Andrea McWilliams is not Just an Intelligent Political Lobbyist; She Has a Big Philanthropic Heart Too

Andrea McWilliams is one of the most persuasive political fundraisers, most celebrated political commentator, and most skillful political strategists in Texas and America at large. Born and raised in Downtown Austin in Texas, McWilliams announced her brilliance to the world when she became a chief of staff at just 21 years. To add to this natural brilliance, she polished her public lobbying and mobilization skills when she worked with Public Strategies, Inc. for several years.

Government Affairs Consultancy

Andrea McWilliams breakthrough into the Texas political scene came when she met and married Dean McWilliams. Apparently, Dean was more experienced in governmental affairs, which meant that the two lovebirds had a mixture of talent and experience in their hands. The couple joined hands to establish a government affairs consultancy firm, McWilliams, which has since become the leader in the field across the United States. Andrea political involvement has attracted the attention of both national and international media, with respected media houses like BBC, CNN, USA Today, and FOX News all featuring her at different times.

McWilliams Accolades

The accolades received by McWilliams are too many that we can only sample a few. To begin with, she was named as the Style Setter by Austin Fashion Week last year in recognition of her philanthropic involvement. McWilliams was also at some point the winner of the Austin Under 40 Award and a member of the Austin American- Statesman’s Glossy eight list.

McWilliams Role in the Community

Andrea McWilliams is a blessing to many women and children in and around Texas. Through the Mamma Jamma Ride, KillCancer, and the esteemed Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, McWilliams has been in the forefront in raising breast cancer awareness as well as in fighting the disease. She is also an active supporter of Center for World Protection. McWilliams mentors young women aspiring to venture into business in Texas

Sujit Choudhry and the Field of Comparative Law

Keeping informed about the quickly changing landscape of Middle Eastern and North African affairs is something that can be hard to do. Every year there seems to be a new uprising or coup that throws another leader into office, and the ramifications of these upheavals and changes is felt around the world. That is why knowing the importance of comparative law is extremely important.

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In a nutshell, comparative law is the study of different legal systems and constitutions from across the globe. This field of study started in the 18th century under the leadership of French philosopher Montesquieu. Montesquieu knew the importance of keeping abreast of changes in the constitutions and systems of 18th century Europe. Sujit Choudhry wanted to know where a new nation would go politically based on what had already happened in the past with those countries using similar systems. His diligence and publications sparked the new field of comparative constitutional law. While this field may seem nothing but theoretical, there has already been much practical application of the knowledge that it provides. One of the individuals at the forefront of this application is Sujit Choudhry.  Additional Article here.

Sujit Choudhry was born in India in 1970 and moved to North America when he was young. It did not take long before he grew fond of international politics. When in his 20s, he became a law clerk for the Chief Justice of Canada. Soon after he joined the University of Toronto faculty in the Department of Political Science. At this point, he also held law degrees from Oxford, Toronto, and Harvard. With his vast wealth of knowledge and his resources as a faculty member, he studied constitutional design and the ability to transition countries from places with violent conflicts to a democratic process of power transfer.  Check this on

Sujit Choudhry has now published nearly 100 articles on the field of comparative law and Middle Eastern and North African power transfer, see his page.  He has also helped in the constitution-building of several Middle Eastern countries. Sujit Choudhry is also the Founding Director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions, and organization that is a leader in providing new nations with experts and advice on getting them on the right track to democracy. When it comes down to it, comparative constitutional law is the new way to build nations.



Rona Borre and Steps to Success

In 2001, Rona Borre founded Instant Alliance, a staffing and recruiting company in Chicago. She had jut left her position as the leading salesperson in a global staffing firm where she had obliterated every sales record the company had.

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Borre had the vision of how a staffing company should work so it could be at the top of the industry and help other businesses in the process. Rona Borre saw that most staffing companies left out a major ingredient in the process of hiring. Relationships are the key ingredient, and it is created by spending time with the client company to discover what it is that they need and desire for their company culture and goals.

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Instant Alliance hires mostly finance and technology talent for Fortune 500, mid-sized and smaller companies. The potential hires are carefully vetted and screened, so clients know in advance that they are going to be interviewing the best candidates. The results speak for themselves as hires from Borre’s team have only a 1% turnover rate.


Dick DeVos, The Best Global Philanthropist

When the name Dick DeVos comes to a mention, what comes to mind is his generosity especially to humanity. Dick DeVos is a person who gained control of his father’s wealthy estate, under his command, with him being his eldest son. In his many years of service, Dick has been very instrumental in the success of Amway Corporation, his father’s brainchild that deals with sales and marketing through networking. Before his corporate success, DeVos had to pursue his education in Bachelor of Business Administration in business, something that allowed him to gain the knowledge needed to lead a company.


After getting educated, he was fortunate enough to work for some companies and in different capacities, titles he holds even to date. Posts he serves include being a member of the board of directors for Michigan Chamber of Commerce, the vice chairman of Willow Creek Association, Co-Chairman of Grand Action Committee, the founder, and chairman of West Michigan Aviation Academy and the president of the Windquest Group.


Apart from being professional, DeVos has been deeply involved in philanthropy work, mainly because he is irritated by the plight of underprivileged members of society. To this end, Dick has felt compelled to help poor people make something out of their lives. For DeVos to reach a place of personal fulfillment, he has devised a way that will not only help an underprivileged person at present but also in future. He believes that education if the key to success, and it is for this reason that Dick DeVos has offered financial assistance to institutions that provide technical training to students in America.


Besides, DeVos has used religious institutions to nurture and develop young leaders, people who uphold integrity. Also, he has supported churches financially so as to see to it that young minds get the best training there is for leadership. It is his belief that the future America will only be successful if only it nurtures its young leaders to be responsible in any task that they are given to handle.


Despite DeVos being too much involved in matters affecting the poor in society, he has also had a hand in politics. By the help of his wealthy family background, he has been able to shape the political landscape of the United States of America, by providing his most preferred political leaders with financial donations.


Due to his level of influence and competence in America, he works as the Cabinet Secretary for Education of the United States of America, a post that he holds to date. He is also a great family man who has trained his children to follow in his footsteps. Presently, all the donations that DeVos and his extended family have given to society amount to more than a hundred and thirty-nine million dollars, a value that is prone to increase in future.


USHEALTH the best Healthcare Provider

The USHealth insurance is one of the leading insurance providers in America. The institution has been in existence for a period of 50 years making them more conversant with the insurance products in the market. The experience enables the team to package their products in a manner that suits people of different income levels hence making their products affordable. The products of this insurance group are competitive in nature since the company keeps on improving the products in line with the latest market trends. The USHealth group is also comprised of experts in the medical sector making it easy to identify the insurance products that suit their customers. It ensures that the clients are equipped with the best knowledge about the products offered so as to arrive at the best decision.

The health insurance by this group has many advantages as compared to other insurance packages available in the market. One advantage of the insurance cover is that it is portable which means one can continue benefiting from the product upon relocation or change of jobs. People prefer this kind of insurance as they are in a position to benefit once they leave their current employer. People also fear insurance schemes that are not accessible in all places but this one is available in several locations. The second advantage about this group insurance is that there is 24 hour coverage on or off duty. This means that the cover helps when one is in need of it most and can be accessed at any time. The third advantage is that the insurance company offers flexible deduction options in line with the financial strength of the individuals. In addition to the above the cover also has an increasing maximum benefit for both sickness and accident. Moreover the premiums and charges on the different covers do not change in case there is a change in the regulation until the stipulated payment period lapses. This ensures that the clients do not get inconvenienced while servicing the current insurance cover and resume of this.

The company is based in Fort Worth Texas which is the mother company. The group has two subsidiaries namely Freedom Life Insurance Company of American and National foundation life insurance Company. The two assist the group in serving their clients delightedly and together endeavor to offer innovative insurance products to meet the needs of their customers. The company as a whole has served more than 15 million people with their custom made products that suit customer needs. The company understands that human needs are different and hence provides their customers with a wide range of cover options. For the customers that have budgetary constraints the company has a number of innovative products that gives earnings and discounts to the customers. The insurance company thus gives products that are favorable to the customer.

WEN By Chaz Is Exceptional In Quality

Hair conditioners aren’t always as good as what you hear, and if you have hair that’s really tough to control or soften you’ve probably had struggles with choosing the right brand. Well one brand that has lived up to its reputation among users is WEN by Chaz, a conditioner that smooths and straightens hair fairly easily. So maybe you’ve seen commercials for it and are still skeptical about using it, but what if you heard about it from a regular user such as this one at

According to the user she had always had a problem with frizzy and greasy hair, and when she started using WEN by Chaz she noticed her hair softening and feeling nice and thick. The product has a special touch to it that soothes the scalp without damaging the roots and as long as directions are followed it does its job very well. The only thing you should be aware of this users notes is that its lasting effect isn’t the longest, but if you like to shower every morning and use the conditioner it works perfectly.

WEN by Chaz was created by Chaz Dean, a well-known hairstylist in Hollywood. He loves photography and animals, but most of all he loves helping others feel confident about their hair. He developed his hair care products back while attending cosmetology school and wanted to use all natural oils and nutrients in his conditioner. Once he had patented the perfect product, he began using it in his salon where today you’ll see many famous celebrities come to get their hair done. Check out his Twitter page for more info.

WEN by Chaz can be purchased online via or, and shipped to anywhere, though if you have a Sephora store in your area and want to buy it there you can. Depending on what you want to do with your hair, you can purchase the basic kit which comes with the shampoo, conditioner and mousse, or the deluxe kit that includes mist and gloss with it. On a side note, all their products are tested but not on animals.


Shedding Light On Dark Money In Politics

End Citizens United is a PAC attempting to end the shady money coming into politics from its GOP counterparts. If you’ve recently woken up thinking that you had a dream of Donald Trump being our President, only to find out it’s a scary reality, you may want to check out this grassroots organization. Comprised of primarily “small donors,” this group is attempting to reform campaign funding laws to avoid major corporations to be seen as humans in our electoral process, essentially “buying” elections.

Identifying The Supreme Court’s 2010 decision in Citizen’s United v. FEC, which allows special interests and billionaires to fund campaigns with no accountability as being the problem, the group has grown to well over 325,000 supporters in its petitioning and fundraising measures. The group seeks to bring transparency to our electoral spending through a few simple measures:

1.Electing pro-reform candidates

2.Raising the issue of money in politics as a national priority

3.Using grassroots membership to demonstrate political power on the issue of money in politics

Self-identifying as “Democrats,” the group is led by a staff of significant diversity, including Tiffany Muller, President and Executive Director, being one of the first openly gay political figures in Kansas, and paving the way for other LGBT figures to become representative in other areas of government such as congress and the senate, tackling discrimination every step of the way. The other staff members range from advocates to veterans, representing nearly every walk of life. Learn more about the organization on EndCitizensUnited.Org

End Citizens United makes getting involved easy, and provides a wealth of information

on its website, where you can find video, news articles, a research area, and even find local events and causes to support this noble organization. If you are like most of us, and tired of having the government represent only a tiny fraction of the population, it might be time to consider getting involved. Money may not seem like a huge issue when looking from outside within, however our current administration exemplifies perfectly why this needs to be a major concern to all American’s, as most of us aren’t billionaires, and are being represented by folks that simply can’t relate to our issues and concerns. It’s time for a change, and time to act now, without further delay.

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How Richard Shinto together with Penelope Kokkinides are helping in shaping and changing the healthcare industry

In today’s world, it has become very hard for individuals to access proper healthcare or any institution that cares about their clients. Today’s businesses majorly focus on making profits unlike making their customers happy and satisfied. Each and every day, complaints are heard as people complain about poor services offered. Policies gradually change confusing even those who are viewed as experts. One firm that has been able to take all these issues and build a strong foundation leading to providing quality services is the InnovaCare Health Company. Despite the instability in the health industry, InnovaCare health has been able to guarantee quality health care services to all their clients.

Having its headquarters in Fort Lee, InnovaCare health is a North American healthcare provider responsible for managing medical plans, the firm is known for putting their customers first while establishing a cohesive relationship with all the clients. InnovaCare Health Firm is able to achieve all these through harnessing the power produced by the advancing technology resulting in quality services and developing cost-effective care models. InnovaCare is also famous when it comes to offering innovative network models that safeguard all their client’s interests. It serves more than two hundred thousand individuals with the help of more than seven thousand medical care providers. As it is known for a firm to develop and progress, it requires having leaders who are up to the task and staff who are entirely dedicated to what they do.

One person who has helped in developing InnovaCare is Richard Shinto commonly identified as Rick Shinto. Dr. Shinto is currently the managing director and Principal of InnovaCare Health. Having more than two decades of experience, Shinto has learned one or two tricks that help in keeping a person firm in the industry. From his experience, he has been able to learn all matters operational healthcare. He also has experience in clinical and managed care. He had the privilege of working in different firms and institutions while holding various positions. He was once the CEO and Principal of Aveta Inc. and worked at NAMM California as the Chief Medical Officer.

Another individual who has helped in prospering InnovaCare is Penelope Kokkinides. Though a woman, Ms. Penelope has made a name for herself and gained respect from other entrepreneurs including men for her good job. Having more than twenty years of experience in the healthcare industry, she currently serves as the CAO and COO of InnovaCare. When it comes to clinical care and healthcare processes, she has extensive knowledge in these fields enabling her to become better and outstanding.

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Oncotarget – Your Cancer Information Center

Oncotarget is a medical journal published by Impact Journals. It carries in it peer-reviewed information on matters of cancer, an illness that is taking the lives of people left-right-and-center.

Cancer is a deadly illness, terminal to say the least. Any information giving a lead to better chances with cancer is much appreciable. Oncotarget is there for everyone, to ensure that people have access to cancer information every time they need it. Every week, Oncotarget provides readers with insightful and constructive information about cancer. The medical journal, edited by the knowledgeable Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei V. Gudkov, is like a revelation in the field of oncology. Mikhail is a known scientist for his dedication to issues of cancer. Information on cancer prevention, diagnosis and its treatment is available at Oncotarget week-in-week-out.

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At stake for the followers and readers of Oncotarget is information on health. The weekly publication has made a step further and now publishes journals with information beyond oncology. They have been accepting peer-reviewed papers on cardiology, neuroscience, pharmacology, and other areas related to the expansive medical field.

Oncotarget is the home of winners. The authors and researchers have received accolades for their outstanding work in medical research. Their contribution has been magnificent, with Alexander Varshavsky, Michael N. Hall. Stephen J. Elledge, and Bert Volelstein winning the Breakthrough Prize since 2013 – a top award for medical researchers. With the information they provide, Oncotarget will help people remain cancer-free. It gives people the opportunity to learn for free about cancer-related issues.

To everyone, be part of the winners, remain informed about cancer, learn from the experts, and enjoy a cancer-free life. Only on Oncotarget.

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The Success of Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water

Water is the source of life. It is the one and only thing that runs through everything. It is what we need to flourish and what we need to survive. Bottled water is a billion dollar industry and there are many companies on the market that sell bottled water.

There are all types of bottles water, that consumers have much to choose from. On the market you can find, bottled spring water, sparkling water, mineral, pH balanced water, fruit infused water, and distilled water. The options are endless.

Since there are so many options, it can difficult to find the bottled water that suites your needs. There is a bottled water brand that provides a great option to the standard water. This brand hails from paradise and strives to provide a topic that is exceptional.

Waiakea water is a bottled water company that hails from Hawaii. This water is healthy for the consumer, socially conscious, and sustainable. The water also has health benefits that is unique to only that brand. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water was founded in 2012 by a 22 year old entrepreneur.

The founder had a hard time making it with the older bottled water owners. However, ever since Waiakea Water has grown in leaps and bounds, all of the attention is on him. The company has seen growth of 4000% since it started. The Company started with 2,304 cases of water sold to a growth of 122,400 cases sold per year.

Baby Boomster said that many retailers signed in to carry Waiakea springs water. One of the biggest retailers that signed on was Whole Foods. Now, the company is valued at $10 million. According to PR News Wire, the way Waiakea Water is bottled is very interesting.

The water comes from the Mauna Loa volcano. The water is collected from rain and snowmelt from the volcano. While the water is passing through the volcano, it becomes enriched with minerals. The water essentially has electrolyte properties and it’s naturally alkaline, which helps the body tremendously.

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