Analyst GoBuyside Looks GDPR Implications

Beginning on May 25, 2018, all European Union member states will be required to abide by the new General Data Protection Regulations. These new regulations are a complete and drastic rewriting of the current EU Data Protection Directive, which has been in effect since the 90s. The digital landscape has greatly changed since that time, with the amount of personal data available much, much more. This is why the EU thought it best to revisit and revise these regulations.

A chief analyst for GoBuyside, a global recruitment platform, analyzed the situation. The analyst said that the companies in these member states should now begin to evaluate the changes they will need to make in the face of these new regulations. In other words, they will need to completely redo their systems to make sure they only see the individual client’s data that the EU allows them to see based on the new guidelines.

These new guidelines put much emphasis on transparency and accountability. Not only will the company’s be expected to make the changes, but the EU will constantly hold them accountable. The new regulations will also be applied to some non-EU companies who do business with people or organizations in an EU state.

This another major change from the previous regulations which only required those companies within the EU to abide by it. A good many experts have appeared offering their expertise in helping companies make the switch before May. These experts will definitely help, but their expertise will not come cheap. They will assist with all of the necessary preparations, including getting the services of a data officer if it is needed (some companies won’t be required to have one). But that just one of the many things the expert will do.


They will also carefully train business leaders about the details of the regulations, they will help determine which information is held, they will update procedures around subject access requests, and they will inform employees the proper procedures in the event of a data breach. This is not really something that is exclusive to the EU. The U.S. is one of several countries who has implemented similar privacy laws. In cooperation with EU, the U.S. has instituted was is known as the Safe Harbor system.

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Rodrigo Terpins talks about the team and what to expect going forward.

Rallying in Brazil is a pretty big deal. The teams and their drivers have developed huge followings, and this has seen them grow into brands that are easy to recognize and interact with on different levels. The rally seen is one as popular as some of the other popular sports such as football. This level of engagement among teams and their fans has seen Brazils rally the Sertoes rally become a must-attend cultural event. The event is known to spark enthusiasm among fans especially as it nears and with every new edition proving challenging than the last it is easy to see why it is hugely awaited. The teams that compete are known to train hard, and the cars have to be prepared and configured to cover the terrain that Brazil offers. This terrain differs all over the route chosen for each edition, and in most cases, the route will be approximately Three thousand kilometers of a cross country that almost always go through two states. This form of complexity and competition has ensured only the best of the best are left competing. Check out Terra to see more.


The Sertoes rally also has different categories with cars and bikes taking part. The cars are either in the two-wheel drive category or the four-wheel drive category. The T1 prototype is one of the most competitive categories, and it is made up of the two-wheel drive vehicles. One of the most prominent teams in this category is the Bull Sertoes rally team that has Michel Terpins and Rodrigo Terpins being drivers and there different navigators with Michel bringing on board Maykel Justo in the last two editions while Rodrigo has Fabricio Manchiana as his navigator. The two brothers have had very competitive careers, and Terpins was able to emerge position three during the 22nd edition. This was a very good performance especially by coming to the realization that they had just started with the T-Rex and as so some challenges were anticipated as they navigated this new car for the first time in this competition and over such a long distance. The assurance by MEM that the car could be relied on had come to pass.

Bob Reina and the Development and Success of Talk Fusion

Bob Reina is one of America’s great entrepreneurs. He is the founder and currently the Chief Executive Officer of Talk Fusion. The company dealt with video marketing and was established in 2007. Bob was inspired to start the company after years of working in the public service sector. He was a policeman, a work he did for over ten years before quitting to venture into business. According to Bob, he was introduced to network marketing when he was working as a traffic policeman, and this became the basis of his idea.


In 2004, while he was in California for private business, an idea struck him that made a difference in his life. He called his longtime buddy who was an IT expert called Dr. Jonathan Chen. Together they teamed up and created a Fusion Flagship Project which was a video email. He markets the business through direct selling the model, and it did just good.


But how does Bob make money in Talk Fusion? The Talk Fusion company has a quite a funny one. According to Bob, his success is as a result of the success of others. It means that it’s through the achievement and success of others that Bob gets paid. Investing in Talk Fusion requires commitment, hard work, and dedication. It is through this that he has been able to reap big from the business that is now found in over 140 countries worldwide.


The success of Talk Fusion was based on self-determination, and self-believe according to Bob Reina. The secret at the start was just marketing products that Bob thought were the best. To get his first customers, Bob had to talk to his close friends and everyone he knew. This formed the basis for the growth and development of the company. The primary marketing strategy of the Talk Fusion is mainly through referrals. The company has also employed other marketing strategies including video emails and video Newsletters, live meetings, shared testimonies and video chats.


The company is also conversant with the modern technological advancements and the ever dynamic changing market. They are in the forefront in the adoption of advanced technology. Bob also holds the dream of developing Talk Fusion University to provide free education to their associates and to share their knowledge and expertise. Learn more:


More about Bob Reina


The founder of Talk Fusion is a humorous guy with a natural, easy going personality. The successful entrepreneur attended the University of Florida before joining a police academy. He later worked with New York Police Department for ten years before quitting to venture into unknown business. This move did not go well with family and friends.


Bob has developed one of the biggest companies with branches in over 140 countries globally. He currently lives in Kingsway Road Brandon in the United States of America. The talented entrepreneur is also a great writer and a significant contributor to the Huffington Post

Glen Wakeman: Assisting Small Time Entrepreneurs

Glen Wakeman is the founder of Nova Four, a company that provides financial assistance to businesses who needs capital (analystoffinance.coms). The company is also an investment firm, allowing their clients to invest in their company portfolio. For more than two decades, Glen Wakeman worked as a financial executive in the corporate world, but he figured out that starting his own company would be much better, as he will be yielding his own time and he will make all the decisions. The establishment of Nova Four gave him the independence to use his time according to his will, and he is also doing great in managing his business.

When he was first thinking about what kind of business he should set up, Glen Wakeman thought deeply, and he noticed that business people who own small businesses are having difficulties on where they can find additional funding for their company. After seeing idealistic entrepreneurs struggle, Glen Wakeman suddenly had the idea of helping them financially by providing the capital that they needed, assuring him of the payment once the business got back on track. With Nova Four, Glen Wakeman can help thousands of entrepreneurs across the United States, and some of these startups became a thriving company. Glen Wakeman feels delighted every time he witnesses a business he helped succeed.

Aside from providing financial assistance, Glen Wakeman is also providing entrepreneurs with an online internet portal which provides them with videos and other resources that talks about success. Glen Wakeman stated that success could not be earned instantly, and one has to work hard so that they can achieve it. Glen Wakeman also believes that success can be attained by strictly following five major rules: leadership, human capital, execution, risk management, and governance.

In 2015, Glen Wakeman decided to introduce the LaunchPad Holdings LLC, another investment firm which would assist investors who wanted to focus on trading and related investments. With LaunchPad Holdings LLC and Nova Four on his side, he believes that more small-time entrepreneurs would make it big. He also promises them that he will be doing everything that he can to assist them financially.



Daniel Taub

To this point, Daniel Taub has led a career that puts him in the arena with a number of reputable Israeli diplomats, including the former Ambassador to Israel, Shlomo Argov.

Since bursting onto the international stage, Daniel Taub has consistently done things his way, often wearing his adorning a skully, and choosing to be addressed in an informal manner.

Although this has been the case, he has been incredibly consistent in terms of his unwaveringly backing of Israel through times of crisis and opposition, but when he revealed his role in the creation of the ever-popular “Rebbe’s Court,” many were caught by surprise.

Upon discussing his idea for the program during a think tank of reputable people, the show that he described as an amalgamation of the existing soap operas, “Dallas” and “The Chosen,” he was shocked when he was asked to create a script for a possible pilot episode.

Although Mr. Taub already had an extensive background in speech-writing, he had little knowledge of writing for the screen or soaps operas in general.

Deciding to dive head first into this undertaking, Mr. Taub reviewed a number of old scripts, while learning the craft of scriptwriting from various how-to books. In the end, Daniel Taub would contribute or wholly craft 26 episodes of “Rebbe’s Court,” which, once it debuted, became one of the premiere shows offered on the Tchelet t.v. station. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench and Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

When discussing the reason for his involvement in creating a soap opera, Mr. Taub relayed the idea that by utilizing the substantial network platform, he would be able to reach the masses in an effort to quash the stereotypical rifts between traditional and secular Jewish-Israelis.

This sticking point proved to be incredibly popular, and as the show continued to garner critical acclaim from Jews belonging to both factions, so did his resume and standing within the community as a whole.

In 1989, Daniel Taub, who was born and raised in London, decided to relocate to Israel after the completion of his studies at Oxford University. Bringing along his wife and firstborn son, Mr. Taub began a speech-writing campaign that quickly caught the attention of Chaim Herzog, who was acting president at the time.

This proved to be one of the most important steps of his entire career, as it was his intro to the world of politics, as well as the beginning of many important relationships that would shape his future from that point forward.

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End Citizens United Endorsing Conor Lamb to End Republican Stronghold in 18th Congressional District

     Ending the corruption in politics is what many political activists dream of achieving, but it is not something that can be achieved in a day or by a few positive and honest individuals. It needs collective effort of the majority of the country’s population and a greater awareness among the people as to how the big corporate giants are manipulating their way into the elections and shaking off the interest off the agenda of the politicians to put their interest first. In the United States, how the election campaigns are funded has been a matter of discussion for a long time. The money spent by the corporate companies to ensure the outcome is as per their will is something that is no longer a secret. The amount of funds being allocated on elections each year is increasing gradually and has grown by several hundred percents since the last couple of decade.

And, to add to the agony, the Citizens United decision by Supreme Court in 2010 made it easier for the enterprises and affluent individuals to fund the elections with as much money they want. There is no accountability or transparency left in how the election campaigns are financed in the United States, which makes these elections vulnerable to outside influence and more in favor of the companies and individuals who fund the elections. The interest of the common people is something that may or may not be on the priority list of the politicians, or so it would seem from how the agendas are switched back in favor of the companies as soon as the politicians win the elections.

End Citizens United, a popular political action committee, set up in 2015 to protest against the Supreme Court’s decision on Citizens United case, has been doing everything it can to end the corruption in politics. The End Citizens United backs the politicians who are worthy to be elected and are not in favor of corporate money. End Citizens United collect money from the everyday people and maintain their accounts with transparency to ensure there is not a shred of doubt on where the money is coming from, or going. In the upcoming Special Elections in the United States, End Citizens United announced its support for Conor Lamb, who is trying to make his way into the Congress through the 18th Congressional District that he represents. Even though it is primarily a conservative strong-hold, Conor Lamb with the support of ECU believes the results can be upsetting for the Republicans.

When candidates rely on mega-donors to fund their campaign, they don’t forget it.

Posted by End Citizens United on Wednesday, February 7, 2018

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Graham Edwards Drives Telereal Trillium to Success

Graham Edwards has served as the chief executive of Telereal, a London-based real estate company, since 2001. He is the man behind Telereal’s £2.4bn property deal with BT which saw about 6,700 properties transferred from the later to his company. The entrepreneurial chief executive played a key role in his company’s strategic acquisition of Trillium in early 2009. Following the purchase, Telereal Trillium became a firm industry leader generating over £1 billion in excess of its combined annual revenue.

Graham Edwards worked with a number of businesses, serving in various top-level positions, before joining Telereal. He served Talisman Global Asset Management as the chief investment officer, Merrill Lynch Investment Management as the fund manager, and the BT Group Plc as head of finance in the company’s property department.

Graham pursued Economics from Cambridge University, England. He is currently pursuing his MA in international relations at the King’s College London. Graham is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Telereal Trillium, a position he has held since 2011. He is also a member of various professional associations in the region, including the Institute of Chartered Accounts in England and Wales, the UK Society of Investment Professionals, and the Association of Corporate Treasurers among others.

Apart from real estate business, Graham Edwards has demonstrated a deep interest in numerous segments of the economy, such as engineering, mining, water, and software. He is a vibrant philanthropist and sits on the boards of several humanitarian organizations, including One Voice Europe and the British Friends of the Hebrew University.


About Telereal Trillium Limited

Telereal Trillium is a renowned real estate company specializing in commercial property management and investment. The company’s ordinary and preference shares are held by separate groups. B Pears Trust and William Pears Group EBT are in charge of the ordinary shares while The William Pears Group and William Pears Group EBT hold the firm’s preference shares.

Since its inception, the company has signed huge deals to manage or purchase a number of properties in the UK. It was listed among the top private companies that do business with the UK Government in 2010. With a constant growth in its asset base, Telereal Trillium will undoubtedly continue to grow and expand its property market share in the region.

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The Leadership Skills of Graham Edward that have Incredibly Elevated Telereal Company.

Since the year 2001, Graham has been serving in Telereal Company as its Chief Executive Officer. In his leadership position in Telereal, Graham oversaw one of the company’s significant transaction since the company was launched. In this deal, more than six thousand properties were transferred to Telereal Company from BT. In the year 2009; Telereal Company established itself as the market spearhead in outsourcing of property and other investment, refer also to As a result of this high achievement, the company managed to have more than one billion dollars as an excess revenue. All this was made possible after Graham engaged in an essential negotiation with Land Securities Group Plc. The talks were successful since Telereal Company managed to buy Trillium from Land Securities. It lead to the formation of the Telereal Trillium Company.

After acquiring Trillium, the resulted Telereal Trillium Company was now better positioned to gain more investments. For instances, it managed to purchase more than one hundred assets in both private and public sector. Due to its incredible progress, the UK government would spend a lot of its resources in it with the aim of receiving the best services from it.


Works of Graham Edwards

Prior joining Telereal Trillium, Graham worked in Talisman Global Management as its chief investment officer. He led the company well until it grew to be a Pear FSA, read this. All these beautiful accomplishments of Graham in every firm he worked in are attributed to his educational background and his philanthropic nature. As a graduate from a premier University, Cambridge University, he pursued a degree course in Economic. This degree course gave him the necessary business and leadership skills required to run a firm. He is as well a member of several institutes where he provides his good opinions as he also learns from the other members. Some of these bodies include the Institute of Chartered Accountants, UK Society of Investment Professions among many others. Other companies that he has worked with Merrill Lynch Investment and BT group PLc’s. In Merrill Lynch Investment, he worked as its fund manager.

Due to his zeal to learn and acquire more knowledge, Graham is currently pursuing his second degree in International Relations.

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The Oldest Banker In Brazil’s History Retires And Luiz Carlos Trabuco Is Taking His Place

Bradesco is more than a Brazilian bank that lends money and offers special banking services. Bradesco is one of the top four banks in the largest economy in South America because the bank has its hands in everything. From insurance and pension plans to IT and other new technologies, Bradesco is a leader in the country’s quest to pull out of a depressing three-year recession.

One man had Bradesco’s interest running through his veins for the last 75 years, and he is ready to retire. That man, Lázaro de Mello Brandão, is a legend in the Brazilian banking world. He is one of the people who put Bradesco on the international banking stage. And he is one of the bankers who taught other banks how to make money during political upheaval and economic downturns. Lázaro de Mello Brandão is founder Amador Aguiar’s, successor, and he is only the second Chairman of the Board in the bank’s 75-year history. But his reign as the banker of the century is coming to a close. His protégé, CEO Luiz Carlos Trabuco is taking over as chairman, effective immediately.

Luiz Trabuco is not an ordinary banker either. He’s an esoteric thinker, according to his education background. After graduating with a degree in philosophy, Trabuco got another degree in psychology. When hometown bank was looking for new trainees back in 1969, Luiz thought banking could be the profession he was looking for. Amador Aguiar and Brandão immediately thought Trabuco could fit into the Bradesco’s future plans even though he wasn’t an accountant. So the two pioneers took a chance and gave Luiz a position as an executive trainee. Trabuco knew he had the smarts to be a banker even though other trainees were accountants and finance majors. And it didn’t take long for Trabuco to prove himself.

Read more: Bradesco deve anunciar sucessor de Trabuco antes do Carnaval

In 2003, Luiz got the chance he was looking for when Brandão gave him the opportunity to accept the president’s job at the bank’s insurance arm, Seguros. Trabuco was able to make the kind of decisions that put Seguros on the road to record-breaking profits. In 2009, Seguros was responsible for more than 30 percent of Bradesco’s net income, and that was all Brandão needed to know to make Trabuco the president of the bank. Luiz never left that job. In fact, he still is the president and CEO, but in March 2018, he is turning the keys to the CEO office over to one of the seven candidates on the short list to take his place. All seven men are currently Bradesco executives.

The CEO position is one of the top corporate positions in Brazil. According to Bradesco has so much clout in Brazilian affairs it’s hard not to pay attention to the candidate list. Here’s the list.

1. Fifty-eight-year-old Mauricio Machado de Minas is responsible for the bank’s successful IT department. He joined the bank in 2009 after working for CPM Braxis SA.

2. Fifty-seven-year-old Alexandre da Silva Gluher heads up acquisitions and risks He’s been around Bradesco since 1976.

3. Fifty-eight-year-old Domingos Figueiredo Abreu is the bank’s treasury vice-president. He is in his 37th year with the bank.

4. Fifty-seven-year-old Josué Augusto Pancini got his start with the bank in 1975, and he is the head of various bank operations.

5. Fifty-two-year-old Marcelo de Araujo Noronha is the investment specialist at the bank, and he handles card operations.

6. Fifty-four-year-old Octavio de Lazari has Luiz’s old job at Seguros. He’s a 40-year banking veteran.

7. Fifty-nine-year-old André Rodrigues Cano has 41-years of service with Bradesco. He is in charge of the human resource department.

Find more about Liz Carlos Trabuco:,estamos-com-o-dedo-no-gatilho-para-emprestar-dinheiro-diz-presidente-do-bradesco,70002160257

Securus Technologies, a Company that is working to Improve Public Security

Robert Johnson, a former correctional officer has been a victim of inmate attacks. This followed after intercepting a package belonging to a prison gang worth $ 50,000 according to the gang. He immediately became their target and after some time, he was attacked at his home. The intruder shot him six times leaving him unconscious believing that he had killed him. The intruder was a former inmate by the name of Sean Echols who had just been released from prison. After the investigations on Robert’s attack, Echols was arrested and convicted with attempted murder of Robert Johnson.

After being taken to the hospital, the doctors were in despair and kept telling his wife that he was not going to make it. Her faith is what kept him alive as she believed that it was not yet time for her husband to leave. During the surgery, Robert Johnson had ‘died’ twice according to the operating surgeon and to him, his survival was a miracle. During a period of seven years while working at the correctional institutions, Robert had undergone 23 surgeries that keep him in pain on a daily basis. This has however not stopped him from preventing crimes caused by inmates by the use of cellphones.

He has appeared in court to testify against the use of contraband cellphones in prisons and how they should be controlled. The murder of a nine months baby in the streets is another reason why Robert is so determined to control the use of cellphones by inmates as the reasons they organize such crimes with are just absurd. For instance the nine months old baby was murdered because of a misunderstanding between its uncle and one of the inmates, serving as revenge. After leaving correctional institutions, Robert serves as the advisor to Securus Technologies which is a company that provides communication services to correctional institutions. The company uses a selective technology called wireless containment system to offer the services where unknown numbers are not authorized to go through.

This technology has been approved by some states such as Florida which considers public security a priority and has contracted Securus Technologies to provide its services to its institutions. For an inmate to use these services, they should create an account and register their numbers with it to make sure that numbers that are not registered in their accounts cannot go through. Emergency numbers are allowed to go through. With Robert’s advice, the company has been able to design this technology in a manner that when a non-registered number is dialed by the inmates, it will continue ring at their end but in essence such numbers have been prevented from going through. Currently, the company has been able to block over 1million such numbers. This translates to improved public security.