Eric Lefkofsky and His Recent Ventures To Leverage Technology To Cure Cancer

You don’t usually hear the medical innovators today get the accolades that they deserve because they mostly work in the background. While the world gets more acrimonious, hate-filled and full of complacency, we have the medical innovators today to thank for because of the lessening of the diseases that we all face. More specifically, we have the efforts of people like Eric Lefkofsky to thank for, as these people are the ones who are valiant enough to face the uncertainties and delayed payoffs of their medical ventures.

The Use of Precision Medicine for Big Data

No matter how many smart and avant-garde researcers and scientists that we have today, it almost seems like diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and cancer are still winning the battles. We are plagued with these diseases because we have not been very careful with what we are putting in our body. Fortunately, the work of Eric Lefkofsky is trying to change all of that. He is making sure that the research programs today are leaning towards the solutions. And for him, the right path is towards Precision Medicine.

The Precision Medicine Frontier

Mr. Eric believes that with the help of big data and artificial intelligence, doctors can now understand the core of diseases just based on their genetically based patterns mapped out with the help of algorithms in precision medicine. With his work, he is able to address a computational problem that before was just impossible to go through. His answer to such problem is the creation of Tempus Labs, which is a company based in Chicago that was founded in 2015 and that can generate the most accurate precision medicine today that helps patients get the best care.

About Eric Lefkofsky

Being the co-founder and CEO of Tempus, Mr. Eric is building more tech innovations that help cure people’s most feared diseases. With the operating system that he has built to diagnose medical problems, he is considered a leader in disruptive technologies. His vision is to make sure that the world can avoid its most deadly ailments and diseases, and to do this without causing additional harm to patients and in the most natural way possible.