ClassDojo Improving Education

Education has become more and more of a focus in today’s world. We are constantly trying to find ways to improve the education system that is in the United States so that all kids get the education they deserve. With it has come many different benefits, especially since technology has come into play. Things like computer teaching programs and worldwide teaching services have expanded education to new heights. A great example of this is the new app used by teachers called ClassDojo. The app has gained great traction with students, parents, and teachers due to its ability to improve communication between these three groups.


The trip from school to home seems to jumble up information between teachers and parents. Sometimes students forgot or lose items teachers want their parents to see. Along with this, some parents don’t have the time to talk to their kids about school or even make parent-teacher conferences. ClassDojo is the solution to many of these issues through its unique communication service. The app allows teachers and parents to communicate with each other through the app, giving them an instant way for them to talk to each other. This allows parents to get quick notifications about how their kids are doing and allows them to ask questions about their child’s progress even when they don’t have much time.


 The app also serves as a great service to the students that are involved with it. ClassDojo gives students the option to ask teachers questions when not in class and at home doing work. Teachers can also use the app to write down recommendations to students about how to improve their work and give them accolades for doing well in school. For example, they can award them currency that they can then turn in for different kinds of prizes the teacher sees fit. Some school give kids things from food, extra break time, or an extra recess pass. These incentives give students just one more reason to want to complete their work and learn at school. So far parents, students, and teachers all love the app and the improvements it has made within the education circle. The Class Dojo app is just the first of many great things to come from the company and their mission to help improve the education system.

Adam Goldenberg: Bringing Forth Daring Fashion

One of the reasons that some people are not into fashion is that they don’t understand how fun and daring it could be. There are some people who want to explore a different side to themselves. A lot of people can get tired of their usual selves that they see. They want a change. However, one of the last things that people think about when it comes to change is fashion. However, thanks to Adam Goldenberg, more people are beginning to understand the effect that fashion can have on their own sense of self. Therefore, they are looking at the options that they have.

A surprisingly large part of how people see themselves is based on their image on Zimbio. The way people dress themselves not only reflects but also influences how they see themselves. As a result, fashion has the potential to put them in a vicious cycle. While society does have its share of people who think that looks should not matter, they may realize that it does in some respects. However, the interesting thing about looks is it only matters as it depends on the individual. For those that care a lot about looks like Adam Goldenberg, they will find that a simple adjustment in their wardrobe will have an amazing effect on them.

Then there are people who have a desire to be daring. They want to explore their wild side. They may also want to be interesting. This is where JustFab comes in. Adam Goldenberg provides the material needed for people to bring out the image that they want. The most important thing is how they feel about the outfit that they put together.

JustFab has a wide variety of not only cuts and fits, but colors as well according to Goldenberg. Women will be able to find the colors that bring out the best in their looks. When they find the right outfit and change their wardrobe, they may look in the mirror and feel like a completely different person. As a result, they may carry themselves like different people. One really good bonus is that they will actually feel very valuable. Their sense of self worth will rise and they will feel even more secure in themselves.

This is also good for women that want to feel adventurous. JustFab has a lot of different clothing that has a lot of creative fits that will bring out a more fun side to women that are looking for a way to break their rut. See:

Lime Crime Is a Successful Business, But Also Much More Than That


When it comes to starting up a company and getting it off the ground, it’s a difficult task for anyone to complete. It takes a lot of persistence and dedication to achieving one’s goal for success, regardless of what it takes to get there. There are individuals out there with the determination and drive capable of driving their ideas and making them into a reality, which will then turn into financial success, and perhaps more. For Doe Deere, the founder of Lime Crime, building a successful company allowed her to open up and really go after her dreams, and opened up a whole new world of opportunities for her.

Doe also did an interview on entrepreneurship for women, in order to get a better understanding of her thoughts on business were. Most of what she expressed is that Lime Crime was a way of sharing herself and showing her uniqueness rather than a venture for success and money. Overall, she managed to do both very well, but in the end she wants to empower others more than anything, to reach out and go after their dreams with everything they have.


For Doe Deere, Lime Crime is a representation of many things, and it is not just hair colors or makeup, not even about styles. For Doe Deere, Lime Crime is about women’s freedom everywhere. Regardless of what it might be freedom from, she wants to let it be known and get the word out there for all women that they can express themselves and they can succeed. Sometimes this might mean stepping outside some comfort zones, whether it’s to try new things or even try to start up a business. In the end it comes down to one thing, which is self-acceptance and believing in oneself, which allows for happiness. It is Doe’s mission to show women everywhere they can be successful and express themselves in whatever way they choose, and her company Lime Crime is helping her do just that.


Free Calls for Inmates at the Hour of Need

The loss of property, loss of health or lives is just some of the aftermath that can characterize a flood. Besides, floods can separate or shut down communication between families at this crucial hour of crisis. Securus Technologies is cognizant of this fact and has offered free calls for inmates at the Louisiana Department of Public Safety Corrections (LA DOC).


Inmate Communication


The company provides services for public safety, investigation, and correction and monitoring. Currently, Securus serves more than 3400 institutions and covers over one million inmates across North America. Securus has excelled in the provision of emergency responses, public information, biometric analysis, investigations and inmate self-service.


A Friend in Need


 Securus has proved to be a friend in need at this hour of crisis to the inmates at LA DOC in the wake of the recent flood. The company will allow the inmate a free call daily up to September 7th to enable them to stay in contact with their families who may be affected by the floods. The company’s management targets that the free calls will go a long way in reducing the anxiety and stress that the inmates and their loved ones are undergoing. This is a magnanimous gesture given that it will cost Securus about $ 300 000 to facilitate the service. As if not enough, Securus has contributed $ 50 000 to the welfare fund of the inmates at the Louisiana Department of Correction to cater for their welfare.


In going out of their way to cater for the communication needs of the inmates, Securus have proved that they hold their client in high regard. This is an example worth emulating for other companies, irrespective of their fields.

James Dondero’s Effort To Improve North Texas Communities

James Dondero is the co-founder and president of one of the biggest alternative investment managers, Highland Capital Management. It is one of the most experienced alternative investment firms in the world. Jim applies the same management approach when it comes to charitable giving. He proudly invests much of his donations locally.

Jim noted that they were searching for a partner to facilitate their yearly philanthropic budget that had increased to over $3 million. It led to Mary Jalonick and her team of philanthropic service professionals. Jalonick is the president and CEO of The Dallas Foundation. Jim said that they chose The Dallas Foundation because it was well established in the North Dallas Community with numerous accomplishments in the non-profit community.

Mary and Jim assessed strategies for a contributions framework, which would be bold, effective, and aspirational. Eventually, Highland Dallas Foundation Inc was created. It serves as The Dallas Foundation’s supporting organization. Jim has supported several initiatives in the Dallas Community for a long time. That includes healthcare, veteran, and education initiatives. He has increased his philanthropic involvement to several civic organizations by partnering with The Dallas Foundation. That comprises of the Dallas Zoo, The Perot Museum, and The Bush Presidential Library.

Jalonick notes that Jim’s philanthropic strategy is to make use of multi-year grants as part of his contributions. Presently, such a strategy is rare. However, the grants are essential to non-profit organizations. They offer a long term source of funding, which is sustainable.

Recently, James and The Dallas Foundation worked together to bring on board Linda Owen, the former president & CEO of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. She focuses on Highland Dallas Foundation Inc., under The Dallas Foundation. Under her role, she will be linking Jim’s vision with non-profit partners that enhance the quality of life in North Texas.

About James Dondero
James Dondero is a Dallas based businessman and president of Highland Capital Management. He has specialized on high yield and distressed investing for a larger part of his career. Jim is highly experienced in the credit and equity markets and has served in the industry for over 30 years. He co-founded the market leader in alternative investment in 1993.

Since creating the company, Jim has taken a leading role in the development of premier solutions and products for investors worldwide. That includes collateralized loan obligations along with credit oriented solutions. The successful product offerings he has developed comprises of mutual funds, institutional separate accounts, hedge funds, REITs, and ETFs. In addition, Jim is a chartered financial analyst. He is also a certified management accountant.

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The Success Of Chopper Trading Is Anchored On Raj Fernando’s Style Of Leadership

Raj Fernando is an alumnus of Beloit College. Here, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics and history. Raj is the owner and CEO of Chopper Trading Corporation, which is a mid-sized proprietary trading firm. It is headquartered in Chicago. Prior to establishing the company in 2002, he served as an active trader at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange as well as the Chicago Board of Trade. Owing to increased client base, the company also established offices in New York, London, San Francisco and Washington D.C. At the corporation, employee turnover is very low. The Chicago Tribune ranks Chopper Trading as one of the leading work places, which is not a mean feat. Over the years, Fernando has been an active donor to the Democratic Party.

In 2011, he was appointed to the International Security Advisory Board (ISAB). Raj served for a the board short period. He then headed back to Chopper Trading. Raj has been heavily involved in many charitable causes in the United States, especially in Chicago. Additionally, he is a committed governing member of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra as well as a dedicated member of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

The CEO designed the favorable working atmosphere to ensure that his team relaxes and releases work-related stresses. His hiring techniques are different from most of his competitors. His approach to the recruitment process is that it should be lengthy in order to get the ideal employees that identify with the objectives of the firm. To him, it is not how an individual will make money for the company, but rather on how one will enhance his or her livelihoods. Raj Fernando believes in having employees that will work with his firm until they retire. At Chopper Trading, the diverse workforce works together. This situation has enhanced cohesion at the firm, thus augmenting the entity’s productivity and profitability margins.

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Eric Pulier Makes Innovation His Business

Eric Pulier has been one of the most impressive people in the world as far as innovation. The innovation that he goes for has ranged from the way that he helped disabled kids to the enterprise technology he created. He tries to make sure that kids can get through school by creating items through People Doing Things, but he also helped make the enterprise technology that people use to this day.

The people who are using the technology that comes from Eric Pulier are going to be more productive than anyone else, and these people are going to have all the information from their business coming to their phone. Eric Pulier also sits on the X Prize committee, and that is where he can help people make sure that they are going to think higher when they are making changes to the world. He wants people to be sure that they have applied all the things they do to something that matters in the world.

These people will find out that it is very easy to make changes in their lives, and these same people are going to find out that it can be very easy for them to check information on their phones, or they might be using something new in the future that was created by people who come to the X Prize and get in touch with Eric Pulier.

People who are trying to learn how to make the world better would be helped the most by Pulier and his innovative mind. He wants to teach people that anything can be used to make the world better every day.

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Talk Fusion Receives Second Coveted Industry Award This Year

The innovative video chat product by Talk Fusion recently received the coveted 2016 Communication Solutions Product from the Technology Marketing Corporation. It is interesting to note that this is the second award given to the company in the same year, which is itself a rare event. The award is given to the most innovative product that facilitates video, data and voice communication. As such, substantial improvement to a product in a calendar year can also make it eligible for the highly-acclaimed industry award. Whereas the original version launched in March 2016 received the first award, the existing award represents further improvements in technology.

In presenting the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award, Rich Tehrani, CEO of TMC, stated that these awards represent products, which are the best-of-the-best in the entire communication industry. In fact, it is the best solution available to consumers in the market. Regarding the technology, the video chat products used WebRTC technology to give users an easy solution to initiate face to face videochat with others. Vendors and product manufacturers can also use the technology to inspire visitors. As of 2016, it is available in mobile, desktop and tablet modes. For Apple and Android users, the videochat software is available from the respective online stores such as iTunes and GooglePlay, respectively.

The CEO of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, suggests that this is just the beginning of more innovative things to come in the future. Already, the company is planning to offer all-in-one marketing solution by integrating separate elements.

Who is Talk Fusion?

Talk Fusion is among well-known provider of world-class marketing software. The all-in-one marketing solutions allows businesses to improve service and sales, immediately. Serving in more than 140 countries around the world, Talk Fusion also offers 30 day free trial to customers. Interestingly, trial offers do not require credit card or business information. Established in 2007 by the current CEO, Bob Reina, the company actively contributes to charities and nonprofits.

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Diversant-The Number One IT Recruitment Firm

Diversant is one of the leading African-American IT owned recruitment company that is fully licensed. They offer a variety of scalable IT recruitment as well as diverse products such as IT staff expansion, direct hiring, and inventive diversity solutions.

Diversant operates on a set of guiding ideologies that have served the firm well in their quest to deliver quality services and fulfillment for their consultants, partners, and clients. They believe in the importance of diversity, as an important aspect of successful procedures. Their team-driven methodology to providing professional solutions influences the prosperity of expertise and practice within the firm for effective results.

This company believes in the value of diversity and therefore strives to uphold this belief in the American place of work. Diversity inspires innovation, critical thinking and enhances problem-solving skills. In addition, it helps to build solid ties within the local communities and connect people to different markets. It gives a competitive advantage to individuals who appreciate how to control these powers.
The Diversant firm is therefore devoted to doing business with the greatest integrity in accordance with a given set of basic values as well as a formal code of principled business practices such as professional development, respect for others, ethical behavior and disciplined team work.

About John Goullet

John Goullet is a renowned entrepreneur who has been a leader in the development of several successful projects in the field of IT. He began his career by working as a consultant before swapping to IT staffing. He clearly understood the trends of emerging markets and therefore went ahead and founded Info Technologies, an IT staffing firm that concentrated on providing solutions to various companies around the globe. In just five years, this company grew to over thirty million US Dollars making it appear on the top ten of the Inc.

In 2010, Gene and John merged Diversant Inc. and Info Technologies to form Diversant LLC. Being the principal at Diversant John has continued his urge for inventing new ways of meeting the various challenges that face the evolving IT industry.

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How to handle damaging attacks on your reputation

America is a great country, and entrepreneurs work every day to make it better. They develop new products, and they offer the best possible services for their customers. Most entrepreneurs work hard to grow their business, and they do everything in their power to develop a good reputation. Unfortunately, there are many people that enjoy tearing businesses down.

People have several possible motivations for wanting to attack your reputation, but the end result is the same. Your businesses reputation has taken a hit, and it can feel like there is nothing you can do. Even long-term customers might avoid your business if you get the right number of negative reviews, or an article comes out that portrays your business in the wrong light.

Recovering from attacks on your reputation can feel impossible as you attempt to bury negative search results, but there are steps you can take when your business is under attack. When you are under attack remember not to jump in the mud with those that are attacking you. You can make yourself look unprofessional, and you will rarely solve the problem. You should also tell your customers that business will continue as usual, and offer them some extra value.

Avoiding confrontation is critical when dealing with attacks on your reputation, but you might also need some help dealing with the situation. You might need to hire an online reputation management company. The Reputation Management Fixers are a great option. The Reputation Management Fixers offer great reputation management services. They will go through every online review and address the issues. They will also attempt to bury any negative story about your company. Finally, they will advise you on how to keep your reputation in great condition.

Your reputation is an extremely valuable asset to your business. If your company loses its amazing reputation, then you could lose your business, and the company could fail. When people attack your reputation it is incredibly stressful, but you should remain calm. Continue your business as usual and contact a reputation management company. The Reputation Management Fixers are an excellent option for companies that are hoping to protect their reputation.