Southridge Capital purchase agreement with Elite Data Services, in the effort to maximise their client’s satisfaction.

In the present crazy competitive market, many companies and other business organisations are faced with severe challenges that sometimes force some of them to seize their survival in the market. With the help of the best consulting companies in the world, such business may be able to ensure their survival in the market if at all they can implement the decisions they are helped to make by such companies. There are a lot of companies that have emerged to help other business organisations achieve their overall objectives in their operations. Well, one of them is Southridge Capital which is a private equity company that for financial and investment advice to their clients and other services including security brokerage services and banking services.


Southridge Capital has been working in the effort to make sure that their clients attain the maximum return from their investments by helping make the right decisions during their planning and allocation of their financial resources. They do this by giving them the right directions on how to make an economic analysis of their various financial statements. Financial statements of any given organisations are useful in the making of decisions and making the right adjustments in case the company had not achieved their goals. In other words, they are used to analyse the strengths and the weaknesses of a business. You can visit for more.



Southridge also collaborates with other financial organizations to make it easy for their clients to obtain loans from them without going through a long process of registration and authentication. This is one of the most significant advantages they receive from the company.



In the efforts to continue giving maximum satisfaction to their clients, Southridge Capital entered into a purchase agreement with the Elite Data Services in the mid-2015. Elite Date Services is a technology company that develops it software or applications that are used to market and advertise these assets that they control and that they own. Their services help generate revenue for those companies in the sectors such as hospitality, automotive and gaming industry. For more details visit Bloomberg.



Steven Hick, the Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman of Southridge Capital say during that time that they are interested in investing in the companies such as Elite Data Services because they have almost the same objectives which are innovating and contributing to the support of the success of the business organisations that they serve.



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Richard Dwayne Blair is the founder of Wealth solutions. He was born in 1965, and he always had a thing for education. His wife, mother and grandmother were all teachers and can bear witness to the fact that education is key to developing confidence and knowledge. Immediately after college, he joined the industry of financial planning and later established his firm independently, wealth solutions. The main of creating his company was to provide professional and client-centered advice and to make a positive and significant change in the lives of small entrepreneurs, folks and families. He has quite some years of experience in financial planning and has helped many plans for retirement and leave a desirable life after that. The company has grown to date with Richard as its majority owner. Wealth Solutions is an Austin based company with close to $52 in AUM. He is married to Amanda Blair, and they live in Atlanta, Georgia.

According to Richard Dwayne Blair, planning is critical when one is in prerequisite of pursuing his financial goals. He integrates his financial plan into a three-pillar approach. The first pillar outlines a client’s roadmap regarding finances. This normally assists him to understand the client’s strengths, ability to take and tolerate risks, his goals and chances for growth. In this phase, Richard Dwayne Blair can establish a long lasting and strong association with his clients. He is also able to understand his client’s expectations and skim ways of meeting them.

The second pillar, according to Richard Dwayne Blair is very crucial and aims at tailoring a long-term and effective plan stipulated to meet the customer’s goals and liquidity desires. Richard normally accomplishes this by reallocating the client’s assets and managing them to bring out maximum returns when the market periods are in upward movement and at the same time minimizing the influence of the negative financial periods have on a customer’s portfolios.

Lastly, Richard analyses the client’s insurance needs. Life has ups and downs and full of uncertainties. Nobody knows when the storms will kick in, but Richard Dwayne Blair prepares his clients adequately for them by securing annuities, life insurance and lifelong care insurance policies.


Cassio Audio: an Interesting Transition from a Sensational Musician to an Accomplished Financial Executive

As a young man, Cassio Audi ventured into the music scene and established himself as a professional and respected musician. From the mid-1980s to 1989, he served as a drummer for a popular metal music band known as the Brazilian Metal Band Viper. He appeared in the two of the Viper’s albums. He also composed a hit song that was included in the Soldiers of Sunrise album.

Audi was famous and loved by his many heavy metal fans for his exceptional drumming talents and his impeccable accomplishment in making heavy metal music popular in Latin America. He joined Viper as a teenager and participated in many activities and performance orchestrated by the band for nearly a decade. Audi played an instrumental role in developing and popularizing the band.

Cassio Audi drew his motivation and inspiration from the Iron Maid and the famous British tune that borrowed many aspects from the heavy metal. His efforts and commitments paid off since his band gained massive recognition in the Latin America. It started to receive invitations to perform in several high-profile events and entertainment joints. The Viper brand broke into the global music scene after releasing an album known as The Killer Sword. The album comprised of interesting songs, such as the Princess from Hell, Killera, and the nightmare.

Career in the financial sector

After a successful musical career, Cassio Audi ventured into the financial sector. Has proved to be a talented, results-driven, and respected financial management specialist. He has not less than two decades of progressive experience and in-depth knowledge in managing public and private firms, turn-around cases, equity funds, and multi-billion dollar entities. On many occasions, Audi has demonstrated his capability to boost business operations to enhance growth, improve efficiency, and grow profit margins. He has exceptional leadership and interpersonal abilities that enable him to cultivate a stable relationship with both senior and junior employees.