Rodrigo Terpins talks about the team and what to expect going forward.

Rallying in Brazil is a pretty big deal. The teams and their drivers have developed huge followings, and this has seen them grow into brands that are easy to recognize and interact with on different levels. The rally seen is one as popular as some of the other popular sports such as football. This level of engagement among teams and their fans has seen Brazils rally the Sertoes rally become a must-attend cultural event. The event is known to spark enthusiasm among fans especially as it nears and with every new edition proving challenging than the last it is easy to see why it is hugely awaited. The teams that compete are known to train hard, and the cars have to be prepared and configured to cover the terrain that Brazil offers. This terrain differs all over the route chosen for each edition, and in most cases, the route will be approximately Three thousand kilometers of a cross country that almost always go through two states. This form of complexity and competition has ensured only the best of the best are left competing. Check out Terra to see more.


The Sertoes rally also has different categories with cars and bikes taking part. The cars are either in the two-wheel drive category or the four-wheel drive category. The T1 prototype is one of the most competitive categories, and it is made up of the two-wheel drive vehicles. One of the most prominent teams in this category is the Bull Sertoes rally team that has Michel Terpins and Rodrigo Terpins being drivers and there different navigators with Michel bringing on board Maykel Justo in the last two editions while Rodrigo has Fabricio Manchiana as his navigator. The two brothers have had very competitive careers, and Terpins was able to emerge position three during the 22nd edition. This was a very good performance especially by coming to the realization that they had just started with the T-Rex and as so some challenges were anticipated as they navigated this new car for the first time in this competition and over such a long distance. The assurance by MEM that the car could be relied on had come to pass.