Norman Pattiz explains relation between advertising and brand awareness

The correlation between advertising and conversion has been a bother to many marketing departments and scholars for long. There has been a problem in justifying expenditure on advertising efforts as calculating the effect of a campaign on the sales target is not clear cut.

However, a recent market research conducted by Podcastone under the leadership of its executive chairman Norman Pattiz in collaboration with Edison Research has shown a very strong association between advertising and increased positive brand awareness after a campaign.

The study was conducted on five different products and services. Announcing the results, Norman Pattiz and Tom Websten summarized their research findings that, there was a very significant increase in brand awareness following advertising.

They also noted that positivity toward a particular product and service became more favorable in the post campaign days. It was therefore emphasized by Norman Pattiz that the findings were profound and persuasive proof that using Podcastone as an advertising platform was tenable and justifiable. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

The research findings are groundbreaking to Podcastone advertisers. The fact that the platform is able to increase in product awareness, enhance positive perception, and harness proclivity toward buying a product is expected to serve as an important decision making basis for marketing departments.

The methodology that was used to conduct these surveys has been applauded as having followed the basic tenets of scientific research and therefore there was little doubt on the integrity of the data collected.

It is also noted that this was not the first time Podcastone had initiated a similar process, for Edison Research have done several studies to examine the effectiveness of Podcastone advertising, at the prompt of the podcaster. Nonetheless, the latest research has been appreciated as having been more multifaceted and intellectual.

This will certainly lead to more Podcastone clients, a great deal for a company that was founded by Norman Pattiz in reaction to a gap he had discovered in the advertising market.

It is incredible that the company has grown under his leadership to become the nation’s leading advertiser on podcast network noting his other success as founder of Westwood one, which is a popular radio giant in the country.

Norman Pattiz is an inspiring business leader and executive, with a pool of intellect, and allure. He successfully led Westwood one into becoming the largest radio company. He has served in the broadcasting board of governors under both Clinton and Bush jnr. administrations.