In This Review Learn Why EOS Is Number One

Over the last several years, EOS or the Evolution Of Smooth lip balms has been selling out as soon as they hit the shelves in the stores. Certainly, you would assume that EOS is very happy with that result. The fact is that EOS is not a company that would rest on its laurels. The company has stepped up their game plan by releasing a new vegan crystal flavored lip balm to the market. Certainly, this is why EOS remains a top seller in the lip balm market. They are a very innovative company always working to enhance their products and create new, high quality lip balms like the new vegan crystal flavored lip balm.


New Vegan Crystal Flavors

The introduction of the new vegan crystal flavored lip balm started a frenzy among EOS lip balm fans, see also Many are eager to obtain the new lip balm. However, they are having difficulty locating a source, because the lip balms are selling out rapidly. The new lip balm fits perfectly with the EOS brand. The new vegan crystal flavored lip balms are purely organic and animal byproduct free. In addition, they do not contain beeswax.


About Evolution Of Smooth

Evolution Of Smooth lip balms are in just about every magazine you could imagine. In addition, they are a social media wonder. Women across the country like to share ideas and tips about their favorite EOS lip balm. Even well-known celebrities would not leave home without their favorite EOS lip balm.

The Evolution Of Smooth was started several years ago, by Craig Dubitsky. Today, the small, New York based company is the producer of a top selling lip balm product, view this. Their lip balms are natural and include nourishing ingredients like Shea butter, vitamins, jojoba oil, and more. Their ultimate goals are to keep producing high quality, organic products that appeal to their fans.