Eric Pulier Makes Innovation His Business

Eric Pulier has been one of the most impressive people in the world as far as innovation. The innovation that he goes for has ranged from the way that he helped disabled kids to the enterprise technology he created. He tries to make sure that kids can get through school by creating items through People Doing Things, but he also helped make the enterprise technology that people use to this day.

The people who are using the technology that comes from Eric Pulier are going to be more productive than anyone else, and these people are going to have all the information from their business coming to their phone. Eric Pulier also sits on the X Prize committee, and that is where he can help people make sure that they are going to think higher when they are making changes to the world. He wants people to be sure that they have applied all the things they do to something that matters in the world.

These people will find out that it is very easy to make changes in their lives, and these same people are going to find out that it can be very easy for them to check information on their phones, or they might be using something new in the future that was created by people who come to the X Prize and get in touch with Eric Pulier.

People who are trying to learn how to make the world better would be helped the most by Pulier and his innovative mind. He wants to teach people that anything can be used to make the world better every day.

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Talk Fusion Receives Second Coveted Industry Award This Year

The innovative video chat product by Talk Fusion recently received the coveted 2016 Communication Solutions Product from the Technology Marketing Corporation. It is interesting to note that this is the second award given to the company in the same year, which is itself a rare event. The award is given to the most innovative product that facilitates video, data and voice communication. As such, substantial improvement to a product in a calendar year can also make it eligible for the highly-acclaimed industry award. Whereas the original version launched in March 2016 received the first award, the existing award represents further improvements in technology.

In presenting the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award, Rich Tehrani, CEO of TMC, stated that these awards represent products, which are the best-of-the-best in the entire communication industry. In fact, it is the best solution available to consumers in the market. Regarding the technology, the video chat products used WebRTC technology to give users an easy solution to initiate face to face videochat with others. Vendors and product manufacturers can also use the technology to inspire visitors. As of 2016, it is available in mobile, desktop and tablet modes. For Apple and Android users, the videochat software is available from the respective online stores such as iTunes and GooglePlay, respectively.

The CEO of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, suggests that this is just the beginning of more innovative things to come in the future. Already, the company is planning to offer all-in-one marketing solution by integrating separate elements.

Who is Talk Fusion?

Talk Fusion is among well-known provider of world-class marketing software. The all-in-one marketing solutions allows businesses to improve service and sales, immediately. Serving in more than 140 countries around the world, Talk Fusion also offers 30 day free trial to customers. Interestingly, trial offers do not require credit card or business information. Established in 2007 by the current CEO, Bob Reina, the company actively contributes to charities and nonprofits.

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Diversant-The Number One IT Recruitment Firm

Diversant is one of the leading African-American IT owned recruitment company that is fully licensed. They offer a variety of scalable IT recruitment as well as diverse products such as IT staff expansion, direct hiring, and inventive diversity solutions.

Diversant operates on a set of guiding ideologies that have served the firm well in their quest to deliver quality services and fulfillment for their consultants, partners, and clients. They believe in the importance of diversity, as an important aspect of successful procedures. Their team-driven methodology to providing professional solutions influences the prosperity of expertise and practice within the firm for effective results.

This company believes in the value of diversity and therefore strives to uphold this belief in the American place of work. Diversity inspires innovation, critical thinking and enhances problem-solving skills. In addition, it helps to build solid ties within the local communities and connect people to different markets. It gives a competitive advantage to individuals who appreciate how to control these powers.
The Diversant firm is therefore devoted to doing business with the greatest integrity in accordance with a given set of basic values as well as a formal code of principled business practices such as professional development, respect for others, ethical behavior and disciplined team work.

About John Goullet

John Goullet is a renowned entrepreneur who has been a leader in the development of several successful projects in the field of IT. He began his career by working as a consultant before swapping to IT staffing. He clearly understood the trends of emerging markets and therefore went ahead and founded Info Technologies, an IT staffing firm that concentrated on providing solutions to various companies around the globe. In just five years, this company grew to over thirty million US Dollars making it appear on the top ten of the Inc.

In 2010, Gene and John merged Diversant Inc. and Info Technologies to form Diversant LLC. Being the principal at Diversant John has continued his urge for inventing new ways of meeting the various challenges that face the evolving IT industry.

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How to handle damaging attacks on your reputation

America is a great country, and entrepreneurs work every day to make it better. They develop new products, and they offer the best possible services for their customers. Most entrepreneurs work hard to grow their business, and they do everything in their power to develop a good reputation. Unfortunately, there are many people that enjoy tearing businesses down.

People have several possible motivations for wanting to attack your reputation, but the end result is the same. Your businesses reputation has taken a hit, and it can feel like there is nothing you can do. Even long-term customers might avoid your business if you get the right number of negative reviews, or an article comes out that portrays your business in the wrong light.

Recovering from attacks on your reputation can feel impossible as you attempt to bury negative search results, but there are steps you can take when your business is under attack. When you are under attack remember not to jump in the mud with those that are attacking you. You can make yourself look unprofessional, and you will rarely solve the problem. You should also tell your customers that business will continue as usual, and offer them some extra value.

Avoiding confrontation is critical when dealing with attacks on your reputation, but you might also need some help dealing with the situation. You might need to hire an online reputation management company. The Reputation Management Fixers are a great option. The Reputation Management Fixers offer great reputation management services. They will go through every online review and address the issues. They will also attempt to bury any negative story about your company. Finally, they will advise you on how to keep your reputation in great condition.

Your reputation is an extremely valuable asset to your business. If your company loses its amazing reputation, then you could lose your business, and the company could fail. When people attack your reputation it is incredibly stressful, but you should remain calm. Continue your business as usual and contact a reputation management company. The Reputation Management Fixers are an excellent option for companies that are hoping to protect their reputation.

Danilo Diaz Granados Has a Knack for Ostentation

Entrepreneur Danilo Diaz Granados made recent news after planning a spectacular event for the high society in Miami this summer. The event was graced with fine delicacies and cuisines, helicopters trips, the best wine, racetrack moments and to top it off, a sunset boat ride. Mark you; this is not the first time the Toys for Boys co-founder is pulling off this stunt.

The event was attended by just a few handpicked guests who were then treated to a cordial breakfast at the One Thousand Museum sales center.

After an intimate meal, guests were taken on a private tour to view the long-awaited residential building in the Biscayne area of Miami. The wealthy entrepreneur later took his guests on a 30 minutes helicopter ride to Palm Beach race track. It was a dream come true for every man when they got the opportunity to take the race cars for a spin around the track. Lunch was later served at the River Yacht Club on the Miami River courtesy of Don Perignon.

When talking about the extravagant event, the entrepreneur said that he was after creating an opportunity that would provide a once in a lifetime experience for their guests.  The event had numerous sponsors including; Air Commander Aerospace, Don Perignon, One Thousand Museum, Gryphon Racing and Van Dutch Americas.

About Danilo Diaz Granados
Danilo is based in Miami Florida but traces his roots back to Venezuela. He is a graduate of Babson College with a Bachelors degree in Entrepreneurship and Economics. Immediately after his studies, he started out as a financial advisor and entrepreneur. Currently, he is an Associate at Fire Capital Partners as he subsequently manages his two ventures Edge of Glory and Toys for Boys boutique. At Fire Capital Partners he is the wing connection for their Equity Investments Program. Toys for Boys Boutique is a unique store that deals in exotic automobiles, fine watches and jewelry and contemporary art. Glory Films is a boutique film company that focuses on Latin people interests.  Read more about Danilo on his Facebook account.

Securus Highlight Global Tel Link (GTL) Integrity Breaches & Wrong Doings

This is the very first report that Securus will provide about the integrity breaches and wrong doings of GTL. Over the next six months, Securus will also release numerous reports and statements about the company in question.

Secures Technologies is a Dallas-based company that oversees the wrong doings of businesses and high profile individual’s and bring them to light. This company is the leading in providing criminal and civil justice solutions n technology for the general investigations, public safety, monitoring, and corrections. The company has also announced that they will continue to release findings, facts, and reports that highlight the integrity breaches as well as wrongdoings of the GTL Company.

This is the first press release that Securus has brought to light regarding GTL. The chief executive officer of Securus, Richard A. Smith, loves Securus Technologies Company because it serves as a correction, inmates, and law enforcement for the entire industry. It offends me to find that a company has a carrier that is stooping right below the integrity bar where all other businesses of the same caliber are right above the integrity bar where GTL doesn’t fall.

To that very end, secures is set to review numerous issues about the wrong doings as well as integrity breaches done by GTL in press series that will be released over the next half a year intended to bring GTL into shame and to start acting with better integrity.

The great mistake GTL did was to adding between fifteen and thirty-six seconds to the typical call duration which was an unauthorized and unlawful act to extract extra cash from customers. They also added additional charges to the average call rates.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.