Sheldon Lavin – Putting Stress on Environmentally Friendly Strategies to Take OSI to New Heights

Sheldon Lavin has helped OSI Industries achieve the success it has achieved in the last couple of decades. The company originally belonged to one of his clients when he was working as a financial consultant. However, during his time as a financial consultant, he was heavily involved with the family and business affairs of the Kolschowsky family that owned the company. In due course, Sheldon Lavin eventually took over the company, and it was renamed as OSI Industries. In an interview with Lynn Fosse, senior editor of CEOCFO magazine, Sheldon Lavin opened up about his journey to success with OSI Group.

OSI Group is one of the biggest and most reputed food and meat processing companies in the world and has a presence in 17 countries so far. As of now, the OSI group has seventy facilities across the globe, and it continues to expand its operations globally. Sheldon Lavin said in the interview that one of the reasons why the company operates seamlessly even when it has operations worldwide is due to its work culture. The work culture is more friendly and family-like, and OSI Group continues to launch new initiatives to help not only the employees but their families as well. He also understands that it is necessary for responsible for companies to give back to communities, and the company is associated with many charities and groups that help empower low-income communities.

Sheldon Lavin has been trying and implementing much new age and innovative business and management strategies to continue to modernize the company. For one, he has been trying hard to develop and integrate modern technologies into the company’s operations, which has helped improve the company’s performance and productivity. He feels that his company should be environmentally friendly and sustainable. For that purpose, the company is fast to adopt new technology and upgrade their system every couple of years allowing them to increase their efficiency. It will enable them to meet the demand for their growing customer base who too want to source from companies that think about the future of the next generations.

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