Meet Susan McGalla: A talented leader

According to statistics, companies that hire an equal number of men and women are likely to perform better than those that pay little attention to this kind of balance in the workforce. Unlike many women who fear to serve at high-level positions of the big companies, Susan McGalla has proven that a woman can hold any position. She is not only a perfect example of success, but she is also an inspiration to many women out there.

Susan McGalla comfortably works with all women and men of all ages. Her father was a respected football coach and she had several brothers. You know what? Susan wasn’t treated in any special way simply because she was a girl. She had to work hard to acquire anything she wanted. She says her ambition and how she was brought up are some of the factors that have helped her achieve much.

Susan has been able to hold several top positions at different companies. Her hard work and dedication have helped her move to these heights. She began her career life at the American Eagle Outfitters. You know what? She ended up becoming the president of the firm. After leaving the American Eagle Outfitters, she decided to start her own company by the name P3 Executive Consulting.

Currently, Susan holds an important position at the Pittsburg Steelers. Despite the fact that men occupy most of the important positions in the sports industry, Susan does not feel afraid that she holds one of these positions.

More about Susan McGalla

Susan was born and raised in Ohio. She began her business as well as marketing studies in the year 1982 at Mount Union College. She was awarded a bachelor’s degree in the year 1986. She worked at the American Eagle Outfitters from the year 1994 to 2009. Here, she held different high-level positions. During her leadership, the firm grew from just one brand to about four major brands. Also, the revenue of the company increased from 340 million U.S. dollars to about 3 billion U.S. dollars. Find out more about Susan McGalla:

A higher calling for InnovaCare Health’s CAO Penelope Kokkinides

Some time back, Penelope Kokkinides, a well-respected business executive joined InnovaCare Health to work alongside Rick Shinto, the organization’s CEO, as the new Chief Administrative Officer. Before this appointment, Penelope had worked for the organization before, and other companies and has a stellar career record. Before this new posting, she was the VP of Clinical Operations and Chief Operating Officer before leaving to further her career interests. Her stellar career record speaks for itself that’s why InnovaCare made sure she was back at the organization to help it reach its goals and objectives.

The fascinating career chat

IdeaMensch recently had a sit-down with Penelope Kokkinides to chat about her fascinating career. In this interview, Penelope talked about different aspects of her career. She pointed out that throughout her career she has been able to work with a great team of colleagues and that is what has contributed to her success. She pointed out that in business, the team backing you up has a lot of influence on your success. If you have a shabby team, you are much less likely to achieve success and vice versa. She pointed out that her team at InnovaCare Health from its CEO, Rick Shinto, is probably the best team she has ever had.

Proper Planning

The new InnovaCare Health CAO mentioned that proper planning is the foundation of success during this interview with IdeaMensch. She went ahead to state that she spares some time every evening to plan her next day. Kokkinides said that this helps her familiarize with what’s ahead of her the next day and when she wakes up in the morning, she is always ready to tackle it all. She went ahead to state she would advise any entrepreneur especially the ones starting to invest in proper planning to create an easy success path for their business.

About InnovaCare

InnovaCare Health is located in Puerto Rico and is the market leader in the region in the provision of Medicaid and Medicare Advantage managed health care plans. This organization’s primary objective is proving the community living in Puerto Rico with smarter health care. Additionally, this managed healthcare provider works closely with other organization to bring changes to the healthcare sector that will improve the quality of services provided in the sector. Penelope Kokinides return to the organization was termed as a higher calling by the CEO, Rick Shinto to help it achieve its better, smarter, qualitative healthcare goals.

William Saito and Russia Influence

Technology is quickly changing the foundation of family life, which has become a battlefield for global businesses. There is no doubt that the prosperity of family technology is one of the reasons why national recognition is most needed. The television people watch at home to the refrigerator brand is no longer limited to western creativity. Brands such as General Electric and Apple Inc. are well known in the United States, but Japanese brands Samsung, Hitachi, Toshiba, and all Chinese brands such as Huawei have been recognized for their contribution to the well-being of the world.


Russia Technological Advances


Saito informs that over the last 200 years, Russia has developed technologically, and especially in science. The invention of the radio, from the completion of the periodic table to the first space flight to the universe, Russian technology has quietly affected the progress of technology, because technology is a scientific field. Despite this, we have not prevented the power of world politics from affecting scientific progress.

William Saito believes that the future of Russian technology comes from the creation of ideas. In cooperation with the United States Government and the Japanese Government, the change in the technical framework stems from the identification of problems and the provision of solutions. Russia is known for its cyber-security and depends on oil and gas; therefore, innovation comes from one of these areas.


Despite the ability to advance technologically, political stigma is one of the main obstacles that Russian innovators face for various reasons. Russia has been politically criticized for almost a century. The criticism has led to great inventions like Kaspersky. Western nations tend to ignore Russia’s achievement in science and technology. There are many things western countries need to learn from Russian science and technology.



Ryan Seacrest is An Icon and a Powerhouse Brand

Some personalities are larger than life, timeless people that have so much personality and magnetic draw that they practically register a gravitational force. Ryan Seacrest is such a person, exuding effortless charm and charisma with a grounded, humble quality as well. Before he held the permanent chair on morning show, Live With Kelly and Ryan, he was visible as the effervescent host of American Idol. As if fulfilling these two huge roles wasn’t enough he somehow finds time to host his syndicated radio show, On Air with Ryan Seacrest, which reaches more than twenty million people. Yet Ryan Seacrest is more than just a mere personality, now he is part of the world as a mega men’s brand.

Arriving first as a line of men’s suits at Macy’s, Ryan Seacrest Distinction is menswear that makes Seacrest’s distinct, tailored yet hip and smart look, accessible and affordable to consumers. A fan of the Distinction line can anticipate well fitting, tailored looks with bold and surprising color palettes and interesting combinations of accessories, maybe even a surprise accent like Seacrest’s decision to occasionally go without socks. As the brand has expanded to complete looks with items such as belts and bowties to really complete the icon style status that the star is known for, Seacrest continues to branch out into other quality products for the fashion forward male ( Seacrest is innovating into territory that is rarely tread like men’s skincare, his new line, Polished by Dr. Lancer appeals to age-conscious men.

Ryan Seacrest is truly an icon for his time. As host of some of America’s most popular programming and the man that whisks us down red carpets and guides us through ringing in the New Year, he is a welcome smile and familiar voice in so many of our lives. He is visionary not just in fashion but gives back to the world through charities like his own, Ryan Seacrest Foundation which forwards initiatives like Seacrest Studios, which brings broadcast media facilities into pediatric hospitals. What makes the producer, host and personality so iconic isn’t that he does so much, but rather that he gives back and makes his style and vision accessible the average person.

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Adam Milstein Is A Businessman From Israel Who Established Himself In The United States

Adam Milstein is a businessman from Israel who came to America and established himself in the real estate industry. Milstein is an educated individual who holds a bachelor’s degree that he earned in his native country. He has a Master’s of Business Administration from the University of Southern California. Adam was a soldier in the Israeli Army for the obligated amount of time. After serving in the military he worked with his father, who was also a real estate developer.

Adam Milstein moved to the United States in 1981. Adam began his studies at the University of Southern California and aspired to be an entrepreneur. He immediately applied for positions in the workforce after completing his degree. However, Adam quickly decided that a life in Corporate America was not for him. He did not think that these companies shared his vision about the industry. He also was not satisfied with the pay that was being offered.

Adam worked for a few years as a broker where he learned the ins and out of real estate. He then went on to become an investor and built a profitable career.

Adam Milstein credits his success to having patience with his business transactions. It takes awhile for money to be made in real estate. Milstein’s consistency and follow through on every lead solidified his presence in a very competitive industry.



Adam Milstein is very passionate about philanthropy. He is highly involved in activities that pertain to the Jewish American Community. Adam sits on the board of several different organizations such as the Israeli American Council, the Israeli On Campus Coalition and the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee National Council.

Adam and his wife formed the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation as a way to help Jewish Americans stay in touch with their native roots. The program is also designed to assist with education programs and job placement. Young Israelis are encouraged to maintain ties to Israel and connect with others who are in need of support.

Things You Need to Know about Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest was born in December 24, 1974, Atlanta, Georgia, the U.S. He has always entertained his fans through the various radio, and TV shows that he holds and his expertise in conducting the shows has seen him gain a great reputation. Ryan is known for his popular show The American Idol, through which he has mentored many individuals with a passion towards singing. Though FOX canceled the show, Ryan has always strived to keep his fans engaged through the insights he offers them in his various shows. Of recently announced the return of the American Idol show hosted by the renowned fashion expert and radio guru Ryan Seacrest.

Throughout his entire career, Ryan has shown a great dedication towards achieving success in his work, and as a result, he has been amended by many people. Ryan is a hard worker, and his ability to relate well to his clients has seen him acquire fame and success in his entire career. Additionally, he has shown a great ability to multitask through the many shows that he handles both on TV and radio.

According to Forbes, Ryan`s dedication towards his career has seen him acquire a chance to interview and meet prestigious individuals in the United States, through which he has shared development ideas to help his clients gain insight on various niches like fashion, business, among others. Additionally, Ryan has showcased a great ability to solve problems, and his approaches towards people`s problems has attracted a vast number of individuals.

Seacrest has always had a passion towards the entertainment industry, and he started his career in the field at a young age, while he was still in high school. He pursued his bachelor’s degree in entertainment at Los Angeles University. Ryan Seacrest later served as the host of ESPN`s sports show, the Game Show, which officially marked the beginning of his career in the entertainment industry. He has worked in a vast number of tv`s and radios across the United States, and through this, he has gained a lot of skills in his field of specialization. He is also an inspiration to many people, particularly those passionate about the entertainment industry. (Source: Facebook)

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Entrepreneurial, Eco-Friendly Angel Investor Ara Chackerian Changes the Landscape

The Japanese advocate all citizens to engage in temporary “forest bathing” in order to be centered and live a balanced life in this day of technology and electricity. Because forests are precious we only have so much of it and deforestation has wrecked much of the natural beauty of the world, American angel investor and philanthropist with an expertise in nature, Ara Chackerian, follows the same tenants as the Japanese. Based on his knowledge of nature, Chackerian asserts that forests all over are each unique. Each is different and requires its own plan for preservation depending on its location and ecosystem. Just because parks are ideal for human use does not necessarily mean the same holds true for wildlife. In fact, they prefer more condensed woods on average.



Ara Chackerian states that forests provide value to society for recreation and sports such as hiking, bird watching, biking, running, wild mushroom harvesting, and the like. Forests are also inspirational for the arts. The impressionist artist Monet loved nature so much that he even built a massive garden in his back yard, complete with ponds and many types of flora. Forests also provide revenue sources. “Targeted deforestation” for logging can help fund conservation efforts; Another term for this is “Forest thinning”, for paper products. The state of Michigan is a fine example of a state which balances the interactions of different agencies and private companies that use wood products. For example, Kirtland’s Warbler species of birds are specifically protected by planting trees closer together in order to conserve the birds’ liking better. And at the same time, Michigan benefits by getting $21 Million dollars per year on average added to their budget.


With a career based largely in healthcare, and not just serving as the president and co-founder of Limoapa Teak that helps create eco-friendly and sustainable jobs in Nicaragua, Ara Chackerian has also spent scores of years starting successful companies which deal with Diagnostic Imaging services. One example of this would be the “transcranial magnetic stimulation” to treat mental health. You can visit for more details.


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Fashion Enthusiasts Get The Best Deals At The RealReal

One of the best ways for people to get the type of fashion they want is by shopping at The RealReal. One of the reasons that The RealReal is such a great company to shop from is that it has all of the fashion that people are going to want. For one thing, people are going to be able to find some really authentic and high quality items that they can enjoy. This means that they don’t have to go to stores that offer the cheap items. They can actually take the time to find the authentic versions of the items that they like. As a result, they don’t have to worry about their clothes falling apart quickly.

When people shop at The RealReal, they can rest assured that they are getting items that are going to last them years as opposed to mere weeks. While they are going to be paying higher prices than they would at fast fashion stores, they are going to be able to find items that are ethically produced. At the same time, they are going to find items that are produced at a higher quality. They will be able to impress people with their sense of style.

For most people, they are going to have to shop at The RealReal online. This is not a bad thing because there is a lot of convenience that comes with buying clothes at this site. Another thing that The RealReal is good for is providing fashion to people who live nowhere near fashion. They are stuck with stores that sell basic items. The RealReal gives people some high fashion items that they would be able to enjoy. People can feel really good about themselves and actually enjoy some of the effects that high fashion has on them.”