Entrepreneurial, Eco-Friendly Angel Investor Ara Chackerian Changes the Landscape

The Japanese advocate all citizens to engage in temporary “forest bathing” in order to be centered and live a balanced life in this day of technology and electricity. Because forests are precious we only have so much of it and deforestation has wrecked much of the natural beauty of the world, American angel investor and philanthropist with an expertise in nature, Ara Chackerian, follows the same tenants as the Japanese. Based on his knowledge of nature, Chackerian asserts that forests all over are each unique. Each is different and requires its own plan for preservation depending on its location and ecosystem. Just because parks are ideal for human use does not necessarily mean the same holds true for wildlife. In fact, they prefer more condensed woods on average.



Ara Chackerian states that forests provide value to society for recreation and sports such as hiking, bird watching, biking, running, wild mushroom harvesting, and the like. Forests are also inspirational for the arts. The impressionist artist Monet loved nature so much that he even built a massive garden in his back yard, complete with ponds and many types of flora. Forests also provide revenue sources. “Targeted deforestation” for logging can help fund conservation efforts; Another term for this is “Forest thinning”, for paper products. The state of Michigan is a fine example of a state which balances the interactions of different agencies and private companies that use wood products. For example, Kirtland’s Warbler species of birds are specifically protected by planting trees closer together in order to conserve the birds’ liking better. And at the same time, Michigan benefits by getting $21 Million dollars per year on average added to their budget.


With a career based largely in healthcare, and not just serving as the president and co-founder of Limoapa Teak that helps create eco-friendly and sustainable jobs in Nicaragua, Ara Chackerian has also spent scores of years starting successful companies which deal with Diagnostic Imaging services. One example of this would be the “transcranial magnetic stimulation” to treat mental health. You can visit crunchbase.com for more details.


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Fashion Enthusiasts Get The Best Deals At The RealReal

One of the best ways for people to get the type of fashion they want is by shopping at The RealReal. One of the reasons that The RealReal is such a great company to shop from is that it has all of the fashion that people are going to want. For one thing, people are going to be able to find some really authentic and high quality items that they can enjoy. This means that they don’t have to go to stores that offer the cheap items. They can actually take the time to find the authentic versions of the items that they like. As a result, they don’t have to worry about their clothes falling apart quickly.

When people shop at The RealReal, they can rest assured that they are getting items that are going to last them years as opposed to mere weeks. While they are going to be paying higher prices than they would at fast fashion stores, they are going to be able to find items that are ethically produced. At the same time, they are going to find items that are produced at a higher quality. They will be able to impress people with their sense of style.

For most people, they are going to have to shop at The RealReal online. This is not a bad thing because there is a lot of convenience that comes with buying clothes at this site. Another thing that The RealReal is good for is providing fashion to people who live nowhere near fashion. They are stuck with stores that sell basic items. The RealReal gives people some high fashion items that they would be able to enjoy. People can feel really good about themselves and actually enjoy some of the effects that high fashion has on them.”

IC Systems: Three Generations of Exceptional Ethics in Collection Services

Founded in 1938 by Ruth and Jack Erickson, IC Systems is an accounts receivable company that has now passed through an admirable three generations of Erickson family ownership. As the years have gone by the business continues to retain their guiding principle of ensuring their clients honest, ethical service. The company also puts great effort into being at the forefront of the industry. As technology has advanced over time, IC Systems has kept the business at the cutting edge. In fact, they were the first United States based collection agency to eliminate typewriters in favor of computers in 1968, taking a huge leap forward (Indeed). Today they continue that trend by utilizing the best in state-of-the-art collection and security software to preserve their industry-wide standing as one of the most secure collection companies in operation.

The ethical standards of IC Systems extends both to the inner workings of the company and in their conduct with the outside world. Within the company the employees are trained to operate with the application of the most consumer-friendly tactics possible while always maintaining ethics yet still accomplishing the ultimate goal for the client. Employees of IC are recognized with quarterly Core Values Awards and can even nominate co-workers for the consideration of one if they recognize that individual as being an example of such. The effect of these high working standards create external recognition for IC Systems in the business world as well. IC Systems has been nominated and gone on to be a finalist three consecutive years running for the Better Business Bureau Torch Award given for ethics.

Headquartered on the outskirts of St. Paul, Minnesota with a second branch in La Crosse, Wisconsin, IC Systems is one of the largest collection companies in all of North America. Clients that they serve range from small business owners to highly recognizable Fortune 500 companies. It is anticipated that no matter the size of the business IC is servicing the world will continue to receive the same secure, innovative, respectful, and ethical level of service that has come to be expected from them over their 80 year legacy.


Sujit Choudhry Outlines Failures in Constitutional Democracies

Sujit Choudhry is a highly-respected scholar in the fields of constitutional law and politics, and he has a great deal of experience with constitutional law as it relates to changes in political systems. Many of his written pieces have been published, and his most recent piece details what could be a growing problem with constitutional democracies across the globe (works.bepress.com).

To begin the discussion, Choudhry brings up the Russia investigation led by Robert Mueller. There were rumors for the longest time that Trump might fire the special counselor, and many felt that would represent a hard red line that would represent a gross overstepping of constitutional authority. Choudhry refers to these red lines as focal points since they are used to galvanize the public against the unconstitutional actions of the government. Presidential term limits are another such focal point that is often discussed.

Professor Choudhry feels that these issues reflect a sort of failure in the democratic process. He compares the current situation in the United States with a similar situation in Poland. There, in 2015, a right-wing nationalist party took control of the legislature, and they have used their position to effectively dismantle the constitution of Poland to ensure their party’s survival and continued power.

Sujit Choudhry draws a connection between the right-wing group in Poland and the Trump administration because they have some striking similarities. He says that the presidency is in danger of becoming an autocracy, and that Trump firing Mueller would effectively be a statement that Trump believes that is already the case.

What Choudhry suggests overall is that those who don’t truly want a democratic system of government have learned that using existing democratic infrastructure is one of the most effective ways for gaining control of a government. He calls this ‘democratic backsliding’ since it’s essentially an imbalance of the democratic process that allows for a legal path to something other than democracy. This is so prevalent now because world leaders understand that the public wants democracy everywhere. For many people, simply calling a system of government ‘democratic’ is enough. True vigilance is required from the populace to ensure democracy remains intact.

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Alex Pall Brings the Audience Closer

In his article,Rosenzweig(2016)describes how Alex Pall of the band The Chainsmokers began his love affair with music, works to build a powerful identity in the industry;and how he continuously aims to create music that emits warmth in a genre that is often regarded as cold and emotionless.

Alex Pall’s relationship with music was at first noncommittal. Music was a part of his life and occupied a lot of his time, but she was not his true love. Music was his mistress. Pall was a DJ on the side with a full time job. Until the day Pall had an epiphany :dance music was a bigger part of his life than he initially realized. He decided to make a proper woman of her, and pursue music exclusively, so he quit his job.

Rosenzweig states the rarity of DJ’s lending their vocals on their own tracks and about personal circumstances nonetheless. Alex Pall didn’t forsee a problem with Andrew Taggart singing on a song that he helped to write. Pall collaborates with the songwriters and also writes songs on his own. And it is commendable that he refuses to sit back and let someone else tell his story without his input. Pall wants to have his hand in everything because he wants to be a key part of shaping his identity in the industry. At this juncture, Pall wants to pin point exactly who The Chainsmokers are musically to encapsulate their sound so all the music fits together like pieces of a puzzle, cohesively.

Rosenzweig concludes that Alex Pall sets time aside daily to ensure he involves artistically.Pall aims to expose more facets of himself to his listening audience and manufacture engaging music. Pall,by staying true to his evolution will undoubtedly guarantee that fans will draw closer for years to come.


Sujit Choudhry Breaks Down Former AG’s Tweet

Sujit Choudhry is best known as a leading expert on the comparison of various nations’ constitutions, or maybe as the I. Michael Heyman Professor of Law at none other than the prestigious University of California, Berkeley, depending on who you’re talking to.

Mr. Choudhry founded the Center for Constitutional Transitions, which helps governments around the world that are considering adopting new guidelines understand the new constitutions they create on an intrinsic level. He also regularly publishes academic works, boasting a total of more than 90 journal articles, papers, reports, and chapters in books regarding law (works.bepress.com).

In late 2017, Eric Holder, the Barack Obama administration’s Attorney General, published a tweet that warned United States citizens that if Robert Mueller was fired or not able to do an unfettered investigation on Donald Trump’s potential involvement with persons, businesses, and government bodies in an attempt to throw the results of the 2016 United States presidential election, “The American people must be seen and heard – they will ultimately be determinative.”

This tweet makes nothing but sense, as people in leadership don’t want to be ousted from their positions. If someone like Trump could interfere with Mueller’s investigation – the United States Department of Justice’s Special Counsel’s purpose is to investigate issues that can’t be explored without risk of being fired; the whole point of the Special Counsel is not to be fired, so he or she can investigate the entirety of the United States government – when faced with potential impeachment, it further makes sense that Trump would look out for his own self, as every person across planet Earth would do.

An essential layer to Holder’s December 17, 2017 tweet is the “red line” that is mentioned in the first few words, representing an action taken by the United States federal government that is untenable and certainly not supportable. Sujit Choudhry makes clear the fact that American citizens must demonstrate their support publicly, or never be heard.

Second, Mr. Sujit Choudhry shares that involving the collective opinion of the American people is highly important, as only they can determine if enough is, in fact, enough. For more views from Choudhry.

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Sujit Choudhry’s New Publication Outlines His Concerns About The Future Of Democracy

Sujit Choudhry is The J. Michael Heyman Professor of Law at The University of California Berkeley School of Law (blogs.law.nyu.edu). Choudhry provides analysis on issues pertaining to constitutional law and politics. Choudhry has spoken at different events throughout the World, including places such as Jordan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, and Yemen.

Choudhry holds multiple law degrees and was also honored as a Rhodes Scholar. Over his 20 career, Choudhry has helped facilitate dialogue between society groups and stakeholders, trained bureaucrats, and worked alongside technical experts to perform advisory work. Choudhry has published over 70 different articles and reports (works.bepress.com)

Choudhry’s most recent article examines the state of constitutional democracies. Choudhry analyzes a tweet by former Attorney General Eric Holder, who warned the public about the potential impact of firing White House Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Choudhry believes that Holder’s tweet is implying that the reaction of the American people will influence any decisions made concerning Mueller’s job status.

Choudhry also notes that some people are in favor of having presidential terms amended if there is a state of emergency. Choudhry feels that disregarding term limits is another way that politicians could potentially take away democratic power from the citizens.

Choudhry looks at Poland’s Law and Justice Party. The Polish government has looked to undermine the importance of Poland’s constitutional democracy in order to assert its power during future voting cycles. Choudhry notes how Poland’s new rules concerning issues such as voting and the assignment of judges to specific cases should be taken as a threat to constitutional democracy.

Sujit Choudhry believes that political legitimization can only occur through democracy. However, the lines have been blurred due to a constant power struggle between democracy and dictatorship. Choudhry agrees with Nancy Bermeo’s view that while democracy is built step by step, it can be taken apart in the same fashion. Choudhry believes that there is a correlation between Holder’s tweet and the Polish democracy situation. Choudhry fears that the legal system will dissolve because neither liberals or conservatives will admit when they are wrong.

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Richard Dwayne Blair is the founder of Wealth solutions. He was born in 1965, and he always had a thing for education. His wife, mother and grandmother were all teachers and can bear witness to the fact that education is key to developing confidence and knowledge. Immediately after college, he joined the industry of financial planning and later established his firm independently, wealth solutions. The main of creating his company was to provide professional and client-centered advice and to make a positive and significant change in the lives of small entrepreneurs, folks and families. He has quite some years of experience in financial planning and has helped many plans for retirement and leave a desirable life after that. The company has grown to date with Richard as its majority owner. Wealth Solutions is an Austin based company with close to $52 in AUM. He is married to Amanda Blair, and they live in Atlanta, Georgia.

According to Richard Dwayne Blair, planning is critical when one is in prerequisite of pursuing his financial goals. He integrates his financial plan into a three-pillar approach. The first pillar outlines a client’s roadmap regarding finances. This normally assists him to understand the client’s strengths, ability to take and tolerate risks, his goals and chances for growth. In this phase, Richard Dwayne Blair can establish a long lasting and strong association with his clients. He is also able to understand his client’s expectations and skim ways of meeting them.

The second pillar, according to Richard Dwayne Blair is very crucial and aims at tailoring a long-term and effective plan stipulated to meet the customer’s goals and liquidity desires. Richard normally accomplishes this by reallocating the client’s assets and managing them to bring out maximum returns when the market periods are in upward movement and at the same time minimizing the influence of the negative financial periods have on a customer’s portfolios.

Lastly, Richard analyses the client’s insurance needs. Life has ups and downs and full of uncertainties. Nobody knows when the storms will kick in, but Richard Dwayne Blair prepares his clients adequately for them by securing annuities, life insurance and lifelong care insurance policies.


Building and Developing A Brighter Future: The Academy of Art University

Would you be interested in working in an exciting and fulfilling industry? Are you interested in entertainment or interested in design? Would you be willing to reside in the Pacific Northwest? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you’d fit-in perfectly at the Academy of Art University. This higher-learning facility was founded in 1929 by Richard Stephens. At the time of its inception, Stephens was already an established painter and a magazine editor. He has poured his heart and his soul into producing a high-level learning facility for the arts. As the years passed, Stephens’ son and granddaughter has taken control of this legacy.

The Academy of Art University has numerous names throughout the years. At one point in time, it was known as Academy of Art College. Later down the line, the schools changed its name to the Academy of Advertising Art. The one thing that has remained the same is the school’s productivity, and it has certainly produces copious amounts of talent. This talent consists of:

  • Actress Lauren Conrad
  • Film Director Lee Cheol-ha
  • Film Director Vicky Jenson
  • Singer-Actress Raven Symone
  • Project Runway Participant Alex Synder
  • Cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto
  • And many others

The Academy of Art University provides a creative environment. The school offers art exhibits, offers galleries, offers guided tours and offers on-campus housing. Thanks to its central location, students will enjoy the vibrant action of being near the heart of San Francisco. What more could you ever ask?

Academy of Art University can put you on a fast track to success in a number of fields such as liberal arts, design, communication, entertainment and fine art. All it takes is having a GED or a high school diploma.


Malcolm CasSelle: President Of Worldwide Asset Exchange

Macolm Casselle

Malcolm CasSelle is currently serving as the president of a new blockchain technology company that he created himself which is named worldwide asset exchange. He is also one of the members of leadership for an online marketplace for the purchase and selling of goods in online video games which is known as Opskins. He serves as the companies chief investment officer.

Prior to his current positions of leadership, Malcolm CasSelle has had a long career in the technology and digital industries and has been able to serve in several key leadership positions for a number of prominent companies in his industry. The experience that he has gained over the span of his career has given him the ability to uniquely synthesize a combination of knowledge and expertise that few individuals can claim to have. He was president and chief technology officer at the Tronc, Inc. where he was able to have oversight of the company’s rapid property growth and the company’s leveraging of digital assets. Additionally, he has been able to serve a number of startup companies such as MediaPass. MediaPass has come to be one of the leading solutions for digital subscription that is used by major media companies.

Malcolm CasSelle has also been known as a successful venture capitalist. He had the foresight and industry knowledge to realize that companies such as Facebook and Zynga were good investments. He was able to invest in both of these companies long before they became the industry giants that they are today. He has also been a huge proponent of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies and has invested in the early stages of several blockchain companies.

He has most recently launched a new cryptocurrency which he believes will help to revolutionize the online virtual assets community. The new cryptocurrency is referred to as WAX tokens. These will be used on the platform that he is also created which is based upon the blockchain. This platform is named worldwide asset exchange or WAX. As a result of using the decentralized technology blockchain Malcolm CasSelle believes that he will be able to eliminate several key issues that have been plaguing the virtual assets community for years.