Stay True like Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum

Stay Active, Find Value, Create Value, Capture Value

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum stayed active throughout his life because that is one of the only things that he could do. He had to continuously move and stay active because that is what life is all about to him, it was true in the past and will be true in the future as well.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum had an interesting overall career as well because of his speed and pace, it is likely that he will continue to move forward and do more interesting things as he progresses forward within his journey.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum and His First Interesting Ordeal

The first interesting endeavor was that of a company called Prodigy Communications. This was a company was founded by Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum and a few other individuals back in 1988. The company was connected with IBM and Sears. The company provided a simple service that mattered to people.

What did prodigy communications do?

It provided individuals with news, weather, travel, and data on other segments of life as well. The company even provided individuals with information on the medical field and how it mattered then as well. He would later leave the company in 1991, a few years after founding it to move on to better and brighter things in life. This next company he would work at would be GNU Image, this company would create complicated systems for editing graphics.

He then landed another compelling position at Stryker, he would consult for the firm and would stay there until 2015. In his role with Stryker he would conduct a variety of tasks including, data storage, marketing, and a few other key activities.

He worked in the role of Executive director for Medscape as well. The correlation in his career would medicine, information, and technology. That was the intersection. The company was later acquired by General Electric and was later sold to WebMD where he found himself a position too!

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Sussex Innovations Venture

Sussex Innovations Venture is a subset of Sussex healthcare which is dedicated to the development of networks for small business, start-ups, and corporate innovators. Its members are companies that are innovative and ambitious in their respective fields.

They are involved in finding new ways to solve existing and emerging problems in the business world. Sussex offers a wide range of membership packages that suit different clients with different needs, and they range from a virtual office, support only and full tenancy packages at their organizations’ hubs that are spread across South East.

The organization was founded in 1996, and since then it has helped over 750 businesses ranging from small businesses to large corporations in providing them with strategic insights that help them to achieve the much-needed growth. They have a reputation of success with over 80% of their ideas turning in to sustainable businesses and generating huge profits. See more on

Sussex healthcare offers its clients with serviced offices and flexible terms which help in innovating business. Sussex healthcare believes 24hr in a company can be the determiner of its success or failure, and hence they work on better utilization of time. They also offer practical support and strategic advice to their clients by using their large, experienced team.

Moreover, being a member of the Sussex healthcare gives organizations access to research innovation that is developed by their students from the University of Sussex. At the university, they focus on innovation and research on matters revolving around the change of business for better growth.

Moreover, the membership gives access to the university facilities such as reception service, which is a critical aspect in organizations, mailing and calls handling, kitchen facilities, café facilities, conference rooms, well-equipped seminar, and meeting rooms, on-site parking as well as fast internet connection. Sussex rents office space for different sizes at different prices, for example, a 145 – 1100 squire ft goes at the cost of 400 euros.

They have a good reputation in offering managerial support for their clients which has translated to their popularity. Up to 80% of their clients become a sustainable business and 1 out of 6 of the sustainable business growth into multi-billion enterprises.

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A higher calling for InnovaCare Health’s CAO Penelope Kokkinides

Some time back, Penelope Kokkinides, a well-respected business executive joined InnovaCare Health to work alongside Rick Shinto, the organization’s CEO, as the new Chief Administrative Officer. Before this appointment, Penelope had worked for the organization before, and other companies and has a stellar career record. Before this new posting, she was the VP of Clinical Operations and Chief Operating Officer before leaving to further her career interests. Her stellar career record speaks for itself that’s why InnovaCare made sure she was back at the organization to help it reach its goals and objectives.

The fascinating career chat

IdeaMensch recently had a sit-down with Penelope Kokkinides to chat about her fascinating career. In this interview, Penelope talked about different aspects of her career. She pointed out that throughout her career she has been able to work with a great team of colleagues and that is what has contributed to her success. She pointed out that in business, the team backing you up has a lot of influence on your success. If you have a shabby team, you are much less likely to achieve success and vice versa. She pointed out that her team at InnovaCare Health from its CEO, Rick Shinto, is probably the best team she has ever had.

Proper Planning

The new InnovaCare Health CAO mentioned that proper planning is the foundation of success during this interview with IdeaMensch. She went ahead to state that she spares some time every evening to plan her next day. Kokkinides said that this helps her familiarize with what’s ahead of her the next day and when she wakes up in the morning, she is always ready to tackle it all. She went ahead to state she would advise any entrepreneur especially the ones starting to invest in proper planning to create an easy success path for their business.

About InnovaCare

InnovaCare Health is located in Puerto Rico and is the market leader in the region in the provision of Medicaid and Medicare Advantage managed health care plans. This organization’s primary objective is proving the community living in Puerto Rico with smarter health care. Additionally, this managed healthcare provider works closely with other organization to bring changes to the healthcare sector that will improve the quality of services provided in the sector. Penelope Kokinides return to the organization was termed as a higher calling by the CEO, Rick Shinto to help it achieve its better, smarter, qualitative healthcare goals.

How Sussex Healthcare Makes Care Homes Better

When Sussex Healthcare started, they had intentions to make the best care homes in the industry. They also had a lot of experience that made things better for all the people they worked with. No matter what Sussex had to do in the beginning, they knew what they could to make sure seniors had better lives when they came to the care homes. They focused their approach on giving seniors positive opportunities for exercise, nutrition and care. Visit

Exercise is necessary no matter your age. Sussex Healthcare knows this and also knows seniors in most care homes don’t get the exercise they need to make things better. They also know things will continue changing as long as they’re in different situations so they focus on how they can help and what they need to do to make a difference for all the people who need it. As long as others have a chance for a positive experience, Sussex knows they’re doing things the right way.

While things continued changing in other care homes, Sussex Healthcare knew they did it the right way. They also focus on nutrition and using foods that can be helpful to seniors. They like giving people food that can heal instead of food that can cause major harm. Sussex believes in using as many natural methods to help their seniors as they can so they can make sure others have a chance to feel better. They want more people to enjoy their own lives instead of worrying about the issues that come from being a senior in a care home.

Sussex Healthcare knows what it means to look at positive opportunities and take advantage of them but they also recognize how important care is. They use the best doctors and providers they can find. By doing this, they give their seniors more chances to feel better no matter what’s bothering them. It’s their goal to always show people they care about their health care and the things that will make them better. They also believe in helping people so they can make an impact on the community they’re a part of.


How Rick Shinto is Helping InnovaCare Health Make Healthcare Better for Citizens

InnovaCare is an innovative health care solution provider that focuses on giving its client value added healthcare by leveraging different medicare organizations and health plans. With healthcare being a very delicate field, InnovaCare can’t afford to make any mistakes when setting up its solutions network. The New Jersey based company has been providing patients and healthcare providers with innovative risk distribution and health cover solutions for more than decades now.


According to Rick Shinto, the current president and chief executive over at InnovaCare Health, the company is all about making physicians an active part of the solution. Richard believes that by making physicians their partners, they have a better short at turning the business around and giving seamless healthcare to even the biggest populations in a sustainable manner. For more details visit



Before moving to InnovaCare, he was the Aveta Inc. CEO. Apart from that, he also held the CEO position over at PMC Medicare and MMM Healthcare. This vast experience in the healthcare niche not only made the right candidate to lead InnovaCare to higher realms but has also made him the recipient of numerous awards. For more details visit Crunchbase.


While most of his understanding of the market has been gathered during his long career, he has a solid education background with a State University of NY medical degree and a solid MA from Redlands University. His over twenty year long career in medicine began when he was the pulmonogist and internist at South California. His exemplary career and undeniable innovative skill have earned him numerous accolades with the most notable being the prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year award that he bagged back in 2012.


About InnovaCare


InnovaCare Health from North America is a corporation that uses its two major divisions, Medicare Advantages Program and Provider Networks to deliver seamless health services across the board. To achieve its mandate, the company leverages sustainable, affordable and cutting edge healthcare solutions to push the market further.


The company’s success lies in its understanding that clients are never the same. Their ultimate goal is to always understand each customer and try to come up with a solution that meets the clients need in a smooth and easy to learn way. This simple mentality of helping rather than overwhelming the healthcare experts has increased the rate at which InnovaCare penetrates the market. This coupled with the fact that InnovaCare has both provider and medicare advantage products makes it easier for them to join patients with physicians hence making healthcare better.



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Sussex Healthcare is Hiring

Sussex Healthcare is a company in the UK which offers support and care to elderly people as well as people with disabilities. The healthcare company as gained recognition worldwide and is the first company in UK in the private sector that provides home care to be certified by ISO. Sussex Healthcare is looking for suitable people to fill in the different vacancies that are available in the company’s various departments.

The services that the company offers

Not only taking care and supporting people with special needs, but also focus on the happiness of the patients.

If you’re suffering from dementia, Sussex can take health care of you. They have trained nurses, caregivers and assistant physicians that can give you the special care and support you need. Moreover, Sussex educates family members on how to set up a home-based care so that they can give their loved ones the care and support they need at home. Sussex Healthcare’s New Facility Is As Amazing As Its Quality Of Care.

The respite care means, even without the caregiver, you can give the patients the care and support they need. Even if you established a proper home care for your loved ones, you will need to provide the care to avoid so much dependence on a caregiver. That is why Sussex provide the education services.

Sussex provides recreational activities to residential patients such as entertainment. It is important because the fast healing of patients depends on their happiness and motivation. They also give a comfortable stay for people who needs palliative care as well as disability care.

Vacancies in Sussex Healthcare

Currently, they have advertised vacancies in positions. They need people for their various facilities in different locations. The vacancies are available in the following fields: accountancy, management, admin-secretarial, healthcare as well as catering hospitality.

Why you would want to work at the company

Apart from the lucrative enumerations package such as allowance and salaries, they are warm and supportive. It is their culture to be supportive to each other. Moreover, they offer good opportunities for career development.

Sussex Healthcare is an equal opportunity employer and therefore, with the leadership of Dr. Shafik Sachedina, they offer the best career and employment opportunities.

Waiakea Water and how they give back

It’s no mystery that bottled was is by nature controversial. They are recyclable but only one quarter of them actually end up there. The other three quarters end up in landfills and even worse the ocean. The next qualm of the whole bottled water debacle is that why do we have to buy premium bottled water when people can get it out of the tap? All these factors are some real food for thought.

In a sea of bottled water brands there is some major competition to be the star of the show. They use certain marketing factors to make them shine but none truly outshine Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water. Not only does this incredible bottled water brand have an awesome Hawaiian name, but this water comes from a volcano. It filter through volcanic rock giving it some pretty incredible health benefits. It is also completely pH balanced and alkaline. Waiakea is also committed to the environment and socially responsibility. They give back to disadvantaged communities and make sure they are causing less harm to the environment.

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water have invented and patented a fully degradable water bottle that is a first of a kind across the world. Plastic is made to be strong and durable, but unfortunately takes a 1,500 years to fully decompose. With Waiakea’s new bottle it will take only an astonishing 15 years for it to degrade. This may change the face of bottled water in a truly a positive way.

Besides the amazing new water bottle design, Waiakea is all about giving back to people who truly need it. Specifically there are rural and poor communities in Africa who do not have access to clean drinking water. Waiakea works with PumpAid to provide these communities with clean water. When someone purchases a bottle of their water a weeks worth of water is donated to these communities.

The pH balanced brand was founded in 2012 by Ryan Emmons. The 22 year old brainchild of this company realized that the water he was drinking in Hawaii on holiday was incredibly clean and refreshing. It also boasts a lot of health benefits that will have you running to the store for Waiakea.

The Constructive Input of Drew Madden at Evergreen Healthcare Partners

The U.S is spending a fortune in the development of the healthcare sector. It is projected that this amount totals to approximately $ 3 trillion. Perhaps this better explains why healthcare insurance is relatively expensive in the U.S compared to other first –world countries. Well, developed as it may seem, the state has a long way to go, especially in terms of generating a revolutionary healthcare sector. With that said, it is evident that most entrepreneurs would rather avoid investing in healthcare. This is owed to the fact that they are barely knowledgeable of the blueprints incorporated in healthcare. Over the past years, prospective investors have shunned this discipline of investment citing relevant reasons like inadequate information and the lack of trustworthy sources to offer guidance. This is, however, not the current situation as two major companies recently came forward with the aim of investing in the American healthcare sector.

CVS and Amazon invest in the healthcare sector

CVS is joining Amazon in the walk towards elevating the healthcare sector. Following reports from trusted sources, the duo is set to make major moves in this industry. First off, CVS is focused on purchasing Aetna. This is a prominent, health-insurance giant. On the other side, Amazon is delving into the distribution of revolutionary, pharmacy licenses for the industry. Clearly, there is a substantial move from the two companies. The two occurrences are appended to delivering excellent healthcare services to the consumer.

Drew Madden’s Input at Evergreen

Drew Madden is known for his tremendous input in the healthcare sector. The IT expert does not boast of his accomplishments even when he should. As a managing partner at Evergreen Healthcare Partners, Madden has played a pivotal role in implementing a viable corporate culture that initiates team building.

Madden’s work experience

Drew Madden is an alumnus of the University of Iowa. He majored in industrial engineering, with a focus in medical systems. Drew’s first work experience was at Cerner Corporation. He was an integration consultant. His services extended to Nordic Consulting Partners .