The Beauty Of Lime Crime On Your Face


Lime Crime is a certified Vegan and Cruelty-Free cosmetics line, and it’s CEO is Doe Deere, with all their products made in Los Angeles, California. Their mission is to revolutionize makeup from your shopping experience to the way the products are made. It is one of the first digitally-native beauty brands and has become very popular all over the world especially in the United States. They have stores mainly in the big cities such as, New York, California, Texas, and Miami Beach in Florida, as well as stores in Canada and all over the world, and also with many websites to order from.


Lime Crime uses a lot of bright and fun colors in their makeup line since their focus is on the younger generation. They also use different cute names for each color of their makeup products. The makeup is highly pigmented and extremely long lasting.

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They have lipsticks called ‘velvetines‘ that come in many gorgeous colors, and their new colors for Spring 2017 are bold and different with colors in their ‘alien’ shades such as, periwinkle, bright green, gold, and off-black. However, they do carry a lot of deep reds, neutrals, and berries as well. They also have a lot of glittery colors for eyes, lips, and face. Their most popular lipsticks are the metallic and the matte velvetines.


When it comes to eye makeup the eyeshadow palettes are named ‘Venus Palettes’ with 8 eyeshadows of matte colors as well as glittery colors to inspire you to mix and match to create your own look. They also carry eyeshadow duos called ‘Superfoils’ that can be worn wet or dry. If you wear it dry you get a sparkly look, but if you decide to activate it with water it transforms into liquid foil, hence the name ‘Superfoils’.


Their products come in very colorful and cute packaging with a lot of astrological names, and the makeup itself is beautiful and very long lasting. With the products being vegan and cruelty-free it is a very big plus especially in the world we live in now.  See what Lime Crime has on sale on their website, or compare prices with

Goettl Promotes Dan Burke to Chairman of Board of Advisors

The Goettl Air Conditioning Managing Director, Ken Goodrich, has announced that the President of the Company has been promoted to serve in the capacity of the Chairman of the Board of Directors. According to his statement, he highlighted that Dan Burke has served as the president of the company for an extended period of time. For this reason, he will step down to pave way for Ken Goodrich to act as the current president of Goettl Air Conditioning.

Dan Burke is the former Chief Executive Officer of Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning. Therefore, his promotion to work as the Chairman of the Governing Board is one of the next benefits he has received from the company since he joined 25 years ago as a veteran in the field of technology. According to the statement made by Ken Goodrich, he will also continue to receive advice from Dan Burke as the Board of Directors Chairman on how he managed to lead this company to success for more than two decades of his life. According to Dan Burke, he will be more honored to assist wherever and whenever it is possible. Ken Goodrich acknowledges that there are people in this field who have more experience than him. Ken Goodrich is one of the biggest employers of these alumni members of the company. for this reason, he accepts the fact that they are more experienced in this field to offer unparalleled assistance towards the development of the company to greater success levels. One of the most instrumental capacities served inn Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning is Dan Burke’s leadership. We are all happy about the betterment of his education in the system.

For more than 25 years, he has worked to serve the community in his capacity as the president of the company. However, he started as small as a serving veteran in the field of heating technology offering services to families in the middle of winter seasons. For this reason, his experience has a great impact on the company. When he was the current serving President and Chief Executive Officer of the company, he was nominated as one of the top 10 best presidents of companies in 2010.

Finding the Right Hair Care Products For You

When it comes to keeping your hair healthy and shiny, there are plenty of products on the market that promise to deliver. However, a number of these shampoos and conditioners contains harsh chemicals and additives that could be doing your hair and body more harm than good.

Fortunately, Wen products are a safe and effective alternative to many popular hair care products. Wen was created by veteran hairstylist Chaz Dean, and contains natural ingredients that improve the health of the hair. The natural extracts and plant oils in Wen shampoos, conditioners and styling products have also gotten the attention of several celebration, many of whom have officially endorsed Wen.

Wen products include several varieties of conditioner, including sweet almond oil, lavender and pomegranate. These conditioners work to sooth the scalp and add shine to the hair while preventing breakage. Additional products include styling mist that is designed to keep the hair from being too frizzy and mousse that nourishes the hair and helps the hair maintain its natural curl or wave pattern. Wen also provides a straightening gloss for hair that has been heat-treated or flat-ironed.

As you can see, Wen provides serums and moisturizing products to keep the hair in its best shape even after shampooing and conditioning. For more information on the all-natural items Wen has to offer, click here.

Talk Fusion – Personalized Corporate Communication Solution

Talk Fusion is a great product which is able to allow businesses to communicate via email in a seamless, efficient manner. It was founded because the founder was unable to send a video email, but it morphed into a marketing solution. Businesses around the world are able to benefit from the company’s platform which is simple. The company has a growth plan for success with it’s online marketing platform that is set to take the world by storm.


The talk fusion works hard to build partnerships with their business clients. They feel that they are able to be a major player in their clients’ success. This means world-class support not only from a technical perspective, but from a marketing perspective as well. They know and understand how important it is for customers to be able to successfully interact with the company’s product.


The platform is also incredibly affordable for their business customers. For all of the functionality and support which the company offers, the price of the product remains at $25 per month. This means that the product is competitively priced for all of the remarkable support which the company offers for their product.


The company’s founder loves to give back to the community, and offers their product for free to any animal charity. This means of giving back means that they are more than a marketing platform, but a business which is driven by a cause. Building a partnership with their customers in addition to the community involvement means that the company has a recipe for success.

Billy McFarland

Billy McFarland was barely out of college when an idea struck him. He looked at the world of credit cards and the various perks that come with them and realized this: they don’t really offer anything of REAL strategic value to millennials. Sure racking up points is nice and who doesn’t like getting cash back on purchase? However, McFarland wanted to take things a step further and that’s what brought him to establish the Magnises Black Card. What is the Magnises Black Card? Well, let’s dig into it.

First off, McFarland wanted to create something that he could market directly to people his age who had similar career aspirations. In short, McFarland wanted to create a tool that could help progress the careers of the user. Magnises isn’t just a credit card. In fact, the Magnises Black Card isn’t a credit card at all.

You can link your credit card or other banking account to Magnises and use the card for purchases in that way. What you get from Magnises is so much more than just financial: you get membership to an exclusive club. Magnises has over 20,000 members worldwide and most of them share some form of commonality: be it youth, career aspirations, or even places of business.

What makes the Black Card special? Well, Magnises has connected with many of the top premium companies around in order to offer specific benefits to their members. Magnises members will be treated to discounts from some of the high end luxury companies that people love to shop it.

Magnises has also acquired sponsors via this route and that is how McFarland is able to throw so many ‘Magnises Members Only‘ events. These events can include private concerts, private parties, entrance to high end clubs, or even trade shows where businesses can hire other Magnises individuals.

According to Business Insider, Billy McFarland knows that Magnises needs to separate itself from the pack of tech based start ups. That is why his company has been so steadily growing, advancing out of just the New York market in order to become more than a regional player in the United States.

How Jason Halpern Has Made JMH a Major Real Estate Company

Jason Halpern is among the most judicious real estate developers in America. Since taking over JMH Development in 2010, he has helped establish it as force to reckon with in the property market. The company has invested more than 500 million dollars in residential and commercial developments across New York. Its impressive growth has coincided with Mr. Halpern’s leadership since he has formulated strategies that have guaranteed JMH’s dominance of the sector. Jason is an alumnus of George Washington University.


Since becoming JMH Development’s managing partner, Halpern has been driven by the desire to come up with distinctive and innovative real estate projects. The firm mainly targets affluent clients. Besides this, his goal has been to market the company as the go-to real estate developer. His understanding of the market has seen him make forays into new markets in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Miami. The Halpern family name is legendary within the New York property scene due to an impeccable track record spanning over 50 years.


Aloft South Beach Project

Mr. Halpern recently led the inauguration of an impressive development that the company will undertake in Miami Beach. The company will partner with Madden Real Estate Ventures to top off Loft South Beach, which is one of Miami’s most legendary hotels. The project will encompass the adaptive reuse of Motel Ankara, and the construction of an eight-story tower.


Jason admits that topping off Aloft South Beach is a major milestone for JMH Development since it will help the company to establish a lasting footprint in Miami. Once complete, the new development will offer guests unparalleled views and access to the Collins Canal and Lake Pancoast. The project features outdoor pools, a roof deck lounge, meeting spaces, and a 24/7 fitness center.


Projects that Halpern has Overseen

Since becoming a managing partner at JMH, Jason has helped the company to develop unique and sophisticated projects in different locations. Recently, it completed the restoration of 184 Kent Avenue. This project resulted in the creation of 340 luxury residential units in Brooklyn. Under Halpern’s watch, JMH has also developed luxury townhouses in Cobble Hill. This is one of the most sought-after locations in Brooklyn.


Sapphire Rings – A Beautiful Uprising

Ever since the 1950s we have known about the beauty of the diamond. Then when a campaign released by a popular jewelry company started stating that diamonds were a girl’s best friends, we have all believed the best way to express your love was to give that special someone a diamond. We have spent more and more on “priceless” diamonds just so everyone knew how much money our significant other had. Now a days, things have changed. Society as a whole has embraced all the color the world has to offer.

We have started to realize the beauty in other gems, the sapphire is a perfect example of an untapped beauty just waiting to be realized. The beautiful colors and hues available in one gem alone is remarkable. Many people now are learning the diversity that is available and choosing to opt out of the traditional diamond ring or diamond accessory and choosing instead to have a colorful statement for their jewelry.

It is a sweeping movement that even the Duchess of Cambridge herself, Kate Middleton, has chosen the natural beauty of the sapphire and has received a sapphire engagement ring. Royalty itself has been known for being on top of the most beautiful jewelry and this is no exception. The natural beauty of the sapphire is one that can not be replicated nor duplicated. The choices and options are endless. The Natural Sapphire Company is the expert in natural untreated sapphire rings and jewelry pieces and have been in business since 1939. They have many years of expertise and know how to perfect their pieces. The love displayed is just as beautiful as the gem itself, so show your love with a natural sapphire.

Kenneth Goodgame’s ability to predict future market trends

Kenneth Goodgame has a unique ability to be a forward thinker. He makes financial decisions that turn out to be highly successful. He has portrayed an intuitive nature to create financial strategies for business growth. Goodgame has a primary goal to create a balance in employees and executive leaders. He is driven by the desire to align the corporate executives and staff to know and attain the company’s goals.

Goodgame started his marketing career in 1994 with the Home Depot Company. He held several positions in the company before his final promotion to global product merchant in 2001. Kenneth later left the firm to work with Newell Rubbermaid. He worked with the company till 2003. He had held the position of general manager in the company before he left in 2004. He then served as the senior vice president and was in charge of sales and marketing. He left the company in 2008 for Techtronic Industries where he became the president of the enterprise. He worked with Techtronic Industries in a short period of two years before leaving. He joined Ace Hardware in 2010 and worked till 2013. He left the company in 2013 after serving as the general merchandising manager.

Kenneth Goodgame is a highly qualified marketing manager as he desires that quality assurance and employee engagement is high. Mr. Goodgame always sees workers as the first representation of the company. The employees’ sense of happiness and well-being translate to the success of the enterprise. Mr. Goodgame understands that for employees to perform well, they should be focused on their tasks and order of business.

While predicting the market future is impossible, Kenneth Goodgame has portrayed a unique skill to predict market trends. He has proper marketing skills to ensure a decent future for business. With such an expert, any company can be assured that their business reaches and attains the top position in the market. Marketing is never an easy task. Many companies fail at developing a proper managing strategy. The result is a failure in the general operations of the business. However, with excellent skills, an expert like Kenneth Goodgame can transform any business to ensure a consistent flow of clients.

John Goullet Helps Make Diversant a Top Staffing Firm

Diversant is one of the numerous technology staffing firms that helps companies look for and hire top level talent. The firm specializes in helping a number of companies who are looking to staff professionals in the information technology industry. It helps companies in a variety of different industries who have a need for skilled professionals to work in its technology department. Along with assisting companies look for and hire top talent in the technology industry, Diversant also helps technology professionals as well. The firm will meet with such professionals to discuss their career goals as well as asses their current skill level. As a result, Diversant will be in position to find the ideal employment opportunity for these individuals on a regular basis.

The current leader of Diversant is its principal John Goullet. He has served as the top executive of this company for many years and has been able to establish this firm as among the best in its industry. John has been able to establish Diversant into a leading technology staffing firm by implementing the core values of diversity, discipline and teamwork. These core values have emphasized working together between staff members and clients to reach certain goals. It has also enabled the firm to help technology professionals with a variety of skills and experience levels as well as companies in numerous fields. With his expertise and experience, John Goullet understands what it takes to run a good information technology department as well as what professionals need to get top positions.

At the beginning of his career, John Goullet worked for a few computing companies. He held various positions in consulting in which he would evaluate and manage technology resources on a regular basis. Goullet would make recommendations on what software and hardware to use. This helped his companies install the latest technology and more efficiently run their technology departments. By the middle of the 1990’s, Goullet looked to capitalize on the growing demand for information technology workers. He would start up his own staffing firm. After a few years, John would merge it with Diversant and take over as the firms principal.

Securus Video Visitation Revolutionizing Industry

Securus Technologies is crushing it. This telecommunications giant is taking over its industry in a big way. You may have never heard of this company even though it is unstoppable. That’s because Securus Technologies only deals with prisons. They are a private third-party telecommunications company that exists solely within our criminal justice system.


This company is innovating so quickly that its competitors are making up rumors about them. One of the biggest rumors circulating is about their new video visitation technology. This technology allows anybody who wants to talk to a prisoner to have a virtual video chat. The video chat only costs a few dollars, the quality of the chat is high, and the video visitation technology is incredibly easy to use.


Securus’s competitors are all making up rumors about this particular technology. They claim that families of prisoners are forced to use this technology in lieu of physical visitation. This is just not true. Families are choosing virtual visitation over physical visitation for a variety of reasons, including costs, time management, and the pain of the physical visitation process.


Virtual visitation allows a family to avoid the embarrassment and intimidation of a physical visit. Prisons are known to charge for parking, families have to travel hours to get to their inmate, security checks can be demeaning, and the prison forces visitors to wait in a waiting room for a physical visit. It’s a process that costs money, takes time, and does not feel good.

Visit to know more about Securus Technologies.

Video visitation can take place anywhere an electronic device with Internet access can go. Families can take their inmates out on a picnic, bring them into the living room for a child’s birthday, or introduce him to a new family dog. None of these experiences are possible with physical visitation. This technology is revolutionizing the industry.