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Taking start-up consultancy to the boardroom is one of the strategies that Luke Lazarus uses to help new businesses find their bearing. He knows that for them to succeed, they have to get the confidence of investors.

It starts with building the right network and therefore, they have to take the information about their businesses to the right people. One of the things that they have to do to achieve these goals is by creating the best investor presentations.

It is difficult to win the trust of these people if you cannot convince them through short presentations. So what does this consultant recommend for such businesses?

Identifying financial support needs

According to Luke Lazarus, the core aim of any investor presentation should be to address the areas of your business that need support. You are expecting them to partner with you on various fronts, and so, you have to give them a reason to believe you. Read more: Luke Lazarus| Medium  and Luke Lazarus Profile |

Let them know how your idea is going to work and the amount that is needed to meet that target. In addition to that, you should let them know how they will benefit when they help you in financing your operations. Sometimes, entrepreneurs struggle too much to impress investors but miss the point.

However, Luke says that when you know the areas that will warm their hearts, there is no doubt that you will walk away with an excellent deal at the end of the presentation.

Compelling brand stories

Luke Lazarus says that identifying the financial support needs for your business is not the only task to focus on during a presentation. He advises his followers always to tie those needs to real stories about their brands. It is after you show the relationship between your brand and the needs that you will convince anyone to fund you.

Remember that as a start-up, your business still needs a lot of finances which you may not have. If your brands are solving specific problems in the market, and the investors can see that these problems are linked directly to your financial appeal, there will be funds for you.

In Melbourne, Australia, Luke Lazarus is the go-to consultant for every new business. Start-is often use his advice to get a footing in their niches. For many years he has been working with various companies to come up with the kind of consultancy services that will create businesses of the future. He often works with a team of experts.

One benefit that Luke Lazarus has is the ability to fit in almost any industry. Due to the huge experience he has had with different startups, he is not worried about taking up new challenges in any industry.

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Q&A With Luke Lazarus, Startup Consultant

Successful and Confident Startup Consultant, Luke Lazarus

Luke Lazarus is a consultant for businesses who need help in building a successful business. Luke has two decades in training CEOs around Australia on the southeastern coast, for building their business plans, offering perception, and managing growth potential.

Luck teaches CEOs to prioritize and make important decisions to help build their brand to the next step. CEOs need to learn how to identify, define and address the critical issues in order to make their business grow.

Luck is a graduate of Melbourne Business School and earned his MBA at 24 years old, and went on to start his businesses. He sold four of them before he was 33 years old. Read more: Luke Lazarus Profile |  and Luke Lazarus| Medium

He now spends his time helping businesses to redefine their own businesses and getting them back up and running to be profitable.

Business Plans

The vision, financial models and limitations all need to be defined to outline a product. The product or brand needs to be in step with the brand’s story in order to create a foundation for success for partners, investors, employees, and customers. Lazarus has a unique ability to see a winning brand.

Investor Presentations

Luck has the proven assets to go into a boardroom and present the clients brand by pinpointing the needs for financial support as he tells his clients story for success.

Market Research Insights

Luck knows that eCommerce is an important part of any business. His insights to helping his clients influence customers and analyze competition helps businesses to grow. He knows how to identify market research to benefit his client’s brand.

Market Plans

Taking a product to market needs coordination and cost-effective strategies to be successful. Luck helps his clients with everything from the conception of a brand to the presentation on the market. He sets budgets, timelines and the lifecycle of the product.

Financial Projections

Clients need to manage the cash flow so they can project the profitability of their brand on the market. This is the key to the success of any business. Investors and leaders get a clear vision of success for the business when they see how the business is going when the owners follow the plans that were outlined.

Operational Improvement

Luke owns many different businesses and is very successful at helping startups. He is qualified to diagnose and assess issues around a business to help them develop. Luke pushes businesses in new directions which will position them for great growth and stability.

Luke likes to operate at his fullest potential by surrounding himself with great talent to get the job done properly. He uses leverage, networking, and proficient connections so he can operate at his maximum aptitude.

He says his first business was with his best friend as a kid. He also says he is hesitant to start up another new business with someone he loves.

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