Malcolm CasSelle: President Of Worldwide Asset Exchange

Macolm Casselle

Malcolm CasSelle is currently serving as the president of a new blockchain technology company that he created himself which is named worldwide asset exchange. He is also one of the members of leadership for an online marketplace for the purchase and selling of goods in online video games which is known as Opskins. He serves as the companies chief investment officer.

Prior to his current positions of leadership, Malcolm CasSelle has had a long career in the technology and digital industries and has been able to serve in several key leadership positions for a number of prominent companies in his industry. The experience that he has gained over the span of his career has given him the ability to uniquely synthesize a combination of knowledge and expertise that few individuals can claim to have. He was president and chief technology officer at the Tronc, Inc. where he was able to have oversight of the company’s rapid property growth and the company’s leveraging of digital assets. Additionally, he has been able to serve a number of startup companies such as MediaPass. MediaPass has come to be one of the leading solutions for digital subscription that is used by major media companies.

Malcolm CasSelle has also been known as a successful venture capitalist. He had the foresight and industry knowledge to realize that companies such as Facebook and Zynga were good investments. He was able to invest in both of these companies long before they became the industry giants that they are today. He has also been a huge proponent of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies and has invested in the early stages of several blockchain companies.

He has most recently launched a new cryptocurrency which he believes will help to revolutionize the online virtual assets community. The new cryptocurrency is referred to as WAX tokens. These will be used on the platform that he is also created which is based upon the blockchain. This platform is named worldwide asset exchange or WAX. As a result of using the decentralized technology blockchain Malcolm CasSelle believes that he will be able to eliminate several key issues that have been plaguing the virtual assets community for years.


Lawrence Bender’s Film Career

Movie producer Lawrence Bender has been entertaining people with his films for the last 20 years.

Born Lawrence Kirk Bender in The Bronx, New York City in 1957, he attended the University of Maine and graduated with a Civil Engineering degree in 1979. After graduation, he followed his dream of dancing for a few years. Unfortunately, an injury cut that short, and he pursued an acting career, eventually moving on to producing.

Over the years his movies have received 29 Academy Award nominations, three for Best Picture, with six of them taking home the Award. An Inconvenient Truth, a film that raised a lot of attention to climate change, won the Oscar for Best Documentary Feature.

Lawrence Bender has produced over forty films during his career. One of his first was Intruders, which starred Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell. Some of the other more notable movies he’s produced are Pulp Fiction, Good Will Hunting, Kill Bill, and Inglorious Basterds.

My own personal favorite Lawrence Bender movie is Reservoir Dogs, which he produced with his business partner and good friend Quentin Tarantino in 1992. Reservoir Dogs is about a diamond heist gone wrong, and its violence and profanity would end up being classic hallmarks of Tarantino movies. It’s even gained a cult-like status.

The main characters of the botched heist are all aliases: Mr. Blonde, Mr. Blue, Mr. Brown, Mr. Orange, Mr. Pink, and Mr. White, portrayed by actors Steve Buscemi, Tim Roth, Michael Madsen, Lawrence Tierney, Harvey Keitel, and Chris Penn (not necessarily in that order). When they meet up at a warehouse after the botched heist and believe the job was a setup by one of their own, trust quickly turns to suspicion, and violence between the gangsters ensues.

Like some of his other movies, Bender makes a cameo appearance, this time as a police officer who chases Mr. Pink.

There’s also a video game based on the movie that was introduced in 2006, however, it was banned in Germany, New Zealand, and Australia for its violence.

Lawrence Bender was also successful producing music videos and commercials with A Band Apart, a production company he founded with Tarantino that was active from 1991 to 2006.

Glen Wakeman Talks About The Reasons For Starting LaunchPad Holdings

Glen Wakeman is known for his many business skills. He is perhaps best known for a five step performance methodology he crafted. This methodology is applied to human capital, leadership power, risk management, and execution. He is also a writer whose blog is read internationally by those who want his insights into matters such as emerging markets, business strategy, effective management, and global fiscal matters. He is read by both people who already own businesses as well as those who want to create one (

His latest venture is called LaunchPad Holdings. Over the years he has crafted hundreds of business plans for clients and the companies that he has worked for, such as GE Capital. A number of times Glen has had encounters with people who launched a company with a great idea behind it but then saw their new business close down due to their inability to attract customers. The problem, he says, is that too many new business owners think an idea is a plan which isn’t the case at all.

People with visions of starting a new company can now use LaunchPad Holdings to inexpensively craft a well-thought-out business plan using Glen Wakeman’s extensive experience. His business plan platform is online and can be completed in as little as 30 minutes. He says his company took time to turn a profit which is always to be expected. Over time and with good word of mouth more and more people used his platform and now LaunchPad Holdings is doing very well financially.

Glen Wakeman does his advertising online. One, the blog he operates drives a lot of traffic to LaunchPad Holdings. He also has access to many forums that comes from his network of peers, management, capital providers, and colleges with which he is associated.

He says that one idea he came up with recently for a new business was a company he was going to call “Snarkify”. This was to be an online brokerage which would feature business presenters and comedians in order to provide people with both effective and funny investment advice.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco, Entrepreneur And Life Changer

A graduate from the faculty of philosophy with a degree in socio-psychology from Fundacao School of Sociology and Politics, Luiz Carlos Trabuco is a known entrepreneur. He is a Brazilian born in Sao Paulo on October 6, 1951.

Being a focussed young man, he started his career at the age of 17 as the clerk at Banco Bradesco. Luiz Carlos Trabuco worked in several assignments graduating to the Managing Director whereby at this period, he modernized the communication of the bank. He was in charge of the marketing sector for eight years giving him a chance to be more experienced.

Luiz Carlos became the Chief Executive Director of Bradesco, a privately-owned company focused on pension, in 1992. A higher position he gained by being elected the Managing Director of Banco Bradesco and a year later assumed the Executive Vice President. He then got the promotion to be the President whereby in his tenure Bradesco Seguros doubled its capacity and doubled its stands strengthening its position in the country. He became the fourth president of the bank after Marcio Artur in 1991 having a 40-year career experience in the sector. In this period he improved the bank’s performance to a high recommendable rate.

Luiz led to the purchase of the most massive acquisition of the bank, HSBC, in 2015 which as a result led to his election as the Entrepreneur of the Year in the finance sector. Unibrad is a corporate university which was created to educate and qualify employers of the group during his management period in 2017. In the same year, Trabuco was appointed the chairman of Board of Directors of Bradesco. This made him the third chairman after the replacement of banker Lazaro de Melo.

As known, change is the only inevitable thing in the whole universe. Likewise, with the growth of Bradesco, the management has to change through replacement among other changes for effective leadership. Therefore, through training and assessment, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has approved the appointment of Octavio de Lazaro Junior as the executive chair if the bank. He has gradually climbed the ladder through hard work as he started as a continuum in 1978. At his mid-fifties, Lazaro is currently the head of the Bradesco Seguros group and the president of the financial institution. His approval is due to his work done over the years and the knowledge acquired as he holds a degree in Economic Sciences and specializations in Administration.

Trabuco stated that the changes are meant to distinguish and accredit those who are skilled enough to maintain the current status of the bank. The restructuring is also intended to assist in the approval and the ensuring of better rank in the national and international level. It is under this reason that Luiz Carlos Trabuco still acts as the chair of the board of directors till the next general meeting of the company due on March 12. Another change expected to be made is the addition of the current executive vice presidents to the approval list. They were chosen as the board of directors which through their assertion will prove their credibility.

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Who Is Alexandre Gama, Brazilian Advertising And Business Professional?

Hailing from the country of Brazil, Alexandre Gama has found a great amount of success as a creative professional in the world of advertising. With his focus within the industry on communications, Mr. Gama created Neogama, one of the most well-recognized advertising agencies in the country, in 1999.

With Alexandre Gama heading the company as both its CEO and CCO, Neogama got off to one of the best starts it possibly could have. Throughout the course of the initial few years of Neogama’s operations, it quickly became Brazil’s most rapidly growing advertising company.

In 2002, Mr. Gama made the bold move to begin a joint venture with a British advertising company called BBH. This move brought even more growth to the already successful Neogama. The joint Neogama/BBH agency won Meio e Mensagem’s award for the “Agency of the Year” less than a year later.

The Remarkable Success of Enhanced Athlete

Enhanced Athlete is an internationally recognized company that is based in Wyoming. Nutrition Distribution filed a lawsuit against Enhanced Athlete, but the latter won. Nutrition Distribution made claims that enhanced athlete negatively affected their sales by carrying out false advertising. However, Enhanced Athlete was not shaken by the lawsuit since it saw it as a way of slowing down operations. Enhanced Athletes’ CEO said that his company could not by any chance fall victim to Nutrition Distribution’s scheme.

The management of Enhanced Athlete noted that the lawsuit was only meant to threaten them so that they could solve their differences outside the court. Several other companies that were in the same position went ahead to resolve matters outside the court to reduce costs. According to California Eastern District Court, Enhanced Athlete was innocent. The court found out that it was not true that the sales made by Nutrition Distribution were affected by the promotional methods employed by Enhanced Athlete. The court did not also identify the relationship between the two companies in terms of sales.

Enhanced athlete is a renowned fitness company whose headquarters are based in Cheyanne. The company’s area of specialization is Body-Building. The company has established partnerships with other organizations based in different parts of the world. For instance, some of its partners are located in India, South Korea, Europe, Columbia, and Brazil other places. Recently, the company announced that it would make changes to its products. The management noted that the company would introduce new ingredients to improve the efficiency of their products. The move is also meant to improve quality and for compliance purposes.

Enhanced Athlete has significantly grown over the years to include Enhanced Coaching and Enhanced Clothing. Including these two companies helps to offer coaching packages. The company is now able to provide nutrition advice that best suits the time and goal commitments of a client. Through integrating the two sister companies, the Enhanced Athlete is able to offer outstanding services and products that help it to gain a competitive advantage over other firms. The customized services provided are highly effective thus customer find it a suitable partner.

Graham Edwards The Money Man

Graham Edwards has been the chief executive of Telereal since the company was formed in 2001. Since he made his first deal he has built a culture of realizing value in properties that were previously unnoticed. Graham has also made strategic growth of his company through strategic partnerships. This is why he was at the forefront of the negotiations that saw trillium and Telereal merge in 2009. This merge alone saw the establishment of Telereal Trillium which is now the market leader in property outsourcing and investment. The merger of the two has seen annual revenues grow to an excess of one billion pounds.

The two companies have a connection and a history of mutual achievement. What most people do not realize is that Graham and Ellis had worked together for about five years at Telereal. Also at the time of acquisition both companies were located in the same building but on different floors in London. The closeness of the two companies both in location and culture made the merger between the two much easier.

After the merger of the two companies, they had three priorities. The first priority was focusing on the long term relationship with some of their largest clients who included Royal mail and many others. Their second priority was their commitment to working on several facilities management contracts and also property strategy. Their third and last priority was to fully explore capital transactions that already existed but now on a larger scale. Telereal Trillium under the leadership of Graham Edwards Telereal has had a great impact in shaping the property market in United Kingdom. The company now manages a portfolio of over six billion pounds.

The company earns top marks for charitable giving. It is impossible to mention the company’s charitable giving without mentioning their Donation Matching Scheme. The Donation Matching Scheme was founded in 2003 and since them it has become one of the largest and most successful corporate responsibility initiatives. They have a policy that allows all of their employees to donate money to a charity of their choice and the company then matches the amount donated up to the scheme’s maximum.


The War to End Citizens United

     Since the landmark 2010 Supreme Court case Citizens United versus F.E.C. in which corporations, unions, and other special organizations the same rights guaranteed from the first amendment as regular citizens, political financing has become a game of the highest bidder. Through untracked and unlimited Political Action Committees large companies and the people who benefit from them can dish out unlimited funds straight into the coffers of any politician willing to take it. The advantage the rich have from this blow to what democracy is supposed to mean in the United States.

Gladly an organization like End Citizens United exists. They are a grassroots PAC formed in 2015 to fight the unbridled influence this money has on Washington. With Tiffany Muller at the helm, they are close to getting to their goal of raising $35 million for candidates running for office in 2018. By rejecting big money donations, End Citizens United has an average donation amount of only $14! These donations come from average Americans who are interested in taking money out of politics and making the issues about the people again.

End Citizens United has made a “Big Money 20” list of congressmen who are known to advance the goals of special interests groups over regular citizens. These special interests are well known and represent tobacco, Wall Street, oil, big pharma, and others who will give to any congressman they can to get influence and increase bottom lines. They are why we need common sense campaign finance reform in the United States.

One of the most known on the Big Money 20 is Ted Cruz. In terms of picking big money donors over voters, Cruz is at the top of the pile. He has consistently been in favor of big money in government whether it is voting to strike down common-sense campaign finance reform, accepting money from about 10 different super PACs during his presidential campaign, or vying to cut taxes for the wealthy, Cruz thinks that “money absolutely can be speech” in political matters.

In the fight against flagrant special interest pandering, End Citizens United has tapped Beto O’Rourke for a Senate seat. Beto is a lifelong Texan who began representing Texas’ 16th district in 2012. In the 2016 elections, Beto is on a very short list of House members to will not take PAC donation money. He supports common-sense campaign finance reform and wants to overturn the Citizens United decision.

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PSI Pay — The Crown of Contactless Payment

When a customer wants to make a payment, they normally have to go through a long process. They have to grab their wallet and hope they have the card they need or local cash if they are traveling. This is quite inconvenient. PSI Pay has made a system that will allow customers to make easy contactless payments. Their wallets are fully digital, so there is no need to worry about carrying some heavy thing around. By going fully digital, PSI Pay has made their customers’ lives easier and safer. There is no chance for someone to steal or lose a digital wallet.

The digital wallet produced by PSI Pay is a wearable ring. It is fully electronic. The ring was made by Kerv Wearables. It is sleek and stylish, so it looks like a normal piece of jewelry. The ring does not need to be charged, and it does not need to have its battery changed. The power source is complete renewable. It gets its power from the electromagnetic waves emitted from the POS station at the merchant of your choice. When you are ready to make a purchase, just place the ring near the contactless payment processing pad, and the transaction will go through immediately. The purchase limit is set at 30 dollars, but exceptions can be made with a quick phone call.

PSI Pay is certified safe from MasterCard. They have gone through all of the safety protocols to ensure the rings are ready for consumer use. They are electronically secured through strong encryption, and the rings are constructed out of a material that is stronger than steel. They will not break under pressure. The rings are not going to aggravate any allergies you may have, and they look good with anything.

The wallet system that PSI Pay uses for their contactless payment rings is the European wallet. The digital wallet acts as a store of value for the funds in any country. When a customer deposits funds into the wallet, it is like they are purchasing E currency. The currency can be exchanged for the local currency immediately when the customer wants to make a purchase. In contrast, the American wallet is a system whereby the wallet holds a single type of fund, and is used as the method of payment. This model creates a single stream from customer to merchant. There is no intermediary to prevent unnecessary charge backs. The European model prevents this.

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Sean Penn Authored Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff As The Perfect Example Of Oddball Americans

The purpose of a debut novel is so the writer becomes noticed. This was an effective philosophy for Sean Penn when he wrote the controversial book Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. The book is oddball Americans and can confuse readers with the satirical tone and loose narrative. The story is about a man with numerous jobs including selling Jehovah’s Witnesses’ septic tanks, arranging fireworks for dictators, rescuing Hasidic Jews by accident and assassinating the elderly with a mallet.

Sean Penn has won several Oscars and is considered a fine actor. The book is his attempt to push his achievements to a new level. This novel may add a new chapter to the story of Sean Penn. He wrote the book as a representation of his opinion on the state of the country. He says other writers have influenced his freedom with words but he used his own voice. He admits the voice is exaggerated but stated it came from life and imagination.

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff started out as an audiobook prior to becoming a novel. This was due to Sean Penn having little experience with publishing. He also wanted something available prior to the election. He said by the time he turned 57 he was ready to write a novel and go all the way. In the past he attempted to write a novel but his life interfered. He says he had fun with the book and was surprised he had not completed something sooner. The book represents the current political climate’s quicksand and the idea is to see if Bob can dance upon that quicksand.

Sean Penn sees the novel as a type of moral compass. He believes anyone with an understanding of a chaotic society will have empathy for the characters. He has demonstrated the complexity of America through the character of Bob. He wrote about a letter Bob sent to the Landlord stating the nation needs an assassin. He meant this as a metaphor and has not yet received any criticism for the statement. Sean Penn did not write the novel to describe the country’s leadership but rather the culture.

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