Ted Bauman Prepares His Readers For A Possible Bear Market With This Sound Advice

Ted Bauman has done quite a bit during his life, and he has always stayed true to his values as he went about his investment business. In the past, he has served as a fund manager for nonprofits in South Africa and has also served as an investment advisor. He grew up in the United States and lived in South Africa for many years before coming back to the U.S. Today, he works with Banyan Hill Publishing as a writer, and he has grown quite the following who subscribe to his newsletters. These newsletters include Alpha Stock Alert, The Bauman Letter, and Plan B Club. Ted Bauman focuses on writing about essential topics related to the world of investing and finance.

He spends the earliest hours of his day everyday writing because this is when he gets his best work done. He feels like a big part of his job is to make boring topics fun to read about, and he has managed to do very well in this endeavour. Bauman draws on real life examples to get his points across, and he has helped countless people to improve their finances through his writing. According to Bauman, the stock market is possibly headed into a downturn, where a bear market might take place. He has warned investors that they need to come up with a plan of protection for their wealth during this kind of market.

He has cautioned investors to not panic when the market crashes because this is exactly how so many others have lost a lot of their money in the past. Ted Bauman says that it is rules-based selling that will be the downfall of the market as it was in 1987 during the last huge crash. Ted Bauman has commented that investors should be investing in, both, stocks and bonds. He wants his investment newsletters readers to create a wall of protection around their investments and believes they can do so by diversifying their investments. He has spoken about how bonds are less risky because it is highly unlikely that they will crash overnight like the stock market can.

Marc Beer – article recap

Marc Beer is an experienced businessman who is the founder of the current Chief Executive Officer of Renovia Inc. Renovia Inc is a medical technology company that has its main headquarters in Boston. Marc Beer is not new in this industry as he has over twenty five years of experience in biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and diagnostic development, Marc beer is also very experienced in commercialization, and he is responsible for the success of some Medtech companies that he has worked in as a leader. In 2000, Marc Beer was the CEO of the biotechnology company ViaCell and this company was responsible for the development, preservation, and collection of blood cells to be used in the umbilical cord.


Under Marc Beer’s leadership, ViaCell grew and became a successful company employing close to 300 people. Marc Beer has also founded a number of companies one of which is Good Start Genetics Compensation Committee. Marc Beer has made major strides in his career, and the most recent one is the Renovia Inc institution that he established in order to help women that are experiencing pelvic floor disorders. The company does this through the delivery of therapeutic and diagnostic devices. The devices are top-notch quality and digital, and the institution continues to look for new devices that can be used by women suffering from this disorder. Renovia Inc announced their move in financing Series B with 42.3 million dollars. The main purpose of this funding is to help the company to conduct trials, launches and product development in the future. The funding was divided into two with 32.3 million dollars and $10 million that would be used in debt.


The funding of the series B was held by top healthcare institutions in the world such as Perceptive Advisors, Longwood fund, Ascension Ventures, OSF Ventures, Western Technology Investment, and Inova Strategic investments. Marc Beer deeply honored the partaking of other healthcare institutions in the funding and was grateful for the support that they offered. Marc Beer was happy to see that other firms shared the same interest that he had which were to help individuals that were living with pelvic floor disorders. Through this funding, Marc Beer will be able to do this by properly diagnosing the disease and finding new treatment options that are more effective.


All the institutions that participated in the funding will be able to combine their technologies to develop scientific data that their customers can use to gain knowledge on the treatment options that are available for the disorder. The primary goal for this funding is to significantly cut the costs that are required for pelvic floor disorders and make the public aware and knowledgeable of the disease. Learn more: https://gazetteday.com/2018/10/marc-beer-funding-renovia/