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Bhanu Choudhrie is an entrepreneur based in the United Kingdom. He is the Executive Director of C&C Alpha Group Ltd. He won the Entrepreneur of the Year Award at the Asian Voice Political and Public Life Awards in 2008. Bhanu Choudhrie studied International Business and Marketing at the University of Boston. After finishing his degree program, he would then move to London. Since 2001, Bhanu has served at his current position and has helped the company compile a vast portfolio of valuable assets. This includes a number of top spa hotels in India and care homes in the United Kingdom. He recently talked about his most recent business ventures.


While Bhanu Choudhrie was educated in the United States, he found a great opportunity in London that had a lot of new business ventures. He therefore decided to move to London after completing an internship at JP Morgan in 1999. Several years later, Bhanu would win a major award. After winning the Asian Entrepreneur of the Year Award, Bhanu was thrilled to receive this highly prestigious honor. He mentioned that it was great to learn, develop businesses and meet people in a country that he wasn’t from. The win was very fascinating for him as well as being quite encouraging.

By working at an investment firm, Bhanu Choudhrie said that he is very fond of all of the business interests that the company invests in. He said that real estate is exciting, He has said that opening hotels and meeting new people is a very exciting activity as well. Bhanu also expressed satisfaction with meeting with many people in the healthcare industry as well. One of the best experiences he had was opening up a healthcare center and meeting up with the care assistants, doctors and patients. Another business venture that Bhanu is very intrigued by is opening up restaurants. This has allowed him to meet more people in the food service industry. During the interview Bhanu Choudhrie has said that his company plans on investing in the hotel sector along with participating in more charity work in the near future. Read more on

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Guilherme Paulus – A Well-known Name in Brazil’s Tourism Industry

Guilherme Paulus is one of the most popular business tycoons in Brazil today and is worth over $1.1 billion. He has achieved a lot of success in the tourism and hospitality industry and is one of the founders of CVC Brasil. It is the company that he started along with his partner Carlos in the year 1972. The company achieved massive success in the next few years, because of the innovative marketing and business strategies that Guilherme Paulus implemented. Carlos left the company a few years after it started selling his stake to Guilherme, and it added more responsibility on the shoulder of Guilherme.

Guilherme Paulus helped in selling a portion of the company to the Carlyle Group. The estimated worth of CVC Brasil is over five billion dollars currently, and it continues to grow rapidly with time. The decision to sell a stake to Carlyle Group was to help the company get access to more resources and expand its wings across the globe. Guilherme Paulus is also the President of the board at GJP Hotels and Resorts, which has a chain of hotels across Brazil, especially near airports and railway station. With the help of the experience that Guilherme has gained in the tour and travel industry, he has been able to gain useful insight into the hospitality industry as well. It is this experience and insight that he has used t push GJP Hotels and Resorts to become one of the leading chains of hotels in Brazil today. To know more about him click here.

Guilherme Paulus also stands for accountability and believes in giving back to society. His company is associated with many charities, and he too works closely with many of them. He also believes that local companies should generate more job opportunities for young people so that they stay in the country and work for its betterment. His company alone employees more than 1.9 thousands Brazilians in the country and add more every year.

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The legendary philanthropic works of Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a renowned investor, a phenomenal entrepreneur, and a legendary philanthropist. He was born and resides in Arizona. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Finance and from the prestigious Arizona University and an MBA from the Carey School of Business. Soon after graduation, he gained international recognition due to his exemplary success in the world of business. His unmatched expertise in business saw him become a highly regarded mentor for business students and other entrepreneurs as well. He is currently one of the most sought after business adviser and strategist. While undertaking his day to day activities in mentorship and business, Jason developed a great sense of giving back to society.

Currently, Jason Hope spends his time supervising business processes and projects. One of his most remarkable philanthropic efforts is a $500 000 donation to the SENS Foundation. This is a biotechnology company that focuses on the production of anti-aging products. His generous donation helped the company to establish a new research center at Cambridge and launched a new research program to develop innovative solutions to fight the harmful effects of aging. According to Jason Hope, his donation to SENS Foundation was based on his mission to help people live a longer quality life. It was also on his thrill for wanting an eternally youthful life.

In all his moves, Jason Hope has portrayed a futuristic trait. His involvement in the biotechnology promises a brighter future. He trusts the SENS foundation to develop a rejuvenation mechanism that helps to fight diseases related to the heart, lungs, and brain. This will mostly delay the aging as these are the primary causal agents for premature aging of the human body. Researchers have already made some groundbreaking breakthrough in aging diseases and are now focusing on the fight against the use of products that inhibit metabolism and hence promoting aging in the human body. This advanced glycation end products considerably degrades the human skin within a short period. Luckily, the researchers have discovered the elements accelerating aging and the big task remaining is how they can extract these substances from the human skin and inhibit the aging process.

Stream Energy and The Services Offered

Stream Energy is an alternative to traditional electricity. The company offers more than energy services to its customers. They also provide home services, protective services, and wireless services. Each of these will be explained below.

Energy Services

Stream Energy offers its customers three forms of alternative energy. Customers can choose between solar, wind, and hydro energy sources. These alternative energy sources provide customers an opportunity to use electricity and reduce their carbon footprint on the environment.

Home Services

These services are relatively new to Stream Energy. The company offers its customers a way to be connected to their smart home consistently. Through the use of their smartphone, customers can stay connected to their home even while at work.

Protective Services

With the protective services, customers of Stream Energy can stay healthy. The protective services plan offers customers the opportunity to speak to a doctor via video chat 24/7. Customers can then express their symptoms and concerns to the doctor.

Wireless Services

Through Stream’s wireless services customers receive 4G LTE service. They get unlimited talk, text, and data. The wireless service allows customer’s WiFi calling, as well.

Stream Energy also has s program where you can sign up as an independent contractor for the company. An independent contractor is charged with attracting new business for the company. The new business can be a customer of any of the four services provided by Stream. Independent contractors selling the services of Stream do not need to be Sn employee of Stream, they can be customers. To take advantage of the Stream opportunity all you need to do is sign up to become an independent associate of the company. Once signed up, independent associates will receive all the tools and help needed to recruit new business for the company.

Stream Energy opened its doors in 2005. They are headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Stream services customers in Texas, New York, Ohio, New Jersey, and Washington DC. The company has s philanthropy chapter call Stream Cares. The charity organization was founded in 2016. Some causes supported by Stream Cares are the Cell Phones for Soldiers and Habitat for Humanity.

Robert Deignan and Technology Today

Robert Deignan’s says apart from completely believing about what it really is that We have always been doing, I believe the main effective habit that I’ve can be analyzing the quantities. I usually make an effort to provide ideas, check situations, and so on, adequate time for you to establish a solid sample size to create determinations on whether it seems sensible or not. The period may be the best resource that people have therefore if we are likely to spend the period upon something we have to fully have confidence in it and we have to increase the income chance of that point frame. Obviously, we need to have obtained some ideas plus some assumptions to have the ball moving, however, the quantities don’t are situated. We have to take notice of the figures to either make modifications, draw the put on a thing that is no longer working or place the throttles down on a thing that is operating. You can a new lot from searching on the amounts and in the event that you learn how to read him correctly, you may make sound decisions.

Taking control óf the romantic relationship with technology has generated untold amounts of opportunities pertaining to téch business owners such as for example Robert Deignan. luxury touring provides made just how pertaining to life- conserving medical discoveries. It has managed to get possible fór us to contact a cab with all the contact of the key. And we’re more linked to the Ioved types than ever before because of technology. Actually, there’s nó shortage of improvéments that technology provides made to our daily lives. Yet once again, everything in moderation.

The common smartphone consumer chécks their particular phone forty-seven times each day according to 1 study. eighty-five percent of users examine their telephone while they’ré having a discussion with family and friends. We need tó maintain control over just how all of us use technology to seriously obtain the greatest reap the benefits of it. And thát just happens whenever we become conscious óf just how tech shoes into the organic inclinations to motivate addiction and alter just how we all think.

The Production Managing Prodigy: Clay Hutson

Live productions might be one of the hardest productions to pull off because of the extreme technicality on the prior preparations on it. Productions are reliant on sound and lights design, and the production design as well. In order for these to mesh well together, a production needs an exquisite production manager – and one of them is Clay Hutson.

Clay Hutson is a leader that is on top of everything else, and works harder than anyone else. Clay Hutson is not the kind of leader that just sits down on a desk and assigns jobs to his team members. Clay Hutson makes certain that he is always the first one to arrive in the production set – he does this because he wants to account everything that needs to be done in order for him to distribute the tasks rightfully to his team members. At the start of the day, he creates to do lists for each team member and he makes sure that they are well detailed so that his team members do not waste any time figuring out what to do because Clay Hutson has already provided them with step by step instructions and very specific goals. With Clay Hutson’s extensive background in all the departments of the production, he is able to help where he can and he is able to guide anyone in the process of any activity concerning the production – whether it be related to lights, sounds or production design – Clay can always contribute valuable knowledge or tips and tricks that can be used to improve their productivity.

Clay makes sure that all his workers are well trained and are always informed on the tasks that they are supposed to finish – because Clay knows that the success of the production is directly proportional and reliant to the amount of success that he and his team members are able to complete. One mistake, or one deficiency of a team member can result to a production that is incomplete. And Clay Hutson wants to protect his name, and the company’s name as well – and he wants to make sure that every single production is nothing but perfect.

Jojo Hedaya Brings Solution to Unversal Problem

For Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald, an increasing problem for many people in these days of the internet and social media is an inability reach another by email caused by cluttered and unwanted junkmail, advertisements and overstuffed with emails that clog the person’s ability organize it all. The person on the other end of the line starts to wander why it is so difficult to get in touch with a business partner, spouse, daughter or son.

Finding a Solution that Works

No one wants to blame people for doing their job, but there comes a time, when just having all the things one needs daily to carry out one’s work is all that matters. The x-tras can wait till later.

Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald believed there was a better way to opt out of emails, subscriptions or unsolicited emails was possible. This was the moment they started to search for a name for their new adventure. After spending several days and researching thousands of possible names they decided and agreed on “Unroll.”

Finding Marketing Agents

First, Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald looked for spreading the news to others of the solution they had engineered. Though they had started small they soon reached enough marketing agents that made Unroll attract thousands of excited and interested subscribers. Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald had designed a program that would organize email between the necessary and unnecessary. Their algorithm would give users the option to quickly and easily unsubscribe from those unwanted and retaining the clutter for a more stringent selection.

Jojo Hedaya

Jojo Hedaya is the co-founder of, an opt-out app that organizes incoming and outgoing electronic communications to your email folder. was founded in 2011, while Jojo Hedaya was still in college. Jojo Hedaya is a native of New York, where he lives with his wife and son. was acquired by Retuken Intelligence in 2014. Jojo Hedaya enjoys spending time with his family and is an avid fan of the New York Knicks. Jojo Hedaya attended New York City College between 2010-2012, where he acquired degrees in Philosophy and Business. Presently he is the Chief Product and Consumer Officer at

Meet Susan McGalla: A talented leader

According to statistics, companies that hire an equal number of men and women are likely to perform better than those that pay little attention to this kind of balance in the workforce. Unlike many women who fear to serve at high-level positions of the big companies, Susan McGalla has proven that a woman can hold any position. She is not only a perfect example of success, but she is also an inspiration to many women out there.

Susan McGalla comfortably works with all women and men of all ages. Her father was a respected football coach and she had several brothers. You know what? Susan wasn’t treated in any special way simply because she was a girl. She had to work hard to acquire anything she wanted. She says her ambition and how she was brought up are some of the factors that have helped her achieve much.

Susan has been able to hold several top positions at different companies. Her hard work and dedication have helped her move to these heights. She began her career life at the American Eagle Outfitters. You know what? She ended up becoming the president of the firm. After leaving the American Eagle Outfitters, she decided to start her own company by the name P3 Executive Consulting.

Currently, Susan holds an important position at the Pittsburg Steelers. Despite the fact that men occupy most of the important positions in the sports industry, Susan does not feel afraid that she holds one of these positions.

More about Susan McGalla

Susan was born and raised in Ohio. She began her business as well as marketing studies in the year 1982 at Mount Union College. She was awarded a bachelor’s degree in the year 1986. She worked at the American Eagle Outfitters from the year 1994 to 2009. Here, she held different high-level positions. During her leadership, the firm grew from just one brand to about four major brands. Also, the revenue of the company increased from 340 million U.S. dollars to about 3 billion U.S. dollars. Find out more about Susan McGalla:

A higher calling for InnovaCare Health’s CAO Penelope Kokkinides

Some time back, Penelope Kokkinides, a well-respected business executive joined InnovaCare Health to work alongside Rick Shinto, the organization’s CEO, as the new Chief Administrative Officer. Before this appointment, Penelope had worked for the organization before, and other companies and has a stellar career record. Before this new posting, she was the VP of Clinical Operations and Chief Operating Officer before leaving to further her career interests. Her stellar career record speaks for itself that’s why InnovaCare made sure she was back at the organization to help it reach its goals and objectives.

The fascinating career chat

IdeaMensch recently had a sit-down with Penelope Kokkinides to chat about her fascinating career. In this interview, Penelope talked about different aspects of her career. She pointed out that throughout her career she has been able to work with a great team of colleagues and that is what has contributed to her success. She pointed out that in business, the team backing you up has a lot of influence on your success. If you have a shabby team, you are much less likely to achieve success and vice versa. She pointed out that her team at InnovaCare Health from its CEO, Rick Shinto, is probably the best team she has ever had.

Proper Planning

The new InnovaCare Health CAO mentioned that proper planning is the foundation of success during this interview with IdeaMensch. She went ahead to state that she spares some time every evening to plan her next day. Kokkinides said that this helps her familiarize with what’s ahead of her the next day and when she wakes up in the morning, she is always ready to tackle it all. She went ahead to state she would advise any entrepreneur especially the ones starting to invest in proper planning to create an easy success path for their business.

About InnovaCare

InnovaCare Health is located in Puerto Rico and is the market leader in the region in the provision of Medicaid and Medicare Advantage managed health care plans. This organization’s primary objective is proving the community living in Puerto Rico with smarter health care. Additionally, this managed healthcare provider works closely with other organization to bring changes to the healthcare sector that will improve the quality of services provided in the sector. Penelope Kokinides return to the organization was termed as a higher calling by the CEO, Rick Shinto to help it achieve its better, smarter, qualitative healthcare goals.

William Saito and Russia Influence

Technology is quickly changing the foundation of family life, which has become a battlefield for global businesses. There is no doubt that the prosperity of family technology is one of the reasons why national recognition is most needed. The television people watch at home to the refrigerator brand is no longer limited to western creativity. Brands such as General Electric and Apple Inc. are well known in the United States, but Japanese brands Samsung, Hitachi, Toshiba, and all Chinese brands such as Huawei have been recognized for their contribution to the well-being of the world.


Russia Technological Advances


Saito informs that over the last 200 years, Russia has developed technologically, and especially in science. The invention of the radio, from the completion of the periodic table to the first space flight to the universe, Russian technology has quietly affected the progress of technology, because technology is a scientific field. Despite this, we have not prevented the power of world politics from affecting scientific progress.

William Saito believes that the future of Russian technology comes from the creation of ideas. In cooperation with the United States Government and the Japanese Government, the change in the technical framework stems from the identification of problems and the provision of solutions. Russia is known for its cyber-security and depends on oil and gas; therefore, innovation comes from one of these areas.


Despite the ability to advance technologically, political stigma is one of the main obstacles that Russian innovators face for various reasons. Russia has been politically criticized for almost a century. The criticism has led to great inventions like Kaspersky. Western nations tend to ignore Russia’s achievement in science and technology. There are many things western countries need to learn from Russian science and technology.