Regarding the future of Hermes and Rocketship Public Schools, both will no doubt continue to thrive.

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Betsy DeVos is the Current Education Secretary and She is Making the Position Her Own

Betsy DeVos is the current education secretary of the United States and she has made it her focus over the last few years. In the past, before her time as education secretary, Betsy DeVos dedicated her life toward philanthropy causes regarding school choice initiatives, political donations, and scholarship programs. Since she was appointed education secretary though, she has focused her time on her work as education secretary.


During her time as education secretary, Betsy DeVos has done a considerable number of changes and made the position her own. The education secretary managed to change the issues regarding the problem with Congress not discussing gun violence in schools, the problem of students falling behind in certain academic fields, and the issue of transgender students and staff members having bathroom access.


DeVos tackled the issue of gun violence in school not being brought to the attention of Congress. She openly discussed the need for the Senate and representatives to bring the issue up for debate throughout Congress so a solution could be made. Her thoughts on the issue are that it is due to mental illness that so many school shootings have happened, and that improving mental health care will help the issue.


To improve the problem of students not doing well in certain fields, the secretary put some effort into giving students a better education in science and math. American students are lagging behind in science and math studies comparatively to other students in first world countries. She has pushed for those studies to be more of a focus for school systems across the nation, so American students can compete academically and in the job market in technology and science.


One of the first issues that Betsy DeVos had to tackle was to address the issue of transgender students and staff members having permission to bathroom access. The president chose to remove those rights at the start of his presidency. DeVos was quick to criticize the move and wrote to the education department that she wanted to make it clear she wasn’t happy about it. She also addressed that the schools in the United States can tackle the issue on their own by making rules of their own to permit transgender staff and students to use the bathroom of the gender they identify with.


DeVos has fully embraced her position as education secretary. She will continue to devote her time to philanthropy on the side, but for now, she is set on her work as education secretary of the United States of America. The job entails the future of American students and therefore the future of the United States.


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The Kabbalah Centre Provides Mental and Universal Healing Through Its Teachings


The Kabbalah Centre hailed from the United States and was established in 1956. Initially, it was known as a National Research Institute. The core Founders were Feivel Gruberger known as Philip Berg and Brandwein, who was in charge of the dean. He was also the precursor of all Kabbalah Centers across the United States. The center was originally established in 1922. After Brandwein’s death, Philip Berg assumed the leadership position. His wife, Karen Berg, joined him in the re -establishment of the center in the city of New York. In 1984, the center was opened in Los Angeles. Karen Berg assumed the leadership position after her husband’s death. With Michael, the two serve as directors. They are in charge of the day to day decision-making processes of the institution. Kabbalah is a legal institution comprising of more than fifty branches across the world. Kabbalah Centers has affiliates in New York, Toronto, Los Angeles and London.

Judaism Perversion

The Kabbalah Centre offers Zohar and Kabbalistic lessons online and through the regional centers geographically located in the cities, through study groups, across the world. The institution comprises of a multi-ethnic group of international teachers who provide education as well as guidance to all students. Customarily, the teachers believed that Kabbalah was very mysterious and featuring complex teachings. This promoted the misunderstanding of most of their lessons. The teachers, therefore, urged only the forty-year-old men to pursue these teachings. Most traditionalists considered the teachings of Kabbalah as Judaism perversion consisting ancient cultures in addition to the secretive mystic tradition.


The first approach of Kabbalah’s teachings seeks to impart Hebrew and Jewish knowledge to the students. The center provides a clear understanding of the two teachings. According to Kabbalah, religions and deities represent the wisdom of the universe. The effect of the knowledge is Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and other religions. To them, their center is not a religion. It is a supplement to faith. Meaning, Kabbalah Centre cannot replace religion. On the Bible and its teachings, passages like Crossing of the Red Sea symbolize a code in life. The codes have a special meaning to lives, and there are particular teachings on how to reveal such meanings. Kabbalah offers lessons on such teachings. To Kabbalah, it is essential for humans to please their God instead of religions and its teachings. The center provides mental healing in the form of its teachings.

Wessex Institute of Technology’ s journals

The place is located in England. Professor Carlos Brebbia is the Director. He is the Editor of several journals which are International Journal of Safety and Security Engineering and the International Journal of Computational Methods and Experimental Measurements. It’s an organization serving the international scientific community. The goal of the Institute is to make a series of knowledge transfer mechanisms. Its has been in England for 25 years now. The program offers higher degrees. The Institute’s activities are divided into 3 areas: Research, Conferences and Publishing. This Institute has been established with many organizations throughout the world. It is also known as WIT.