How to Overcome Campaign Obstacles by NGP VAN

The obstacles to a successful campaign.

Fundraising campaigns give rise to vast amounts of information. Manually sorting out such information in the absence of the right tools is tedious and time-consuming. It could affect the overall results of the campaign.

The average spending of a winning candidate has also raised. According to the Federal Election Commission, the following are the estimates made on campaign expense:

Therefore, the value of operating a successful and organized campaign is not something to ignore if any candidate wants to win an election.

Campaign monitoring technology has risen to counter most problems that are faced by candidates while carrying out their campaigns in this era. The Democratic and Progressive campaign technology provider, NGP VAN, is software with digital solutions for campaigns. The software’s VAN, NGP, and Digital 8 campaign information can be efficiently processed and managed.

Fundraising via NGP VAN digital tools.

For fundraising purposes, NGP VAN collaborates with other entities such as email companies, the social media, phone text messages and small organized campaigns involving same groups of people. The software provides a platform where the fundraisers can come up with a suitable structure to raise donations from willing donors.

The technology has also been designed in a way to discourage people from having a mentality that encouraging donations to political causes is just a way for the fundraisers to raise charity funds. The people are encouraged that donating is an act of upholding their political interests rather than a philanthropic activity.

The features of the NGP VAN software include a place for campaign analysis, fundraising management, online payment strategy, volunteer management, donor targeting, contact management among others. The newly introduced features include strategies for engaging donors, custom call sheets and digitalized call time.

The recent NGP 8 technology that works with ActBlue pages allows fundraising activities to be carried out through a mobile phone at any time and from anywhere. The software also enables the fundraisers to manage the contributions safely.


Such digital campaign advances have raised a platform where fundraisers and donors can interact. It encourages consistent support for the donor to the fundraiser.

Voter Activation Network was founded in 2001. NGP VAN emerged after Voter Activation Network merged with NGP. The company has its headquarters in Washington, District of Columbia. It is also based in Somerville, Massachusetts. Over 200 employees work for the company.