Michael Nierenberg’s Trading History

Michael Nierenberg is currently CEO, chairman and President of New Residential Investment Corp. Over the years Mr. Nierenberg amassed massive wealth due to his experience in trading and mortgage options. Before New Residential Investment Corp Mr. Nierenberg worked for senior management positions in different Investment banks such as JP Morgan, Bear Stearns and Bank of America Merrill Lynch. He had positions such as head of Global Secularized Products and a member of the management committees. This played a huge role in his is experience which helped build New Residential Investment Corp.

Michael trades for New Residential and since 2016 he has made 4 trades of New Residential stock. One of the trades was on 22 February 2019 which Michael Nierenberg traded 60,000 units of New residential stock for 990,000 dollars. This is one of the most recent trades but is not the largest made for New Residential Investments. The Largest trade that Mr. Nierenberg made for New Residential Investments made was exercising 1,708,708 units of New Residential stock. The trade took place of 26 June 2018. And the 1,708,708 units were worth over 25,562,272 dollars. Michael Trades about 317,163 units every 113.

Now as of February 22 of this year Michael Nierenberg owns around 995,352 units of New Residential Investment Stock. Since 2016 Michael has done 4 trades for New Residential. The most active traders in New residential Investment Corp is Michael Nierenberg. The more recent trade was as mentioned before on February 22 and worth 990,000 dollars. On average the board of directions will trade about every 181 days with each trade being around 8,465,126 dollars. As for insider traders, which include Michael Nierenberg, have not traded any New Residential stock. However they did buy around 91,000 units of New Residential stock. Michael has used his experience with big investment banks to benefit New Residential Investments greatly. From 2016 to 2019 he enacted multiple trades totaling at least 34,000,000 dollars. Surprisingly he makes zero dollars from New Residential a Chairman, CEO and President. However he does own a large sum of New Residential Stock.