The Leadership Skills of Graham Edward that have Incredibly Elevated Telereal Company.

Since the year 2001, Graham has been serving in Telereal Company as its Chief Executive Officer. In his leadership position in Telereal, Graham oversaw one of the company’s significant transaction since the company was launched. In this deal, more than six thousand properties were transferred to Telereal Company from BT. In the year 2009; Telereal Company established itself as the market spearhead in outsourcing of property and other investment, refer also to As a result of this high achievement, the company managed to have more than one billion dollars as an excess revenue. All this was made possible after Graham engaged in an essential negotiation with Land Securities Group Plc. The talks were successful since Telereal Company managed to buy Trillium from Land Securities. It lead to the formation of the Telereal Trillium Company.

After acquiring Trillium, the resulted Telereal Trillium Company was now better positioned to gain more investments. For instances, it managed to purchase more than one hundred assets in both private and public sector. Due to its incredible progress, the UK government would spend a lot of its resources in it with the aim of receiving the best services from it.


Works of Graham Edwards

Prior joining Telereal Trillium, Graham worked in Talisman Global Management as its chief investment officer. He led the company well until it grew to be a Pear FSA, read this. All these beautiful accomplishments of Graham in every firm he worked in are attributed to his educational background and his philanthropic nature. As a graduate from a premier University, Cambridge University, he pursued a degree course in Economic. This degree course gave him the necessary business and leadership skills required to run a firm. He is as well a member of several institutes where he provides his good opinions as he also learns from the other members. Some of these bodies include the Institute of Chartered Accountants, UK Society of Investment Professions among many others. Other companies that he has worked with Merrill Lynch Investment and BT group PLc’s. In Merrill Lynch Investment, he worked as its fund manager.

Due to his zeal to learn and acquire more knowledge, Graham is currently pursuing his second degree in International Relations.

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