Dr. Rod Rohrich Restoring Youth in Dallas

Dr. R. Rohrich is an established and world-renowned plastic surgeon in the city of Dallas, Texas. Dr. Rohrich is repeatedly recognized as one of the most talented plastic surgeons in America, and it’s easy to tell why when you explore his body of work.

Today, however, we will focus on the strengths Dr. Rohrich showcases in his personal office. With a unique and almost artistic way of transforming patients back to their youthful selves, you may want to consider seeing Dr. Rod next time you find yourself in Dallas!


Rhinoplasty or better known as a “nose job,” is the surgical procedure in which your doctor will reshape your nose, giving it an entirely new appearance and improving functionality for patients with nasal issues.


A facelift is pretty self-explanatory. If you are tired of looking at the aging features in the mirror, then a facelift may be an option for you. Dr. Rohrich will not only lift the deeper areas of your face, but he also fills in the sunken areas of the inner cheek which tend to deflate as we age.

Breast Surgery

There are many reasons why a person may consider breast surgery for themselves. Whether you have gone through a mastectomy and want to renew your sense of femininity, or you feel that your body’s proportions are off-kilter, then a breast augmentation surgery could be an option for you.

Dr. Rohrich offers many options for patients considering breast surgery. Each person will receive one on one attention from the Doctor, and each will choose the implant materials, shapes, and placements that work best for them.

Revision Rhinoplasty

A revision Rhinoplasty is precisely what it sounds like; Dr. Rohrich will fix a Rhinoplasty which did not heal properly, or that another surgeon did a subpar job on. Revision Rhinoplasty surgery can be tricky due to the already delicate nature of the nasal passages and structure of the nose.

Dr. Rod Rohrich is an international expert on the subject and has thousands of successful revisions under his belt. Dr. Rohrich has published hundreds of articles and textbooks on the topic of Rhinoplasty so his patients can rest at ease that a true professional is taking care of them.