British Fashion Council signs an agreement with

Jingdong Company from China seems to be the perfect partner for many international organizations that want to make their entry into new markets. They have been signing pacts with various companies, and this has raised their profiles significantly. In addition to that, they are the company that has a presence in every part of China and therefore, they are seen as the best option for any company that is interested in this market. The latest agreement was that which they signed with the British Fashion Council. In that agreement, it was agreed that they would provide various forms of support to designers at the London Fashion Week.

Providing a platform for all

The British Fashion Council said that they had steeled on because they want to create a market without boundaries. They say that they wish to create a global platform that will provide the stage for all designers from across the world to reach out to every customer. They do not want the current situation whereby designers are restricted to their regions alone. Instead of that, the organizations hope to use the partnership with Jingdong to reach out to the market in China. It is considered to be one of the largest markets in the word.

Support for emerging designers

While commenting about the deal, the CEO for British council said that they were counting on to be a vital player in their effort to provide support for upcoming designers. They said that there are many designers with great ideas, but they hardly make an impact on the fashion scene because they do not get any support. Some of them lack exposure and therefore, their thoughts go unnoticed. However, when big companies such as Jingdong and the British Fashion Council unite to support them, things work out much better.

On their part, Jingdong said that they were keen on doing away with boundaries in fashion, and that was the driving factor behind partnerships such as this one. They said that with time, people would be selling and showcasing their designs in every part of the world without having to worry about where they come from, and that will be good for the industry.

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