A Glance at Serge Belamant’s Patents

Serge Belamant was born in France a place known as Tulle. At age 14 he moved to South Africa where he learned how to read and write in English. After completing high school education, he joined Witwatersrand University where he studied engineering at first before switching computer science in the second year. In his third year, he moved to the University of South Africa (UNISA) to study information systems. He did not complete his University education, and he decided to pursue his working career at age 22. After working for several companies as a system developer and computer specialist, Serge Belamant started his own company which he named Net1.

While in the company he managed to develop various software programs and applications which forced him to file patents for them. Investors often patent their inventions to protect them from copywriters and also market them for financial reasons. So far he has filed up to six patients with United State Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). His first patent that Serge Belamant filed for was for the method apparatus used for controlling gaming. The apparatus is in a smart card form with non-secure display and input. The patent for this invention was granted in 2001. The second patent filed for was for Verification of a Transactor’s Identity. The system helps financial institutions to identify the identity of their clients. He filed for the patent in 2007, and it was granted in 2012.

The third system that Serge Belamant filed for its patent is Secure Financial Transactions which was filed for in 2007 and its publication year was 2010. The fourth invention that he wanted to protect was the Designation of Electronic Financial Transactions which he registered for the patent in 2007, and it was published in 2012. The fifth invention that Serge Belamant wanted to protect was Financial Transactions with a Varying Pin which was filed for in 2013 and published in 2014. The sixth and final invention that he was seeking a patent for is the Verification of a transactor’s identity which facilitates transactions between a transactor and a transacteee. The patent was applied for in 2007 and patented in 2014.

Paul Mampilly, on a Brighter Edge!

Paul Mampilly, the founder of Newsletter Profits Unlimited, established this firm for the sake of providing proper guideline and help to entrepreneurs who want to reach the soaring heights of success. From University of Fordham, New York, he did his Masters in Business Administration in the year 1996. His business opinion based columns are published in Winning Investor Daily every week. Winning Investor Daily is a company which Mampilly joined 2016. Besides this, trading firms like True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes, also take Mampilly’s services. He is an investment expert who helps and guides the initial Main Street Americans in his mastered areas like Growth Investing, Technology and other prominent opportunities related to the raising of capital.

At Kinetics Asset Management LLC, he served on different posts like Co-Portfolio Manager, Managing Director and Portfolio Management Team’s Member. From a span of February 2015 to December 2015, as a Professional Spectacular’s Editor, he also served Stansberry Research LLC. Mampilly has earned a lot of fame and success because of his hard and dedicated work. As Paul Mampilly has a vast experience in investment based on long-term, so he always targets stock exchange making it his primary focus. He invests his extraordinary skills and techniques in small companies and makes them rise to the heights of glory. When he was a Financial Advisory Editor and a Hedge Fund Consultant, Paul Mampilly addressed and advised thousands of people and shared his valuable tips with them.

In the investment field, Mampilly working experience counts for 25 years. His clients, most of the times, are elites and royals like Swiss Private Banks, European aristocrats, Templeton Foundation, etc. Paul Mampilly went for retirement when he was 42 years of age. Different networks and channels like Kiplinger’s, Reuters, Fox Business News, Bloomberg TV, Hedge Fund Intelligence, CNBC and Fox News went for several interactions with him. Mampilly stood first when he got $50 million portfolios in Templeton Foundation Investment Competition which was held from 2008 to 2009. Mr. Paul Mampilly is the beacon of light, guidebook and sip of inspiration for  renowned business entrepreneurs across the globe.

Paul Mampilly’s Newsletters Provide Analysis for Stock Opportunities

Paul Mampilly was recently featured in a Premier Gazette article titled “Broadening the Tree of Wealth with Paul Mampilly and Banyan Hill Publishing” which was written by Stephen Ray. The article reveals how Paul Mampilly left Wall Street after his successful career as a hedge fund manager to help the average American investor create more wealth to live the life of their dreams.Writing for the investing newsletter titled “Profits Unlimited” allows Paul Mampilly to take his hard-earned knowledge of Wall Street to Main Street Americans. The newsletter reaches more than 90,000 readers and helps him send his investment knowledge to a wider reading base.

In 2016, Mampilly decided that he would join Banyan Hill Publishing to create Profits Unlimited and several other newsletters, which allows him to help more people. He wanted to make investing more accessible to people who are from a variety of different classes. He wanted to provide investment knowledge to that used to be available to a select few like the well-off investors.Mampilly focuses on helping people create stronger portfolios through small-cap stocks, tech opportunities, and growth investing. He is the senior editor for three different newsletters published through Banyan Hill Publishing including Profits Unlimited, True Momentum, and Extreme Fortunes.Profits Unlimited is where Mampilly focuse on the purchasing power of the millennials and the impact of the Internet of Things.

The best investment strategy is conveyed in under ten pages which are added to each week with supplements like stock recommendations. True Momentum focuses on creating a 100% return for the readers. Though it has a more moderate level of risk, he focuses on helping people get bigger returns. Extreme Fortunes has an even greater risk potential but also the potential for greater returns. The high reward opportunities can have a return of around 1,000%. These companies have been thoroughly researched by Mampilly and they are expected to take off rapidly.Mampilly creates these newsletters by training the researchers to work as a unit. The team can collect the best possible data available while also creating an in-depth analysis that is translated into layman’s terms for the reader.

David Giertz Highlights the Importance of social security talk

There has been a concern recently about advisors failing to talk to their clients about social security. Dave Giertz addressed this issue in an interview with a journalist from The Wall Street Journal newspaper. The interviewer was Veronica Dagher who is a columnist for WSJ’s Wealth Advisor section. According to the interviewer, the issue of advisors failing to advise their clients about social security had grown rampant in the country. Mr. David Giertz who is the president of Nationwide Financial distributors affirmed to this issue saying that indeed most advisors are skipping this bit when educating their clients.

Mr. Giertz assertions were supported by the findings of a survey that was conducted by Nationwide Financial Distributors. From the study, it was found out that most of those interviewed were not informed about social security by their advisors. The survey was conducted on retired people and those who were ten years close to retirement. Mr. Giertz also said that four out of five interviewees were willing to change advisors if they found an advisor who would talk to them about social security. He cited that many advisors are probably not talking about the critical issue due to its complexity. He called upon advisors to change their tact and talk more about social security. Mr. Giertz pointed out that many people were willing to ditch their current advisors for new ones who talk about this issue confidently.

David Luther Giertz works for Nationwide Investment Services Corporation as a financial advisor. He is based in Dublin, Ohio. He has worked in this field for over 31 years, and this has enabled him to amass massive experience. Nationwide investment Services Corporation is a company that deals with a wide array of affairs that include buying and selling of securities.

Mr. Giertz is a broker, and he is registered with a financial regulatory body called Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). A broker is an individual who works for a brokerage institution. Such institutions trade in many things that include securities, bonds, and mutual funds. A brokerage institution must also be registered with FINRA. The agency operates as a dealer or buys and sells stock on behalf of other clients.