Take The Guesswork Out Of Having Fun In New York City By Obtaining A Magnises Membership

Living in New York City can have its benefits, especially for a Magnises member. Great party, fun events, exclusive parties and more are available for those who are members of Magnises, especially if they have chosen to add a pass to their account. The Magnises card comes in black and resembles any other credit card out there, especially since it has the name of the card user on the front of it. The card also gives the user the ability to use the card as a payment option because it can be linked directly to their banking information.

There are no requirements to become a Magnises member, except to pay for membership. The membership fee runs at $250 for the year, and each year the fee must be paid to keep the membership going. Now that Magnises has added passes to membership, it’s possible for any member to choose as many of these passes as they’d like to add to their membership card. The ClubPass is recommended for entrance into nightclubs, especially since they can be rather hard to get into in New York City. When the ClubPass is used, the Magnises member can enter into the line for the nightclub with a guarantee that they’ll get inside.

The reason why it’s good to know that a Magnises member will get inside a nightclub with their membership is because it’s easy to get turned away from any club in New York City, especially the hottest clubs that are very popular. Use the ClubPass regularly to ensure a great night out when clubbing. The SportsPass is a member’s ticket to finding and getting some of the best seats that a sports event has to offer, and the seats will only be obtainable by a Magnises member. Using the HotelPass has its benefits too.

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The HotelPass can bring about discounts whenever the Magnises card holder chooses to stay in one of the many luxury hotels in New York City. The discounts are significant enough to save a member at least $150 or more on a one night stay at certain hotels. Anyone who has business that they conduct in New York City will want the WorkPass because of the fact that it can give them some intriguing benefits, especially the benefit of getting a space for co-working at Alley. Check emails, hold a meeting and more in the space when it’s necessary.

Even with the great passes that Magnises offers, one thing that must be mentioned is the Magnises Concierge, which is a great application for a smartphone that is like talking to a real concierge. Ask the app questions to receive an accurate response. The app will even respond with the name of the Magnises member when they ask questions. The main function of the application is to direct the member towards fun events, functions, theaters, shops and more. The application also has the ability to make reservation to just about any restaurant, bar, or other places, so it saves the member time an effort.

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