Patty Rocklage Juggling Family and Career

Patty Rocklage is an accomplished psychotherapist who helps people who are struggling with marriage and family issues. She offers counseling to individuals, couples and families so that they can face their challenges.

With a psychology degree from the University of Southern California and over twenty years of experience, Dr. Rocklage is the best person to go to when looking for a psychotherapist. She is licensed by the state of Massachusetts to practice psychotherapy.

Apart from giving counseling for marriage and family, Patty Rocklage also does public speaking, coaching, team building and teaching. Read more: Pattry Rocklage | Crunchbase

The connection that Patty Rocklage has with her clients is what makes her good at her job. She understands how sensitive their issues are and hence keep their sessions confidential. She is also so warm and inviting that every person she interacts with is always at ease; this makes her patients concentrate on the change they want to achieve.


Patty Rocklage gets involved in giving back to the community from time to time. She is a volunteer in the Sudanese Education Fund that was founded to help individuals from Southern Sudan who relocates to Massachusetts.

The fund’s aim is to assist those individuals to find stable jobs and help them attain financial and education stability. In 2016, Patty together with her husband, Dr. Scott Rocklage assisted in the cost of renovating the nanotechnology and nanochemistry lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s chemistry department.

Scott Rocklage attained his Ph. D in Chemistry at that institute and that is why both of them were very pleased when they were approached to help in the project.

Patty’s family

Patty Rocklage values her family; she finds time outside her job and charitable events to spend time and do projects involving the family.

Patty and Scott Rocklage visited the Sudbury Kitchen & Bath showroom when they were thinking of renovating their family house. They hired Ed Freedlender to do the job and sat down with them to choose their preferred design.

The project was important to Patty Rocklage, so she put her valuable effort and time to make it successful for her family. She has been very successful in juggling between her career and family.

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