Graham Edwards The Money Man

Graham Edwards has been the chief executive of Telereal since the company was formed in 2001. Since he made his first deal he has built a culture of realizing value in properties that were previously unnoticed. Graham has also made strategic growth of his company through strategic partnerships. This is why he was at the forefront of the negotiations that saw trillium and Telereal merge in 2009. This merge alone saw the establishment of Telereal Trillium which is now the market leader in property outsourcing and investment. The merger of the two has seen annual revenues grow to an excess of one billion pounds.

The two companies have a connection and a history of mutual achievement. What most people do not realize is that Graham and Ellis had worked together for about five years at Telereal. Also at the time of acquisition both companies were located in the same building but on different floors in London. The closeness of the two companies both in location and culture made the merger between the two much easier.

After the merger of the two companies, they had three priorities. The first priority was focusing on the long term relationship with some of their largest clients who included Royal mail and many others. Their second priority was their commitment to working on several facilities management contracts and also property strategy. Their third and last priority was to fully explore capital transactions that already existed but now on a larger scale. Telereal Trillium under the leadership of Graham Edwards Telereal has had a great impact in shaping the property market in United Kingdom. The company now manages a portfolio of over six billion pounds.

The company earns top marks for charitable giving. It is impossible to mention the company’s charitable giving without mentioning their Donation Matching Scheme. The Donation Matching Scheme was founded in 2003 and since them it has become one of the largest and most successful corporate responsibility initiatives. They have a policy that allows all of their employees to donate money to a charity of their choice and the company then matches the amount donated up to the scheme’s maximum.