NGP VAN: Leading Technology Provider

NGP VAN began operating in 1997 as the Voter Activation Network. It is the leading provider of technology for progressive and democratic organizations and campaigns. They provide clients with a platform that integrates the best social networking, fundraising, organizing and compliance products.


Overtime, the political organizing process has evolved from labour intensive to technology based. Consequently, big data has become more popular in connecting campaigns to voters likely to support a candidate. This voter model allows the democrats to be able to identify their likely voters and ultimately find ways for the voters to turn up and vote on Election Day.


NGP VAN is a pioneer in the sophisticated voter engagement field has constantly proven that observed data about voters, can be very powerful information during a political campaign and their tools can help the candidate with better contact with voters and better target voters.


One of the products of NGP VAN includes collecting campaign data that can be shown on NGP VAN tools so that staff and campaign organizers can analyze the data to determine if the campaign progress is as expected.


Another product involves fundraising which must happen in a way that allows donors to easily and quickly give their donations by use of a computerized platform. This platform helps keep track of all donations and donors while also providing a way of filing the donations with the Federal Election Commission.


Their final product involves canvassing which is no longer manual. The NGP VAN has come up with a distributed canvassing tool known as MiniVAN. This app has saved organizers lots of time and has enabled volunteers to engage easier in the door to door canvassing.


As time passes, technology changes and NGP VAN help Democrats running for office maximize use of all the available mobile tools and the web for a successful campaign. The firm gives democrats an advantage by using strategies powered and driven by data and technology.


NGP VAN also takes into considerations the appearance of new technologies, and they take time to expend resources to stay up to date. Some of the campaigns that NGP VAN was involved are Barack Obama’s run for president both in 2008 and in 2012.


NGP VAN encourages that future campaigns must seek to make use of cutting edge technologies in such a way that can establish a unique relationship with the voters. They emphasize that in this day and age, ignorance of web and digital platforms that enable voter mobilization will lead to losing a campaign.