The Success Story of the Founder of Greg Secker Foundation, Greg Secker

Greg Secker was born on 18th February 1975. He is an international speaker, philanthropist, and an entrepreneur. He founded a gathering of several companies, the Knowledge to Action Group, which includes Smart Chart Software, Learn to Trade, The Greg Secker Foundation, and Capital Index in 2003. These organizations work hand in hand to educate people on how they can excel in trading in order to improve their lives.

Greg Secker has a humble background. His entrepreneur career began at Thomas Cook Financial services then moved to foreign exchange with the aim of creating The Virtual Trading Desk. Secker’s platform offers online Forex trading systems in real-time. It allows traders to acquire foreign exchange transactions quotes in real-time. He later became Mellon Financial Corporation’s Vice President. This position allowed him to travel more and experience international trading centers. Within three months, Greg Secker opened Learn to Trade; a company deemed to be the leader in trading education globally. Learn to Trade later expanded to three other offices, one in Australia, South Africa, and London within 13 years only. Learn to Trade has taught more than 200,000 people how to trade through workshops and seminars.

Greg Secker noticed that people around the world struggled to start trading with ease something that inspired him to begin his business. There wasn’t adequate education out there and joining the industry was quite a struggle. He wanted people to have the right education so that they can trade in foreign transactions and improve their lives.

According to Greg Secker, his most satisfying moment in business is when Knowledge to Action became operational. The business brought together a wide range of resources to give people a second opportunity to change their lives. Secker claims that the support his family, business partners, and friends give him is the key to his success. These groups of people keep him going and give him fresh ideas of what to do next. He also likes to learn from other people’s situations and attentively listens to conversations to learn how he can make the lives of others better.