Dr. Jennifer Walden Uses Social Media to Develop Business

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a well-known plastic surgeon. She started her cosmetic surgery practice several years ago. Although she enjoyed working in hospitals, she wanted to start a company to improve her quality of life. She quickly learned that managing a company is much harder than some people expect.


Dr. Jennifer Walden was born and raised in Texas. She went to a local college after graduating from high school. She wanted to become a doctor, and she was accepted into a prestigious medical school after graduating from college. Once she started medical school, she learned about the growing field of cosmetic surgery. She decided to pursue this thriving sector of the medical industry.


Dr. Jennifer Walden worked long hours each day as a cosmetic surgeon. She traveled for her work, and she enjoyed interacting with patients each day. As she advanced in her career, she grew tired of the long hours and tiring schedule. She decided to save a significant amount of money for a business idea.


Starting a business requires a lot of capital. This is especially true for someone who is starting a medical practice. Dr. Jennifer Walden invested a ton of her own money in getting her company started. The first few months were slow because the business was not well-known in the community. She decided to use social media to advertise her products and services.

Instagram is an excellent way to show before and after pictures to potential clients. With the permission of her patients, Dr. Jennifer Walden posts photos of the transformations that take place due to her services. She feels like Instagram has been a vital way for clients to learn about her company.

Instagram Photos: https://www.instagram.com/drjenniferwalden