The Importance of Good Charity: How Perry Mandera is Making a Difference

In this world, there is no shortage of people willing to give to the less fortunate. However, some individuals, through careful planning and steadfast dedication, manage to make an even bigger difference than most. Perry Mandera, a philanthropist with roots in the transportation industry, is a perfect example of this effective charity. But to understand Perry Mandera, and how he has perfected this act of giving, knowing his background is important.

Perry Mandera went to high school in Chicago, and shortly after graduating, entered the military. Not long after finishing school, he made the decision to join the U.S Marines, and was a part of the branch’s reserves for a period. While Mandera was with the Marines, he was appointed to the “motor pool,” and here, he learned how to drive a truck. Likely, this served as some of the inspiration for Mandera’s later career choices. Not long after an honorable discharge from the armed forces, he made a smooth transition to the transportation industry, where he went on to work for several different companies before creating his own in 1980. Along with his work in the private sector, Perry Mandera also worked as a public servant (Positivethefacts). At a young age, he was elected Republican Ward Committeeman for the 26th Ward in Chicago in 1984. Perry Mandera’s ultimate peak within the industry came when he founded The Custom Companies Inc., an enormously successful transportation company that provides transportation services to thousands of companies.

While Mandera’s personal resume is already quite impressive, his accomplishments become even more clear when his charity is examined. Mandera’s vast success has given him ample opportunity to impact many different areas, but he has chosen to focus on a few in particular. Youth organizations, veteran organizations, and various organizations fighting cancer are some of his favorite causes to embrace, and he has certainly made an impact through his giving to these organizations. Perry Mandera clearly has a passion for charity on a personal level, but he also makes sure that The Custom Companies Inc. also helps surrounding communities and prides itself on always looking to pay its blessings forward. Through his hard work and expertise, Mandera has put himself in a remarkable position to help the causes he believes in.