Sheldon Lavin – Putting Stress on Environmentally Friendly Strategies to Take OSI to New Heights

Sheldon Lavin has helped OSI Industries achieve the success it has achieved in the last couple of decades. The company originally belonged to one of his clients when he was working as a financial consultant. However, during his time as a financial consultant, he was heavily involved with the family and business affairs of the Kolschowsky family that owned the company. In due course, Sheldon Lavin eventually took over the company, and it was renamed as OSI Industries. In an interview with Lynn Fosse, senior editor of CEOCFO magazine, Sheldon Lavin opened up about his journey to success with OSI Group.

OSI Group is one of the biggest and most reputed food and meat processing companies in the world and has a presence in 17 countries so far. As of now, the OSI group has seventy facilities across the globe, and it continues to expand its operations globally. Sheldon Lavin said in the interview that one of the reasons why the company operates seamlessly even when it has operations worldwide is due to its work culture. The work culture is more friendly and family-like, and OSI Group continues to launch new initiatives to help not only the employees but their families as well. He also understands that it is necessary for responsible for companies to give back to communities, and the company is associated with many charities and groups that help empower low-income communities.

Sheldon Lavin has been trying and implementing much new age and innovative business and management strategies to continue to modernize the company. For one, he has been trying hard to develop and integrate modern technologies into the company’s operations, which has helped improve the company’s performance and productivity. He feels that his company should be environmentally friendly and sustainable. For that purpose, the company is fast to adopt new technology and upgrade their system every couple of years allowing them to increase their efficiency. It will enable them to meet the demand for their growing customer base who too want to source from companies that think about the future of the next generations.

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The Formidable Mindset of Ashley Lightspeed

Ashley Lightspeed is among the esteemed members at Lightspeed Venture Partners. She is a partner at the company. Her career success has been rocketing. Ashley has earned herself an impressive reputation with the numerous achievements she has scored for the past few years. One of her huge wins is being affiliated with the outstanding growth of some top companies. Her vital contributions to such companies were an ingredient to their success and development. Ashley’s inspiration comes from her father’s architectural job. She loved joining her father while he was working. Ashley is currently in the business world but with an architectural mindset. Read more on

Ashley Lightspeed is a vital member of the Lightspeed investing group. She has a remarkable gift for recognizing and creating trends. She is passionate about designing and developing new products on a daily basis. Ashley has helped bring different styles by diversifying the operations at Lightspeed. Lightspeed is a company that helps to build other companies. The company offers networking services such as marketing, recruiting services as well as tactical communications support. Ashley helped the company understand better the consumer retail market that is run by women. In the United States, the economy is significantly driven by this type of market.

Ashley Lightspeed has worked for other companies. Over the past years, she has been gaining more skills and strategies in the industry. She joined Bain & Company immediately after school. Later, she joined Thumbtack. Thumbtack was still young and developing when Ashley started working at the company. Its primary service was to link local clients with experts. Ashley’s expertise helped in building Thumbtack to become among the top online businesses. Ashley transforms companies with her incredible insight, vast knowledge, and experience, strategy, dedication as well as innovative mindset. She loves working with startup companies because building up such companies is challenging. Ashley loves the challenge; it makes her think and focus better.

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Harry Harrison & The Keys To Entrepreneurial Success.

Harry Harrison is the founder of the Anthemis Group, a digital services and investment advisory firm based out of New York. Harrison is probably most well known for his years of hard work at Barclays, most recently operating as the head of the Barclays Non-Core facility located in London. Harrison held the coveted Barclays position for a three-year period spanning from 2014 to 2017. Now, Harrison is taking a moment to re-focus himself on the company he established and operates as president over. Let’s take a deep dive into the work of Harry Harrison, his keys to success as an entrepreneur, and what Harrison believes it takes to maintain success in such a tough field.

Harrison is hesitant to lean on any claims of a regular workday in order to relate his success to aspiring entrepreneurs. In fact, right now, Harrison is pretty far from maintaining a regular schedule. After helping Barclay’s wind down their massive bankroll of businesses, Harrison has been stepping back in order to let himself breathe a little bit. Harrison is focusing on expanding the health of his mind and body by reading, listening to podcasts and even working in regular Yoga practice. In fact, Harrison points to yoga as probably the most important technique that aspiring entrepreneurs could embrace. Yoga offers entrepreneurs a way to meditate while cleansing their mind and body of negative energy. While Harrison is certainly in semi-relaxation mode, that doesn’t mean that he isn’t also focused on building up his work at the Anthemis Group. In fact, let’s double back in order to look at what propelled Harrison to create the Anthemis Group, to begin with.

According to Harry Harrison, the development of the Anthemis Group was one borne out of curiosity and passion for economics in general. Harrison loved looking deeply into the different ways that businesses crop up and propel themselves to success. Study micro level and macro level economics also helped Harrison to turn toward the Anthemis Group with a real background of knowledge on his side. With almost 30 years of experience in the industry, working as a trader or an advisor, Harrison felt more than confident enough to take on the task.

The success of the Anthemis Group isn’t based entirely on Harrison’s own experience in the field. In fact, Harrison is more likely to point to others when asked what makes his company so successful. Harrison believes that being able to lean on others in your career while building up a valuable network of colleagues is one of the most important things that an aspiring entrepreneur can do. Harrison says that he has been ‘privileged’ with a rich network of collaborators and friends in both a professional and personal environment. Harrison is working to get this message out to aspiring business-minded professionals so that they, too, can take the concept to heart. Far too often, aspiring entrepreneurs look at colleagues as competition rather than as valuable partners who can make success more and more realistic.


There are success stories that we can’t stop to admire. At a very young age, Milan Kordestani has accomplished so much. Milan is a first-year student at the Colorado College, juggling with his entrepreneurial prospect projects. He represents the new crop of young people who have creative ideas and who are taking bold decisions in business.

Milan Kordestani has interests in matters journalism and literature. He writes at Huffington Post. The love for nature and animals especially horses. Milan is a talented horse rider. He competes nationally as an equestrian. While at sacred heart preparatory, he was in the top three performers at the World Horse Show 2017. He was the second position at the World Championship 5-Gaited Show Pleasure Division in 2016.

At the high school, Milan Kordestani started writing for the Huffington Post. He wrote six articles published in the Huffington Post. They covered a wide range of topics including mental health, politics, and agriculture. The idea of founding Milan Farms came to him while in high school. At that time, he had an interest in agribusiness. The objective was to achieve viability without compromising humane, organic and Non-GMO standards.

Milan was brought up by Iranian parents who instilled a business culture in him. The root of his career can be traced back to when at a young age he used to grow saffron. His mother provided the support he needed like helping build a chicken coop and other stuff. From then on, passion and dedication to agribusiness practice grew to inspire him to do more in the area.

Milan farm is a firm that deals exclusively with agricultural products. Specifically, the firm sells eggs, saffron, and herbs. The firm has aligned its objectives to be transparent and provide true products. The company is built upon organic principles hence assuring that the products are purely organic. There are two options to how eggs are purchased. The first is a onetime purchase, and the second is via subscription. Saffron is sold according to its weight. Payment for the products is efficient with options of VISA and Master Card available to customers.