Lime Crime Does London And Brings Fabulous Makeup To Feelunique Pop Up Shop

The beauty of Lime Crime makeup is in the constant surprises. In other words, this cosmetics brand thinks outside the box, and it has served the label well.


Let’s be honest; women (and men, too) have almost endless options when it comes to purchasing makeup. Some brands are traditional and basic, but Doe Deere made sure that her company would be anything but “normal.” In fact, the makeup is rebellious and proud of it.


The CEO and founder of Lime Crime has created a contemporary e-commerce brand that has quickly built up a global presence and branched out into popular retail stores. One of these bright spots is now located in the United Kingdom.


The launching of the Feelunique x Lime Crime Pop Up Shop in London has been a long time to come, and makeup addicted fans are thrilled. You can’t help but be blinded by the vibrancy of the makeup and its fantasy touches of glitter, crystals and iridescence. Doe Deere sat down with the U.K.’s Stylist to talk about the venture.


When Lime Crime debuted in 2008, the major cosmetics labels wouldn’t touch the makeup Doe Deere was launching. It was bad a**, sensual and very modern. One of the standouts is Lime Crime’s Venus Palette and its sexy sequels. The grunge eyeshadow compacts have become much-coveted because they sell out so rapidly.


Now, Feelunique fans can see what all the beautiful buzz is about in the Venus Palette, with the newest one being the Venus III. This time, Doe Deere was inspired by the shade of purple and its significance in modern fashion and hair color. Even the Pantone Color Institute has released their own purple haze in ultraviolet.


The Venus Palette comes housed in a very pretty box with a cute compact mirror inside and eight sinfully rich shadow pans. The outside of the box features the iconic Botticelli painting of “The Birth of Venus.”


The Venus III is luscious in lavenders, violets, pinks and some elegant earthy browns.


There is also the original Venus, Venus II and the Venus XL (18 shadows).


When it comes to lipsticks, Brits are enjoying the amazing liquid/matte formulations of Lime Crime in some of the most unusual colors in the universe. Loud and proud, these gorgeous lipstick colors last and last and never dry out your pout.


The Lime Crime Velvetines Metallics dry to a glamorous liquid metallic finish, and the Hi-Lites are triple highlighter compacts that are exquisite in creating knock-out cheekbones.


Doe Deere also added Unicorn Hair tints to her brand because young people enjoying switching up their manes and playing with some wild tones. The CEO and founder practices what she preaches and likes dyeing her long locks in shades of purple, red or blue.


Lime Crime is an independent company based in Los Angeles and is a vegan and cruelty-free makeup brand.


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The Generosity of Patty Rocklage

Patty Rocklage is a marriage and family therapist based in the Boston metropolitan area. With over 20 years experience, Patty Rocklage offers outstanding services to her clients and is well respected within her field of expertise. She works with families, couples and individuals to help them deal with the everyday struggles they face, as well as more complex cases.

Patty earned her psychology degree in 1981 from the University of Southern California. Extreme dedication drives Patty to participate in community programs. She is a teacher, public speaker, and a team builder and contact her.

Her comforting style puts clients at ease and allows her to assist them in the most efficient manner possible. Her warm generosity compels her to give back to those in her community. Over nearly three decades, Patty has helped countless clients and more information click here.

Along with her husband, Scott Rocklage, Patty gifted Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a donation for building renovation. Given in 2016, this donation funded the renovation of the nanotechnology and nanochemistry lab. There was a major celebration for Patty and Scott’s donation at MIT, where a plaque was hung in honor or the generous couple. Speeches were given for the couple, which they listened to with great appreciation and gratitude.

Her volunteer work includes involvement with the Sudanese Education Fund, which helps people from Southern Sudan find jobs and have financial and educational resources that they are in need of and Patty’s lacrosse camp.

Patty and her husband Scott recently gave their home a major renovation, utilizing a highly regarded construction company to oversee the work.

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Borre had the vision of how a staffing company should work so it could be at the top of the industry and help other businesses in the process. Rona Borre saw that most staffing companies left out a major ingredient in the process of hiring. Relationships are the key ingredient, and it is created by spending time with the client company to discover what it is that they need and desire for their company culture and goals.

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Instant Alliance hires mostly finance and technology talent for Fortune 500, mid-sized and smaller companies. The potential hires are carefully vetted and screened, so clients know in advance that they are going to be interviewing the best candidates. The results speak for themselves as hires from Borre’s team have only a 1% turnover rate.