Rick Cofer Has Valuable Advice for those Coming Up Behind Him

Rick Cofer spent nine years in the prosecutor’s office, but he has finally struck out on his own. In his new law practice, Mr. Cofer represents those who have been criminally charged in Central Texas. Because of his work in the prosecutor’s office, Rick Cofer has a tremendous amount of experience with murder, sexual assault, domestic violence, drunk driving and drug possession.


How did you manage to bring a new idea to life?


It came to my attention that there weren’t enough opportunities to recycle in Austin’s parks. I brought other stakeholders together, and we passed a resolution that created a crew that would take care of this problem. I chaired the crew that the Austin City Council established, and we are about to bring more opportunities to recycle to our parks.


What did you like best about your last job?


I was the mental health lawyer for the Travis County Attorney’s Office, and I learned a lot about what made the mental health care system tick. I really liked working closely with community advocates, doctors, and social workers as we all worked together to help patients experiencing mental health crises.


How do you ensure that you are productive?


I have discovered six techniques that help me, including the following:



  • I work hard to ensure that all of the little tasks are done by the end of the day. If the task requires less than 10 minutes, I don’t leave for the day until it is done.


  • I only touch things once if I can help it. For example, I try to take care of things like invoices as quickly as possible.


  • If there are things that require at least 15 minutes of my time, I choose one day to tackle all of those things.


  • If there are routine matters that need to be taken care of each day, I leave those for my assistant.


  • Go to bed early and rise early. Also, have a great breakfast and a fabulous lunch.


  • Don’t stay up too late when you have to work the next day.




What goal do you have for the long term?


In my profession, I help people work out their legal crises. Right now, this doesn’t really include long-term goals. I only want to do the best I can for my clients and hope that the results are obvious to everyone.


What advice do you have for someone who wants to be a lawyer?


Make sure to find someone who will be your mentor.


Bagging the Austin Bag Ban, Rick Cofer Comments

Successful Investing Options at Nexbank in Dallas

After successfully completing the placement of $54 million in fixed-to-floating rate subordinated notes, Nexbank plans on offering proceeds from this for corporate uses. Since 2016, there has been $283 million of debt and equity raised by NexBank Capital, Inc., which is based in Dallas, Texas. These notes cannot be considered callable for five years, with a maturity date of September 30, 2027.


The rate for five years will be 6.375% for the first five years. After that, there will be a floating rate that is based on a current three-month LIBOR of 458.5 basis points. The outlook is stable as rated by Kroll Bond Rating Agency. However, these notes cannot be sold in the United States, because there is not any registration under the Securities Act. These are not exempt from requirements for registration either.

NexBank Capital, Inc. provides banking services and financial services to clients through commercial, mortgage and institutional services. Customizing the needs of clients is made possible with the expertise of their team. Large corporations take pride in NexBank Capital, Inc. knowing that they can trust their advice and security.


This financial institution is the leading financial organization based on a quarterly profile documenting their many achievements. The convenience of online banking is also useful to their clients when banking on a 9 to 5 schedule just does not work. Being able to view statements or initiate transactions day or night allows more flexibility.


Other options for their customers include the development of three branches in the Dallas area. All three locations are full service branches that can provide any applicable service to customers. Providing competitive interest rates allows clients to take advantage of getting the best rate possible for them. Feeling comfortable about financial notes and loans is important. Knowing that the bank you trust is growing their investments at a steady rate provides a profound sense of satisfaction for clients. It helps to ensure their lifelong investments are safe.

William Saito, Cyber-Security and Crisis Management

Japanese-American cyber-security expert William Sato has made it his mission to help individuals and organizations of all types protect themselves from online threats. Not only has he carefully studied data breaches like those that afflicted both the Democratic and Republican parties in recent years, but he has also looked at disasters like 9/11 and the nuclear meltdown at Fukushima to find commonalities.


William Sato has written and spoken extensively about his approach to crisis management. Essentially, he believes that prevention is an ongoing effort that everyone who uses the Internet needs to take part in. For instance, people need to be aware of what websites they are visiting and what they are doing on those sites in the same way they should be wary of food and candy offered from strangers.


Currently, there is an atmosphere of blaming the victim when it comes to cyber-security, William Saito believes; he notes how the hack at Sony in 2014 resulted in the loss of jobs for executives deemed responsible. In order for organizations to be truly safe, Sato, says, the philosophy should change to finding what is wrong and fixing it before hackers strike rather than finding out who was responsible and punishing them afterward.


William Saito Background


Raised in California by Japanese immigrant parents, William Sato showed a precocious interest in technology and electronics at an early age. In fact, he was programming computers by age ten. Recently, he said of his childhood fascination with computers: “I’ve always been curious about how things work. I couldn’t just be satisfied by understanding how to use a computer, I needed to know how it was built and I would take them apart to understand the inner workings, all the way down to the microchip level.”


In college, Saito started a highly successful software company out of his dorm room that was eventually bought out by Microsoft. Since then, he has become a well-regarded and sought-after speaker on crisis management in general and cyber-security in particular and runs his own company, InTecur. When asked in a recent interview about what makes a company successful, he responded, “Most companies have one of two things: Passion for their industry or intricate knowledge of the field they are creating within.”


NewsWatch TV Review

Newswatch TV Series and website is a very interesting technology based content news site. It is up to date with the latest technological inventions, as well as, bookmark worthy topics that relate to everyday people that web browse. Reports Newswatch receives from co working companies are always positive, and light, sharing some of the coolest new gadgets that the general public most likely have yet to become acquainted to.

Gadgets include the new Contour keyboard which uses a roller bar as a mouse to keep the focused centralized; a balanced keyboard that goes well with the roller mouse; it is wireless and doesn’t require an on and off switch so it is ahead of the standard keyboards that are widely used throughout the world; lastly the have the same angle adjustment to add comfort in the user’s desired position.

Newswatch as a whole is informative, with the times, and knowledge in terms of technological advancements, and app features plus the use of them to get the best out of an app such as bitcoin. Newswatch share other interesting posts on new routers that make browsing the web a lot more efficient, and almost lightning fast.

In an article that share about the new Turris MOX, it shares, “Turris MOX is the first modular router that allows you to build it according to your exact use and expectations.” The awesome level is high on this new edition of the router in that you are able to adjust it to the expectations of your use. All in all, Newswatch shares the new inventions which came from ideas and creations that we only could imagine before.

The War to End Citizens United

     Since the landmark 2010 Supreme Court case Citizens United versus F.E.C. in which corporations, unions, and other special organizations the same rights guaranteed from the first amendment as regular citizens, political financing has become a game of the highest bidder. Through untracked and unlimited Political Action Committees large companies and the people who benefit from them can dish out unlimited funds straight into the coffers of any politician willing to take it. The advantage the rich have from this blow to what democracy is supposed to mean in the United States.

Gladly an organization like End Citizens United exists. They are a grassroots PAC formed in 2015 to fight the unbridled influence this money has on Washington. With Tiffany Muller at the helm, they are close to getting to their goal of raising $35 million for candidates running for office in 2018. By rejecting big money donations, End Citizens United has an average donation amount of only $14! These donations come from average Americans who are interested in taking money out of politics and making the issues about the people again.

End Citizens United has made a “Big Money 20” list of congressmen who are known to advance the goals of special interests groups over regular citizens. These special interests are well known and represent tobacco, Wall Street, oil, big pharma, and others who will give to any congressman they can to get influence and increase bottom lines. They are why we need common sense campaign finance reform in the United States.

One of the most known on the Big Money 20 is Ted Cruz. In terms of picking big money donors over voters, Cruz is at the top of the pile. He has consistently been in favor of big money in government whether it is voting to strike down common-sense campaign finance reform, accepting money from about 10 different super PACs during his presidential campaign, or vying to cut taxes for the wealthy, Cruz thinks that “money absolutely can be speech” in political matters.

In the fight against flagrant special interest pandering, End Citizens United has tapped Beto O’Rourke for a Senate seat. Beto is a lifelong Texan who began representing Texas’ 16th district in 2012. In the 2016 elections, Beto is on a very short list of House members to will not take PAC donation money. He supports common-sense campaign finance reform and wants to overturn the Citizens United decision.

You may also check https://www.vogue.com/article/senator-kirsten-gillibrand-end-citizens-united-stops-accepting-corporate-pac-donations for more.


The Great Pediatric Surgeon, Dr. Saad Saad

Dr. Saad Saad’s Medical History

Two decades ago, Dr. Saad embarked his journey into the medical field after he enrolled at Cairo University. He decided to major in Pediatric and Thoracic Surgery and graduated with his medical degree in 1971. The location of the head offices of Dr. Saad’s current job is in Eatontown, New Jersey. Dr. Saad Saad is an expert thus he is linked to different hospitals which gives him a chance to offer more patients with medical care and services.


His Medical Inventions

A catheter is a medical tool that is commonly used in surgeries to either cure patients or is used as an essential during a surgical procedure. Dr. Saad Saad came up with a modified catheter that works with an electromagnetic device that easily tracks the location of the catheter once put inside a human body. In the old times, X-rays and MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) were used to determine the position of the catheter which would lead to harmful health effects due to exposure. The modified catheter is portable and efficient during emergency procedures.


Dr. Saad invented the concept of suction in endoscopes which have facilitated the smooth running of medical operations. An endoscope is a surgical tool known for using optical light to assist the surgeon to look into a human body. It is essential because one can easily avoid a body scan before undergoing surgery.


Dr. Saad has personally used his invention during medical procedures, thus proving the efficiency of the tools and in turn, saving thousands of lives.


Another added advantage of the modified endoscope is that it saves time because it rids the need for re-focusing during a procedure. In pediatric surgery, there are numerous cases involving dangerous items in the human body such as needles. This makes the use of the new endoscope both faster and safer. The reason that medical facilities have embraced the device is that they are pocket-friendly and their efficiency has been proven.


Due to his achievements and incredible inventions, Dr. Saad has received two prestigious awards which include AAP Fellow and ACS Fellow. Learn more: https://www.meridianhealth.com/location/meridian-faculty-pediatric-surgery-eatontown/index.aspx

Analyst GoBuyside Looks GDPR Implications

Beginning on May 25, 2018, all European Union member states will be required to abide by the new General Data Protection Regulations. These new regulations are a complete and drastic rewriting of the current EU Data Protection Directive, which has been in effect since the 90s. The digital landscape has greatly changed since that time, with the amount of personal data available much, much more. This is why the EU thought it best to revisit and revise these regulations.

A chief analyst for GoBuyside, a global recruitment platform, analyzed the situation. The analyst said that the companies in these member states should now begin to evaluate the changes they will need to make in the face of these new regulations. In other words, they will need to completely redo their systems to make sure they only see the individual client’s data that the EU allows them to see based on the new guidelines.

These new guidelines put much emphasis on transparency and accountability. Not only will the company’s be expected to make the changes, but the EU will constantly hold them accountable. The new regulations will also be applied to some non-EU companies who do business with people or organizations in an EU state.

This another major change from the previous regulations which only required those companies within the EU to abide by it. A good many experts have appeared offering their expertise in helping companies make the switch before May. These experts will definitely help, but their expertise will not come cheap. They will assist with all of the necessary preparations, including getting the services of a data officer if it is needed (some companies won’t be required to have one). But that just one of the many things the expert will do.

Read: http://gobuysidenews.com/2018/02/01/gobuyside-explores-factors-driving-compensation-private-equity-sector/

They will also carefully train business leaders about the details of the regulations, they will help determine which information is held, they will update procedures around subject access requests, and they will inform employees the proper procedures in the event of a data breach. This is not really something that is exclusive to the EU. The U.S. is one of several countries who has implemented similar privacy laws. In cooperation with EU, the U.S. has instituted was is known as the Safe Harbor system.

Find more information by following GoBuyside on Facebook.

End Citizens United Endorsing Conor Lamb to End Republican Stronghold in 18th Congressional District

     Ending the corruption in politics is what many political activists dream of achieving, but it is not something that can be achieved in a day or by a few positive and honest individuals. It needs collective effort of the majority of the country’s population and a greater awareness among the people as to how the big corporate giants are manipulating their way into the elections and shaking off the interest off the agenda of the politicians to put their interest first. In the United States, how the election campaigns are funded has been a matter of discussion for a long time. The money spent by the corporate companies to ensure the outcome is as per their will is something that is no longer a secret. The amount of funds being allocated on elections each year is increasing gradually and has grown by several hundred percents since the last couple of decade.

And, to add to the agony, the Citizens United decision by Supreme Court in 2010 made it easier for the enterprises and affluent individuals to fund the elections with as much money they want. There is no accountability or transparency left in how the election campaigns are financed in the United States, which makes these elections vulnerable to outside influence and more in favor of the companies and individuals who fund the elections. The interest of the common people is something that may or may not be on the priority list of the politicians, or so it would seem from how the agendas are switched back in favor of the companies as soon as the politicians win the elections.

End Citizens United, a popular political action committee, set up in 2015 to protest against the Supreme Court’s decision on Citizens United case, has been doing everything it can to end the corruption in politics. The End Citizens United backs the politicians who are worthy to be elected and are not in favor of corporate money. End Citizens United collect money from the everyday people and maintain their accounts with transparency to ensure there is not a shred of doubt on where the money is coming from, or going. In the upcoming Special Elections in the United States, End Citizens United announced its support for Conor Lamb, who is trying to make his way into the Congress through the 18th Congressional District that he represents. Even though it is primarily a conservative strong-hold, Conor Lamb with the support of ECU believes the results can be upsetting for the Republicans.

When candidates rely on mega-donors to fund their campaign, they don’t forget it.

Posted by End Citizens United on Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Learn more at https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2016/04/how-to-reverse-citizens-united/471504/.

James Dondero is A Good Example of Giving Back for All Businessmen

James Dondero isn’t your typical businessman, and it’s a good thing that he isn’t. Over the course of the last several years he has given millions of dollars to Dallas based charities and other philanthropic organizations. He has a commitment to helping to make the greater Dallas area better that should be shared by more who have his level of financial independence and success. Co-founder and president of Highland Street Capital, James Dondero is not only a gifted financial planner, but he is also a natural born leader.

Recently Highland Street Capital was named by the Dallas Business Journal as one of the best places to work in the Dallas area, due largely to the leadership of James Dondero. This leadership has also been honed over the nearly 30 years of experience that he has in the financial sector, specifically in the credit and equity markets. He started his career with American Express in 1985 as a corporate Bond Analyst, and soon was put in charge of a set of fixed income funds totaling more than $1B. He left AmEx in 1989 to take the position of Chief Investment Officer of Protective Life’s GIV subsidiary which he grew to a valuation of more than $2B before leaving the company to start his own firm, Highland Street Capital. HSC currently oversees more than $20B in assets under his guidance. In addition, James Dondero also sits on the board of MGM and several other companies including NexPoint, Cornerstone Healthcare, and CCS Medical. He also serves as Chairman of the board of NexBank.

All of this success has given James Dondero a unique opportunity to be of great help to the people of the Dallas-Fort Worth area. He is a regular contributor to programs and organizations such as The Dallas Zoo, Education is Freedom, Snowball Express, Uplift Education, and Capital for Kids. Most of these contributions are made through his Dallas Highland Foundation.

James Dondero is a man who is committed to making the greater Dallas-Fort Worth a better place. He is a shining example of those who give back for the blessings that they have received and more successful businessmen should take example of his generosity.

Understanding the Career Trajectory of Bruce Bent II

Bruce Bent II is a successful entrepreneur and business executive who led the successful growth of The Reserve and FDIC. He is recognized for his asset management skills and also for offering cash-related solutions to banks, retail markets, broker-dealer and qualified plan. Through his inventions, Mr. Bent has transformed FDIC- Insured cash management portfolio into approximately $1 trillion industry. He has held numerous executive roles at Double Rock’s and its subsidiaries Access control Advantage LLC and Island Intellectual Property LLC. The two affiliates are today recognized as innovation leaders in their respective sectors.

Before the 208 global financial crisis, Bruce Bent II served as the President at The Reserve. Under his leadership, the firm expanded its products range and also diversified its assets under management, which grew from $4 billion and exceeded $130 billion. The Reserve had a team of over 300 employees including sales professionals. After the Lehman Brothers were declared bankruptcy in September 2008, Bruce Bent II led The Reserve to an orderly winding down of some product lines. The executive team at the firm decided to voluntarily close the product line, and shareholders of the Reserve Primary Fund were paid 99 cents on their initial investment and 100 cents on all other funds.

Things You Know about Bruce Bent II

Bruce Bent II believes that an idea can be generated by a single individual, but making it a reality would involve a team of individuals. He usually involves smart persons into his team and in some instances professionals. As an entrepreneur, Mr. Bent does not fear to fail, and when it happens he tries another route. His advice to emerging entrepreneurs is to meet and engage other individuals as they will be able build strong network of potential business partners and customers. Bruce says that entrepreneurs should be flexible and have faith in their own vision. Furthermore, they should be innovative and have expertise to divert from obstacles they face along the way.

The strategy that helps Bruce Bent II to grow and expand his business is by creating value to his customers. The executive is advising entrepreneurs to look for opportunities to exploit ways of doing business. For instance, he is encouraging homeowners to rip up their lawns and plant vegetables and fruits, or rare chickens and keep bees. This is an excellent way to start a business that can eventually grow and expand and become a source of live to many.

For more information follow Bruce Bent II on Facebook.