Patty Rocklage an Accomplished Psychotherapist

Patty Rocklage is a therapist based in Massachusetts whose primary focus is on marriage and families. She finds herself privileged to be able to help couples, individuals, and their families through their times of struggles to overcome them.

She can connect with her clients through the warm reception she provides them. She has experience of more than 20 years in the field of psychology.

In 1981, she graduated from the University of California. She is also good in several fields such as coaching, teaching, team building, public speaking, and is also active in community outreach. Patty and her husband are also great philanthropists who contribute to the political cause and numerous charities as well. Read more: Patty Rocklage | LinkedIn

Together with her husband, they have contributed funds to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology which helped in renovating the nanochemistry and nanotechnology lab. One of the Chemistry Professors Moungi Bawandeni, took Scott and Patty on a tour of the renovated labs when the project was complete. A plague was placed on the labs to honor both Scott and Patty.

Professor Bawandeni, the former department head, Silver Ceyer, and the current department head, Timothy Jamison paid their tribute. Having got his Ph.D. from the program under Richard Schrock mentorship, Scott is also an MIT alumni.

Richard Schrock was the 2005 Nobel prize winner. Moreover, Patty and her husband have also supported the Whitehead Institute and the Pittsburgh United Methodist Church.

Patty is a conservative and environmentally friendly type of a person, but she also loves a mixture of modernity and hence favors a classy lifestyle. Scott and Patty recently had their home renovated by Sudbury’s most fancied construction company. Their landscape, as well as the kitchen, was redone.

Despite being a committed wife to her husband Scott, Patty is also a devoted mother of three children. She was previously involved on the board of the Sudanese Education Fund which later changed its name to Women’s Board for South Sudanese Enrichment for families.

The organization focuses on creating employment, better education and achieving financial stability in the South Sudanese communities. She worked on the board of directors for the organization.

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