The Future of Banking

National and Community Banking Facilities were once as different as night and day. National Banking always had a wider variety of services to choose from more so than Community Banking. That’s just how thing once were, but oh how things have changed in recent years. Community or Regional Banking has taken off over the past 16 years and has become direct competition for its larger counterparts. Have you ever heard of NexBank Capital? NexBank Capital is the very definition of banking excellence as it mirrors as well as outperforms many national centers and this is how.


This is modern day living as well as modern day business. NexBank, a regional financial center in the Dallas, Texas Area, provides the general public with a plethora of products and services, uses some of the most advanced technology to do so, has friendly staff, and great rates. With $4.0 billion in assets, this banking center is setting a successful blueprint for other banks to follow. NexBank is the epitome of success thanks to it’s ability and capabilities. President John Holt has a clear-cut vision that is laid out perfectly and this exclusive center is following it perfectly. Being able to specialize in commercial, investment, and mortgage banking has built a solid structure to work from as well.


Last year, NexBank teamed up with Dallas Neighborhood Homes and Habitat For Humanity to provide affordable loan support in Dallas. This was known as the Affordable Housing Loan Program and it was a hit. NexBank provided up to $50 Million in loan support for families with limited mortgage access as well as other vital services. This only scratches the surface of what this regional center has done and many more projects are expected in the future.